In the blink of an eye, Jacob Black, the handsome, blue-eyed lad from Twilight, went from being a fictional character to being one of the most popular men in the world. It’s fair to say that the 22 million-plus copies of Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster novel – on which the latest film adaptation is based – did not hurt his cause.

And now, almost a decade later, it’s time for Rob Pattinson’s and Peter Davidson’s turn to rule the roost. The English actor and model, who play Ben Hanscom in Twilight and Billy Collinswood in the later movies, have been on a steady rise since the release of the first Twilight movie in 2008, and are now among the most in-demand couples within the celebrity world. Not content with being just another pretty face, they each have their own successful fashion and lifestyle businesses, and their fans couldn’t be happier.

Here, we’ll explore what it’s like to date the Twilight Cast, as well as whether or not Jacob’s famous good looks truly are as good as his reputation suggests.

Famous Good Looks

Let’s face it, the man is gorgeous. From that iconic, prince-like smile to those piercing, green eyes, there is a magnetism about Rob Pattinson that immediately makes you interested in him as a person. He is, as his character Billy Collinswood puts it in Twilight, “born to be a celebrity” – he was destined to be the pretty face behind some of the most popular novels of all time.

That much is evident from the moment you meet him. “I immediately felt like I wanted to get to know him better,” explains one of his tour guides, Emma Fishwick. “We chatted for a bit and then we got distracted by the London storm, which had just broken out – it was quite a spectacular sight. As we were waiting for the rain to subside, Rob suggested we go for a walk and get to know each other better. I agreed, and we strolled away together. We both felt a connection straight away.”

You wouldn’t usually say ‘straight away’ about a first date. But this was no ordinary first date. This was romantic date number two for the pair, who had already gone on a sunset cruise together and wined and dined each other’s families. When Twilight fans see them today, they may not realize how much has changed in terms of their personal lives. It wasn’t that long ago that they were just another couple in a crowd, excited about their new leading man’s popularity. And while today they are more guarded when it comes to their personal lives, it is clear that they are still head over heels in love.

For someone who’s been through so much in his personal life, the idea of finding love again is surely appealing. And it seems that Pattinson has found that appeal in a big way. Since meeting on the set of Twilight, the couple have gone on to enjoy an incredibly happy, long-term relationship. They were first photographed together as a couple in 2011, and have since been inseparable. So what is it that Pattinson brings to the table that makes him so appealing to women?

Well, it’s certainly not just his good looks, although those undoubtedly help. It has been remarked that the actor has the ability to project “a kind of magnetic attraction” – something that seems to draw women to him like magnets. One of his tour guides, Sarah Roberts, elaborates: “As well as being a gorgeous man, he possesses a quality that some women find attractive – a quality of warmth. He has a natural kindness about him that makes him easy to talk to and makes him accessible to all ages and genders.”

Indeed, he is often singled out for his kind manner and good taste in fashion. One of his fans states that the “best part” of Rob is his “general awesomeness.” Another adds that he is “so sweet and kind” and that he always “makes you feel better about yourself.” His fashion choices, while sometimes questionable, are never meant to be aggressive or intimidating. Indeed, he often projects an underlying sense of warmth and approachability that is highly appealing.

While he may not be the most conventional choice, Rob has certainly become a bit of an “It” couple in recent years, as he, Sarah Roberts, and Kai Owen (played by Lena Headey in the final season of Game of Thrones) were among the first celebrities to marry social media. The trio have become an unlikely fashion dynasty, with their weddings becoming trendy events that see them styled in iconic designer dresses and tuxedos.

The Prince Charming

As we have established, the actor is undoubtedly good looking. However, it appears that he has more than just good looks. There is a certain charisma about Pattinson that seems to make women swoon. One of his fans describes him as a “once-in-a-generation” kind of guy, while his agent confirms that his clients have “fallen into a bit of a love affair with him.” On the set of Twilight, interviews have even seen him give fans the “bend over backwards” attitude – something that seems to suggest he is more than just a pretty face.

Pattinson certainly doesn’t hurt his cause with women by being good at acting either. The Guardian’s Debbie Kilpatrick has described him as a “natural” actor, whose charm and charisma see him “gladly” take on a role. One of the reasons why he is so appealing is that he makes you believe that, behind that perfectly crafted smile, he really does have a heart. Kilpatrick continues: “If you’ve ever seen him play a part, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Even when he’s had a crappy day, you’ll feel like he’s still got that calm, collected demeanour that makes you want to be around him. He’s the epitome of a quiet charm.”

Certainly, these are impressive feats given that Pattinson is often cast in unglamorous roles. The actor has spoken about how challenging it can be to find a part that will “stop [him] from looking like a total scumbag.” This, together with the fact that parts often go to more experienced actors, may explain why he has chosen to cast a fellow BFF in nearly all of his films. Emma Fishwick, who has worked with Pattinson on several projects and tours, explains: “I really admire how he keeps finding roles that are good for him and allow him to showcase his talents, but which also suit his image. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

Despite his talent and charm, there is a dark side to Rob Pattinson. Just like any other person, he has his bad days, and they are frequently followed by good nights out – often leaving him in a fragile state. As his agent says, the actor has “a temper that can run hot,” and there have been several incidents of him losing his temper on set and physically threatening people. Indeed, he has been arrested twice – once for assault and once for threatening to assault a production assistant. Although these incidents are not completely unproblematic, it does seem that the press sometimes over-eggs the coffee when it comes to describing his violence. What is certain is that, behind that temper, there is a very vulnerable person. One of his fans notes: “He’s often said that, if he ever lost his temper, he would want the person he was angry with to feel as sorry as he does. And I think that’s what makes him so human – he truly cares about the people he hurts. It takes a lot for a human being to show that much sensitivity.”

While some might doubt it, there is a very touching side to Rob. “I love the fact that he’s got such a good heart,” Fishwick continues. “Even when he’s playing a part, he still does things like go that extra mile to make the person he’s playing convince that they are a real person. He’ll happily give the fans something that will make them believe in the fiction of the story even more.”