With the success of his band, The Libertines, and recent high profile collaborations with the likes of Justin Bieber and One Direction, it’s fair to say that musician Rob Pattinson has had a pretty eventful year.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist has been spotted on the red carpet multiple times wearing trendy ensembles. While his fashion choices may not be widely available to the average person, the unique styles he favors are all in a day’s work for a professional musician.

Pattinson grew up in Surrey, England and began playing the guitar at the age of seven. He eventually went on to study sound engineering at university where he developed an interest in recording, producing and mixing music. He then worked for a year as a recording assistant for a British production company before joining a band as their guitarist and songwriter.

In 2015, Pattinson released the EP, ‘Songs For Now,’ which featured collaborations with hitmakers such as Major Lazer and Diddy. The following year, he signed with One Zero Management and began working on his debut album with songwriters and producers such as Ludwig Göransson, Jonny Coffer, and Ariel Rechtshaid. In March 2018, he released the album, ‘Life Of Riley,’ which featured guest appearances from Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper and more.

The Mainstream Appeal Of The Libertines

Though he rose to fame as the lead singer of The Libertines, it was his collaboration with his former bandmate, Pete Doherty that really put him on the map. The Irish musician and television personality is known for his unpredictable onstage behavior and outrageous lyrics and costumes (he’s nearly always seen wearing an outfit inspired by a character from Alice in Wonderland). While the two musicians may seem like an unlikely pairing, it’s clear that they have a lot in common. In particular, they enjoy a good joke and have a lot of fun together on stage. Doherty even went on to feature Pattinson in one of his comedy specials.

The chemistry between the two was clear from the start. Back in 2007, Doherty invited Pattinson to play guitar and sing on a track called ‘Tiny Dancer’ for his solo album, ‘The Rise And Fall Of An Irish Rebel.’ The young singer/songwriter jumped at the chance and the two have been working together ever since. In January 2018, the pair reunited for the first time in seven years for a gig in Dublin with an all-star line-up of musicians which included John Legend, Sia, and Liam Gallagher. The event was organized by the guys over at Doherty’s newly launched label, Very Very Limited. We were there and it was one of the performances of the night. Doherty and Pattinson were clearly having a blast and were letting it all hang out. The crowd was into it too, singing along and dancing all night long.

A Rebel Without A Cause

The Rebel Without A Cause may not be the first movie that comes to mind when you think of Rob Pattinson, but it certainly is the one he is most frequently and widely associated with. Starring James Franco, the 2009 film follows a group of friends who decide to rebel against social conventions and the status quo by posing for provocative photos that will cause controversy. It was a moderate success at the box office, but has gone on to become something of a cult classic. As you’d expect, the film got the soundtrack and there are plenty of iconic performances from the movie which the music perfectly captures.

The ‘80s were a heyday for Franco’s character, Milo, who dons outrageous outfits and performs a comedy bit involving a tap-dance number for the ladies. It was a scene that Pattinson himself had a hand in. The actor auditioned for the role of Milo and was one of many hopefuls who put on a comedy skit for a song and dance number. He got the part and has been performing in the role ever since. Milo’s wardrobe in the film is mostly comprised of bandanas, denim, and leather. He also favors bold prints and colorful attire, which is probably why we’re seeing such a wide range of ensembles from Pattinson. In the film, Franco’s character eventually becomes friends with a pop star who invites him to her birthday party. So, if you’re ever at a loose end, you could do worse than to watch the Rebel Without A Cause soundtrack and make it your new favorite film. Or, you know, just go and see the film.

The line between music and movies has blurred in recent years and many artists are now taking influence from both worlds. It started with Taylor Swift and her bold portrayal of Katy Perry in ‘Bad Country’ in which the two pop stars go head to head in a battle of the bands. Since then, it’s been an epidemic. From Lady Gaga and her A Star Is Born incarnation to Eminem and Toy Story 4, music and film have merged into one spectacular world of art.

The late ‘90s saw the rise of a new crop of musicians who became famous for their movie star status rather than their music. The biggest and most successful group of this type is probably the Backstreet Boys. They are actually a group of five singer/songwriters and have been working together as a unit since the ‘90s. The quintet has had three No. 1 albums on the Billboard Top 100 and have sold over 150 million albums worldwide. In total, they have over 300 million records sold and their songs have been featured in numerous movies and TV shows. Most recently, they contributed a song to the upcoming Toy Story 5.

Hiring renowned musicians to write and perform songs for your film or TV show is a proven way of drawing attention to your project. The advantage of working with an established group like the Backstreet Boys is that you’re sure to get some songs for free. Or, at least, a demo. If you want to write and record your own songs, you’ll need to find and pay for a studio and a band of musicians. It’s well worth it though. As their album titles suggest, the songs on this record are some of the group’s most memorable and beloved tracks. Plus, it’s always nice to have famous friends.

Taylor Swift’s 2018 album, ‘Lover,’ was inspired by a number of different films and TV shows. Perhaps the biggest influence was Richard Linklater’s 2006 film, ‘Before Next Spring.’ The protagonist, Ben, is a college student who decides to take a gap year before going to university, which enables him to work at a ski resort and pursue a romance with the beautiful stranger, Eve.

In Linklater’s film, the pair’s chemistry is exhilarating to watch as they dance and ski together. Linklater even directed the music video for the album’s lead single, ‘Gorgeous,’ which was filmed at the resort and stars his young stars, Alex Lacasse and Summer Bhaffy. You can bet that Linklater’s film was on the mind of Taylor Swift when she made her own romantic comedy, which was heavily inspired by the gap year concept. The only difference is that Ben from ‘Before Next Spring’ ends up proposing to Eve and getting married before his time off. So, if you really want to know what lies ahead for Rob Pattinson, you should probably look to the future rather than the past.