Since he burst onto the scene in the 2011 movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Rob Pattinson has been in the public eye. And while many will argue that the actor has worked hard to ensure that he stays in the public eye, the facts are out there for anyone to see. Whether you’ve watched the films or been captivated by his work on Instagram, it’s clear that Rob Pattinson is more than just a pretty face.

Here, we’ll explore how we know that Rob Pattinson is real and if he’s worthy of your time and attention. We’ll also investigate the rumors that have swirled around this young star – from his sexuality to his drug use. So, let’s get to it.

He’s One Of The Most In-Demand Actors Ever

With a career spanning from mega-hits like the Twilight series to more recent work including Dark Shadows and The Lost Boys, Rob Pattinson has established himself as one of the most in-demand actors of all time. With a total of five films directed by David Cronenberg, you’d have to say that the Canadian actor is pretty well-loved by the filmmaking community. And while that may not seem like much, it’s an incredible feat for a relatively unknown actor to achieve.

But it’s not just about the numbers. Rob Pattinson’s diverse body of work means that he can play whatever character you want him to play, for a variety of different reasons. As we’ve established, he’s a pretty capable actor, so that’s not a problem. But the fact that he’s so versatile and trusted by his directors to bring any kind of performance that they might ask for certainly speaks volumes. He’s a gift to the industry.

He Continually Improves As A Actor

This is quite possibly the most crucial point of all. With each new role, whether it’s big or small, leading man or supporting character, Rob Pattinson continues to impress with his versatility and willingness to put in the work. If you’re new to the world of acting, it might be easy to be fooled by someone’s initial appearance – you know, the way they seem to effortlessly embody a certain character or role. But that’s all it is: an appearance. Rob Pattinson is always working to improve, to become a better, more rounded actor, and it shows.

For instance, while portraying the infamous vampire, Edward Cullenin The Twilight Saga films, Rob Pattinson’s acting range was quite literally on full display. From his awkward, childlike giggling to the cold, calculated stare he could turn on a nerve, Rob Pattinson brought a level of intensity and realism to the role that helped elevate it beyond just a pretty face and a charming smile. And that’s what makes him so special.

He Continually Improves As A Man

With each new role, we’re treated to a different side of Rob Pattinson. Sometimes we see an emotional side, as when he gave a haunting performance as the doomed Harry Styles in 2016’s Beautiful Stranger. Sometimes we see him at his most charming, as when he played the part of John Taylor in 2011’s Love Actually. But the most important thing is that we see him continually improve as a man and a professional. It’s this dedication that makes him so valuable as an actor and a person.

He’s An Influencer, Blogger, And Instagrammer

It wouldn’t be a proper discussion about Rob Pattinson without mentioning his massive social media following. With over 30 million Instagram followers and over 20 million on Twitter, it’s clear that the world is taking a keen interest in this young superstar. He’s even grumbled that his movie contract doesn’t allow for him to have a private life, as his work commitments mean he rarely gets the opportunity to relax and shut off from the world.

But that’s something that the man himself has actively discouraged. In fact, while many celebrities live their life in the glare of the cameras, Rob Pattinson does the opposite. He keeps a fairly low profile, only sharing the best bits of himself on social media and rarely giving interviews. The few that he has done have been mostly focused on his acting, and it’s made a stark difference. Not many people can claim to have had a quiet rise to fame, but Rob Pattinson can, and it comes with a huge social media following to prove it.

He’s A Self-Aware And Introspective Person

Another important aspect of this young star’s persona is his self-awareness and introspection. In fact, one of the most interesting things about Rob Pattinson is how he continues to examine and improve himself – and his craft – as a result of constant exposure to the media. He’s aware of the effect that the camera has on people – even those he plays alongside – and he utilizes this in his own life. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and why he’s doing it, which makes him a step ahead of the game. It’s this self-awareness that makes him so valuable as an actor and human being.

He’s A Liberal Democrat

Finally, let’s not forget about this young star’s political beliefs. While many celebrities are known to keep their opinions to themselves and not to speak out against politically-charged issues, Rob Pattinson isn’t like that at all. He’s a staunch supporter of the Liberal Democrats, and has made several public appearances for the party, both in Britain and overseas. He supports their platform of social justice – with a firm emphasis on environmental issues. Most notably, he’s a supporter of renewable energy and sustainability, which would make him quite the progressive young man.

There’s a reason why so many people are drawn to Rob Pattinson’s work. Not only does he have an incredible body of work behind him, but he also has so much potential. Now that he’s achieving success, it’s an incredible responsibility to keep improving and maintaining a high standard. The success of the Twilight films is often credited with creating the teen vampire trend, and much like the young bloodsuckers he’s playing, Rob Pattinson is certainly responsible for making many people feel proud to be young and passionate.