If you follow the work of one of the most recognizable faces in the world, you’ll soon discover that he’s been penning love letters to loved ones for years. Known for his charm and wit, Pattinson has been fortunate to develop an extensive following since his break-out role in The Twilight Saga—the films of which have made him a very wealthy man. As a result, his latest venture is a delightfully personal project that gives an insight into the man and his passions.

New York And Tokyo

While the world focuses on his work in films, Pattinson has been busy developing a new initiative, Dear Rob, which celebrates the beauty of handwriting and its connection to letter-writing. As the name suggests, these are letters penned by the actor to his loved ones—and he hopes it will inspire others to do the same.

In order to help his fans connect with his new book, Pattinson has launched a website dedicated to the project. The site includes an opportunity for fans to write their own letters to the actor, which he subsequently addresses in his book. The idea, according to the website, is to “share the magic of letters through handwriting,” and it’s brought a smile to many faces.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Pattinson began his career in music, participating in the band Fun Fur Riley before transitioning to acting. The musician has often cited his partner Emily Bettison as a huge inspiration for his work in films, and he’s often been described as the lovechild of Robert Plant and David Bowie. It’s clear that Bettison is one of the most influential women in his life, as he credits her with helping him find “comfort in my own company.”

The Twilight Saga marked the beginning of a new phase for Pattinson. Not only has it made him a household name, but it’s propelled him into the social media stratosphere. While some may accuse him of being “too perfect,” this isn’t far from the truth. The 27-year-old has been described by Vogue as a “unicorn” and a “genius” for his work in film and TV, and it seems that he’s found a new calling in life: being a loving husband and father. Many of his fans have attributed his success to his down-to-earth ways and his refusal to indulge in the Hollywood scene.

It would seem that Pattinson has found the key to happiness, and it’s inspired him to continue writing letters to loved ones. Dear Rob was published earlier this year and is available now. The book is a collection of his heartfelt missives to his wife and children, as well as some old favorites penned to friends. Since its publication, Dear Rob has enjoyed incredible success, going straight to the top of the bestseller list in both the US and UK. The letters are sprinkled with the charm and humor for which Pattinson is known, and they’re an inspiration to anyone who wants to write their own love letters.

‘Til Death Do Us Part II

While some may be enamored with Dear Rob, others have criticized the project for being “too sweet” and for lacking the “edge” that made the first volume such a unique read. But even those who have taken issue with the letters still acknowledge their beauty, and they’ve inspired others to write their own heartfelt notes. Perhaps it’s the magic of the pen that continues to draw people in, and we can’t help but be reminded of our own mortality when faced with a love letter from a famous face.