With all the news coming out about Donald Trump and his many controversial statements, many people are curious about his relationship with his best friend, Rob Pattinson. After all, the two were business partners for many years and have been photographed together on numerous occasions. So, is Pattinson a friend of Trump’s? Let’s take a quick look.

Pattinson And Trump In Business Together

The two friends have been in business together since the 1990s and first started out as jewelry importers before expanding into real estate. Their company, RPattinson Ltd., is valued at nearly $23 million, and they reportedly work together frequently on their properties, especially the renovation and design of the interiors. They have been known to host dinner parties with celebrity guests, throw lavish bashes, and open their homes to the public. Some people even speculate that they are philanthropists who give money to charity.

Do They Socialize?

It’s no secret that Trump is a prolific and popular Twitter user who frequently boasts about his many friendships and connections, so it should come as no great surprise that many people want to know more about his relationship with his best friend. Does he socialize with his other friends or just Rob?

While the pair has been seen together at various fundraisers and social gatherings, including the Met Gala, they mostly stay inside the White House, enjoying each other’s company and company of other friends. They have never been photographed or seen publicly together outside of the White House. Additionally, they have never been spotted with other members of the press outside of social gatherings.

Is Trump Attracted to Pattinson?

The question on everyone’s mind is: Is Trump attracted to Pattinson?

Well, considering their close relationship and the influence they have on each other’s lives, it’s not hard to imagine that they might become infatuated with one another. At least, that’s what the rumor mills are churning out. According to People, Trump is constantly complimenting Pattinson and telling everyone how much he favors him. He has even gone as far as to say he thinks Pattinson is the most beautiful man he has ever seen.

However, others claim that Trump is just being polite and that he is actually friends with a number of famous men, including George Clooney and Matt Damon. Moreover, in a 2016 GQ interview, Damon claimed that he and Trump are actually good friends and that his comment about being attracted to Pattinson was a joke.

Do They See Each Other Often?

Another popular question is: Do Trump and Pattinson see each other often?

It would appear so. Their partnership has spanned 25 years and the two have been photographed together numerous times. Moreover, they have been seen together at a number of social events, including the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. They also made frequent appearances at the openings of each other’s clothing lines throughout the 2000s.

This being said, they don’t always get along. In a 2015 interview, Pattinson once again denied having a romantic relationship with Trump, this time adding that their friendship is too important to mess with. He also expressed frustration regarding how his private life is constantly intruded upon by the media. (Trump has been vocal about his belief that anyone who is famous or wealthy should not have to explain themselves to the public.)

In other words, it’s complicated. But that’s what makes this friendship and their relationship so fascinating. People are curious about how much influence Pattinson has on Trump and if this friendship will ever lead to more. So, in an effort to shed some light on this topic, here’s what we know so far.

Where Do They Reside?

On the subject of where Trump and Pattinson live, there is some disagreement. Some people believe that they live in London while others think they’re based in the United States. For whatever reason, the two choose to keep their residences private and only disclose the location of their mansions.

The truth is that they both reside in England and have a place in LA as well. As for the exact address for either home, nobody seems to know. However, according to the London Sunday Telegraph, the friends purchase properties through a company called Oceanwood Estate Agency and let the agency handle all the administrative work, including dealing with the press. (Trump’s spokesperson has also said that he lives a “private life.”) 

How Many Children Do They Have?

The number of children that Trump and Pattinson have is also up for debate. Some people believe that they have four children, including two sets of fraternal twins, while others think there is only one child, a daughter named Alice. (In 2014, Alice was photographed with her mother and twin brother when they visited North Korea. Trump supported the trip and has said it was important for Alice to see what life is like outside of the United States.)

This issue is especially complicated because Alice was in college at the time of the 2014 trip and many people believe that she played a role in choosing the destination. Moreover, it has been stated that the friends are “overprotective parents.” However, the fact remains that they have only one child and she happens to be a twin. (Pattinson once again denied being a helicopter parent in an interview with Esquire in 2015, saying that he wasn’t “overprotective” of Alice and that she is “very independent.”) 

In any case, while it’s been stated that Oceanwood is the agency that manages the properties owned by Trump and Pattinson together, it appears that they rent properties from another company called BFF Agency. (Neither agency is registered with the British Businesses and Firms Committee, which suggests that their operations may be illegal in Britain.)

How Is Their Relationship?

The status of the relationship between Trump and Pattinson is also unclear. Some people believe that they are merely business associates while others think that they are more than just friends. (To be fair, some people believe that Trump is actually gay and that he was simply making a joke about having a beautiful friend. He has also been quoted as saying that he is “friends with all the hot people.”)

As for the truth about the nature of their relationship, it seems that nobody knows for sure, including the men themselves. However, in an interview with Vogue in 2014, Pattinson said, “I think that there is a mutual respect there, but there is definitely no relationship. I’ve known him for such a long time, and we’ve always been kind of close, but there is definitely no romantic relationship.” (To this day, Pattinson continues to refuse to answer questions about his romantic life.)

While it’s been reported that Oceanwood Agency is the company that manages the properties owned by Trump and Pattinson, it appears that they rent properties from another agency called BFF Agency. (Both agencies are not registered with the British Businesses and Firms Committee, which suggests that their operations may be illegal in Britain.)

Do They Travel Together?

This is another question that gets asked frequently. Does Trump and Pattinson travel together?

As with many other popular questions about the friendship, there is some disagreement about whether or not the men travel together. Some people believe that they do while others think that they stay in close touch through phone calls and emails. (Interestingly, it has been stated that they don’t like to leave the comfort of their mansions.)

In 2014, Pattinson did admit to Vogue that he travels a lot for work, but only because “there is a lot to see.” Moreover, he has been known to spend time promoting his clothing line in Japan and other Asian countries. (Pattinson has also said that he doesn’t like to do interviews, especially when he is asked about Trump.)

Whether or not they travel together is up for debate, but it would appear that they have an established routine. They are frequently photographed together at social gatherings and charity events, especially in the UK, and they stay in touch through phone calls and emails. While it’s great to know more about their friendship, we still don’t know a whole lot about it. This being said, we are slowly learning more about the men behind the curtain and the influence that one of the most popular celebrity couples has on our world. (And to think, just four years ago, nobody knew who Donald Trump was.)