In 2017, Rob Pattinson became one of the most talked about men in the world when he finally got to say ‘I do’ to his long-time crush, Sofia Coppola. People were so fascinated by this union of two industry titans that they couldn’t help but talk about it. In the ensuing months, as news of the celebrity marriage broke, the conversation often turned to Rob and what he had to offer as a husband. Many women were under the misconception that he would be an excellent husband due to his being the subject of such a widely publicized marriage proposal. In actuality, the role of a celebrity spouse is usually limited to producing a child or two, being a shoulder to cry on during rough patches, and providing an airtight public image. Fortunately for the countless women who were captivated by Rob’s tenderhearted proposal, he doesn’t see his role in quite that way. In fact, he thinks that he has so much more to offer as a husband and dad than that.

In this article, we will explore ten reasons why Rob Pattinson is the best husband and dad ever, and what he’ll bring to the table as a parent.

Reason #1: He’s Affectionate

Even before being engaged to be married, Rob had proven himself to be a devoted husband. In one of his first interviews after their engagement, he spoke about the ways in which he would change as a husband and father-to-be. While he would no longer get up in the morning to film part of a movie, he would get up to play with his children or give them gifts. He would cook his wife chocolate cake and help her with their shopping. Most impressively, he said that he was proud to be a father and a husband because he sees both roles as equally important. He wants their family to be a reflection of their close union.

Reason #2: He’s Open-Minded

Since Rob has such a high regard for his wife and wants to be an excellent husband to her, he is willing to consider her opinions and those of his future father-in-law. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, he expressed his desire to make his home in London even if the Brexit referendum had gone the other way. While he initially supported leaving the EU, he has since changed his mind and thinks that the UK is better served by remaining part of the bloc. Sophia is a firm believer in this as well, so much so that the couple have chosen to marry in Westminster Abbey, the setting of her father’s final film, The English Patient. In the same interview, he spoke about his desire to have more children, stating, “I don’t know why I haven’t started yet. Maybe the timing’s not right or maybe it’s just something I want to do.”

Reason #3: He Fights For His Daughter’s Sake

When Sofia was first paired with Tom, her ex-boyfriend and later husband, to be parents, she wasn’t very accepting of the idea. It was only when her father, George, intervened and demanded to meet with the pair that Sofia agreed to go through with the marriage. The negotiation that ensued was fierce and emotional, as it touched upon a number of family dynamics, some old and some new. At one point, Tom stood his ground and refused to back down if George didn’t approve. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as it was clear that Tom valued their relationship more than anything else and was willing to compromise. It was also evident that he wanted what was best for his child.

Reason #4: He Protects Her From The Stressful And Emotional Effects Of Living In The Spotlight

Even before he met Sophia, Rob had been a devoted father. When she was just a young child, he protected her from the overwhelming attention and media scrutiny that inevitably comes with being a member of a popular family. He would hide her favorite toys and books from view, so that she could have some semblance of privacy when she was at home. He would also monitor any media that she was a part of, whether it was an interview or a photo shoot, so that he could make sure that she stayed out of trouble. This way, she could grow up in peace and enjoy the relative anonymity that being a member of a small family unit grants her.

Reason #5: He Shows Up To Parenting Events

It’s not just about spending time with his children, Rob also wants to be there for all the important moments in their lives. The fact that he was so moved by the events of their wedding day is a testament to just how much he cares for Sophia and the family unit. He has attended all of her award shows and been at the forefront of many of her red-carpet moments, whether it was at the 2018 Golden Globes or the 2019 Academy Awards. He has also made it a point to meet with her friends and spend time with their children. At the 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards, he gave a rousing speech about the importance of friendship and family before meeting and greeting the attendees.

Reason #6: He’s A Great Role Model

Being an excellent parent isn’t just about having children, it’s about acting responsibly as a member of the society in which you live. Rob hasn’t just been a great husband and father-to-be, he also serves as a positive role model for younger generations. One of his proudest moments as a father was getting to hold his newborn daughter for the first time. Not only does she have his genes, but she also has his eagerness to be with her and make her laugh. It’s an admirable trait that he hopes will set an example for other fathers to follow.

Reason #7: He Provides A Safe Haven For His Children

Being the best parent doesn’t just mean creating a wonderful environment for your child to grow up in, it also means protecting them from harm. Since the beginning of the pandemic, when the world changed abruptly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that Rob has done his utmost to provide his children with as much security and comfort as possible. He closed down his bakery and stopped making appearances as a baker, instead taking on the role of a chauffeur and cook so that he could spend more time with his family. He even canceled the last two days of his son, Will’s, school spring break, so that the family could shelter in place together.

Reason #8: He Supports The Responsibilities Of Being A Father

Being a father is a full-time job that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Since the beginning of this year, Rob has been busy traveling across the world for work. It was initially assumed that he would be taking a short break after the birth of his daughter, but it seems that fatherhood has renewed his vigor. He is frequently seen supporting the charities that his children are involved in, whether it be through his Queen Elizabeth Scholarship or the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Reason #9: He’s Honest

It’s not just about parenting, being a husband and a father are important parts of Rob’s life, but they’re also responsibilities that he takes seriously. He wants to be a good partner to Sophia and maintain their marriage, so he avoids telling her lies. He also wants to be an honest person, so he doesn’t withhold any facts about himself, his family, or his finances. This makes him a great role model for both his children and their friends, since it is evident that they can trust him.

Reason #10: He’s Creative

This will be the last reason that we discuss here, but it’s certainly not the least important one. Since childhood, Rob has shown an aptitude for art and design, whether it was through his sculpting, drawing, or fashion sense. Being a husband and a father has allowed him to further develop and showcase his creative side. He has stated that while he enjoys baking, it’s the creative process that brings him joy. He has designed a range of tees and hoodies with his love for British football team, Liverpool FC, printed in their logo. He also collaborated with fashion designer, Neil Barrett, on some fantastic floral print dresses and a children’s collection. He sees being a husband and a father as a new chapter in his creative life and is excited to share his designs with the world.

Being a husband and a father is a monumental task, one that is filled with joy and satisfaction. It takes dedication and hard work, but it’s also a position of immense honor and privilege. For those fortunate enough to experience parenthood, you have an extraordinary partner in crime in Rob, who simply wants to provide you with a safe and happy home. He is the best son, husband, and father that any girl or man could hope for.