While we were still trying to recover from The Twilight Saga’s big Halloween finale, Rob and KStewed our way to the top of the box office with another huge hit. Now they’re in talks to star in Rob’s next movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Rob’s most recent movie, Sucker Punch, was a surprise hit, earning $72 million at the box office worldwide on a $20 million budget. Now the director is looking for the same magic in terms of storytelling, characters, and most importantly, talent, with whom he can work on a whole new cinematic adventure.

The story goes that Rob saw a Twitter user describe her dream casting for his next movie, and said he wanted to meet the person behind the role before he started shooting. He soon connected with KStew and the two began discussing the possibility of her starring in his next film. After Sucker Punch, it’s clear that Rob thinks highly of KStew’s acting talents and wants to give her the spotlight in his next movie. In fact, he already has an idea of where he wants to take the story. 

Rob’s Most Recent Film Was a Major Success

Sucker Punch, Rob’s latest movie, was released in April this year. The film tells the story of a young woman, Christine (KStew), who is kidnapped in New York City and forced to participate in a deadly game. While she’s trying to escape, her goal is to find her lost love, Justin (played by her real-life boyfriend, Alex Pettyfer), who is the only person who can help her. In the end, she manages to save himself, but not before losing half of her clothing collection and undergoing major surgery. Sucker Punch was a huge success, earning over $72 million at the box office worldwide on a $20 million budget. More importantly, the film received critical praise, with many calling it the best romantic comedy of the year. It currently boasts a 96% Rotten Tomato score on IMDb and a 7.2/10 rating on Douyin (China’s equivalent of Netflix).

The success of Sucker Punch proves that audiences around the world still want to see what Rob will bring to the big screen. As excited as we are for the release of his new film (and KStew’s upcoming performances), we have to admit that we’re also a little bit nervous, since these films don’t always fare well at the box office. Hopefully, this time will be different and we can finally see the fruits of Rob’s and KStew’s partnership.

A Whole New Level of Complication

Besides the obvious talent and chemistry between the leads, one of the things that makes Sucker Punch so exceptional is how it delves into the psychology of love and lust. One of the reasons that Rob’s films tend to do better at the box office is that they add another level of complication, which makes them more intriguing. The director has constantly upped the ante over the years, from his first movie, Runaway Bride, to his most recent projects, and he’s continued that trend with Sucker Punch. If anything, this film is even more complicated than its predecessors, since Justin is someone that we’re supposed to hate. However, by the end, we realize that he’s not such a bad guy after all. The complexity of the characters makes the film somewhat unpredictable, and that’s what keeps audiences interested. If it were easy to figure out, there’d be no twist at the end and we’d be bored out of our minds. We couldn’t ask for a more intriguing puzzle to solve, and with the help of some crafty Twitter users, we were able to figure it out in the end.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Another reason that audiences continue to flock to Rob’s films is that he doesn’t just feature beautiful women, he often portrays strong characters who are rarely, if ever, seen in other movies. In Sucker Punch, for example, we get to meet a woman who is totally independent and unapologetic about her goals, standards, and the way she lives her life. Christine does not hesitate to shut down any man who gets in her way, and she certainly does not lack confidence. Even though she’s quiet at first, she proves to be a fierce adversary who is not afraid to go up against Rob’s male characters. It’s safe to say that he does not shy away from portraying characters with an edgier edge, and we can’t help but love that about him.

It is well-known that he likes to work with actresses who are not afraid to showcase their talent, and with a role like Christine, who eventually ends up saving Rob’s life despite all his efforts to the contrary, he might just see her as the future Mrs. Darington. As excited as we are for KStew’s upcoming movies, we can’t help but feel a little bit worried about how she’s going to hold up under the spotlight. We want to see her excel and bring her best performance every time, but as the saying goes, success can be very, very lonely. Perhaps working on Rob’s next movie will allow her to further showcase her acting chops and give us one more performance to cherish.