It’s no secret that Rob & Kristen’s happy ending is one of the most talked about sagas of recent times. Despite their whirlwind courtship and celebrity red-carpet moments, the reality is that the two have been friends for a long time. We’ve got the lowdown on what’s really been going on behind the scenes all this time.

Always Room for One More

While it’s true that Kristen and Rob met on the set of the 2010 romantic comedy Valentine’s Day and fell madly in love, it didn’t start that way. In fact, the pair first became acquainted during the filming of the 2004 dramedy Four Friends. It was while helping to raise money for a cancer foundation that they decided to put their comedic and acting talents to use together, and the rest is history.

In an interview with Redbook, Kristen admitted that she and Rob had been friends for a while before their romantic encounter. “We had been friends for about four years and had known each other for even longer,” she said. “We had always had this mutual respect for each other’s work, and I feel like when you see a good friend’s relationship develop into something more, it’s just such a lovely thing to see.”

Just Friends

Before their big Hollywood break, Rob & Kristen maintained a pretty normal social life. The pair hung out with friends, went on romantic getaways, and attended parties and premieres with other co-stars. They even stayed in touch with some of their former high school classmates, as evidenced by a 2015 video they shared on social media of them catching up with some of their old girlfriends.

When asked about the relationship at the time, a source close to the couple told E! News, “They’e just friends. They’re both really happy that this is what it is and they’re enjoying their time.” The outlet also reported that the pair had a pact not to rush into a serious relationship. “They want to take their time and see how things play out,” the source said. “They both really want what’s best for each other.”

Taking Their Time

Indeed, it seems that Rob & Kristen have been taking their time, which may be one of the reasons why their engagement was such a slow news story. People magazine reported in April 2011 that the couple were planning to wed, but that the date hadn’t yet been set. “They’re not rushing into it,” a source told the publication at the time. “They want to have a wedding that’s personal and something that they can look back on that is so special.”

The engagement was finally announced in December 2015. At the time, Kristen’s representative said, “They plan on marrying in the spring of 2017 in New York City.” In early 2016, Kristen’s rep told People that the couple had chosen a wedding venue in New York City, adding, “It’s going to be an elegant affair with many special guests.”

The BFF Reality

Despite all the talk of them being a couple, in reality, Rob & Kristen are simply best friends. As one of their former co-stars pointed out, “They’re so sweet together. They have this BFF [Best Friend Forever] moment where they’ll grab each other’s hand and hug each other. That’s never not been the case.”

The two clearly have a lot of respect for each other’s work and are truly happy for each other. It’s just that, at this point, they’re more like sisters than anything else. “Their connection is so special, like they’ve known each other their whole life,” a source told People in 2015. “They’re very loving and protective of each other.”

Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Their Breakup?

It seems that everyone and their mom has an opinion on Rob & Kristen’s breakup, which is odd considering they didn’t actually break up. In fact, they’re still very much a part of each other’s lives. According to Rob’s rep, the two are still very much committed to each other and continue to share an incredibly strong connection. He also pointed out that they remain extremely close friends and often spend time together, despite their busy schedules promoting the film.)

However, their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, and their romantic pairing was a major draw for fans. The two starred in arguably the greatest romantic comedy of all time, Valentine’s Day, which was also the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time. They had fabulous on-screen chemistry, and the fact that their characters were best friends made their on-screen interactions even more endearing.

The film was a major critical and commercial success and cemented their popularity. However, despite all their success, the pressures of being a leading man must have been overwhelming, because Rob eventually went on a sabbatical to recharge. During this time, he underwent therapy, and according to a source, he “was absolutely determined to beat his demons.” So much so, that he eventually returned to the screen in a supporting role in the 2018 comedy Instant Family.

After their film’s premiere, the couple went on a trip with their friends, and while away, they took the time to step back and reflect on their whirlwind romance. “They both know what happened was a bit of a whirlwind, but they’re so happy that it all worked out,” a source told People in 2017. “They’re really proud of what they accomplished and are so appreciative of all their fans who stuck by them during this time.”

Keeping Secrets

While it’s true that Rob & Kristen have been very open about their romance, there have also been some serious security measures put in place to protect their privacy. According to E! News, the two have hired bodyguards to protect them on the street and are very careful about who they let into their personal lives. A source close to the couple told People in January 2017 that “they feel like they can be more open” now that they’ve gotten through the initial shock of their engagement. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll always be kept away from the public. When promoting Love Me Maybe in early 2017, Rob & Kristen agreed to do some press events and meet with fans. Unfortunately, the events were closely guarded, with media only permitted into certain rooms when accompanied by at least one member of staff, and even then, those inside the room had to keep their distance. Fans holding handmade signs trying to get a glimpse of their idols were kept at a safe distance by bodyguards, whose job it was to protect the couple from crazed fans who may have tried to rush the stage or attack them.

A Wedding to Remember

In December of 2018, the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in New York City. The event was attended by their families and a number of friends, as well as a number of celebrities who had been through their fair share of breakups and wonks. The New York Times reported that the wedding was an exercise in simplicity, with the bride wearing a white dress and the groom wearing a black suit. It was followed by a reception at the Plaza hotel that featured “something for everyone,” according to a spokesperson for the hotel.

During the reception, Rob & Kristen were joined by some of their famous friends, including Victoria Beckham and Jared Leto, who performed a special duet for the newlyweds. The day was capped off with a fireworks display and ended with the couple embracing and kissing under the stars.

Now that they’ve found love, peace, and happiness, it will be interesting to see how Rob & Kristen’s story plays out. Will they remain together forever? Are they going to grow apart now that their time apart has allowed them to see each other more clearly? Or will their time apart work in favor of renewing their commitment to each other? Time will tell what shape their happily ever after will take, but for now, they’re basking in the glory of their newfound union.