The most recent episode of Suits premiered with a flurry of drama and action. Although the season finale managed to maintain its thrilling pace to the end, it was certainly a case of deja vu for those who’ve been following the series. It started out rather slowly with a case that seemed rather routine, involving Jessica Pearson (Olivia Holt) and her father Daniel (Robert Connolly). As the action gradually escalated, it was obvious that something big was about to go down. The finale was an absolute thriller, capped off with a shocking and intense courtroom battle. Although this series is best known for its quick pace and quirky characters, it has in fact always been a legal drama at its heart. Let’s take a closer look at how the season went and what it meant for Rob Pattinson, whose character, Harvey, has been a major influence on the series.

The Suits Season Finale: Everything You Need To Know

Even before the season finale, it was clear that this year would be one of the most eventful in the history of Suits. The season premiere, immediately following the finale of the previous season, was a clear indication of this. It started out rather tamely with Jessica (Olivia Holt) defending her father against charges of fraud. As the episode drew on, it became apparent that this was no ordinary fraud case, but rather a case that had the potential to redefine legal practice as we know it. And then, just as you’re surely thinking, “this can’t possibly end well for Harvey or Jessica,” the fireworks began.

The Biggest News In A Decade

The L.A. Lawyer called the fraud case “the biggest news in a decade.” While it’s certainly a bold statement to make about a television show, it’s an accurate description of the impact that Harvey Specter (Pattinson) and his fraud case have had on the legal world. The episode began with Daniel (Robert Connolly) being arrested for fraud and ended with him clearing his name thanks to Harvey. As a result of Daniel’s fraud, countless numbers of ordinary citizens were able to access the justice system and seek redress from the courts. This was a big moment for legal practice across the country and a turning point in the history of Suits. It’s also worth noting that this was the first time in the history of Suits that Harvey has defended someone other than himself (although he has defended himself on occasion).

An Unorthodox Rival

To say that Harvey is unorthodox is an understatement. Although he comes from a prestigious family of litigators, Harvey was always determined to be his own man. He attended Harvard Law School and became a lawyer, working at a relatively small firm before founding his own successful practice. He is a highly successful trial lawyer and has represented some of the biggest corporations in the country. In terms of his personal life, Harvey is an experienced lawyer who happens to be gay. This combination of qualities makes him a bit of a Renaissance man, inspiring characters in the series who follow in his footsteps. And then there’s the whole ‘bully for lawyers’ schtick. He’s not afraid to pick a fight with anyone, including other lawyers, which usually leads to an adversarial relationship. Although it’s clear that Harvey is brilliant, it’s also worth noting that he’s often found himself on the wrong side of the law. The fact remains that he is a complicated character whose ethics occasionally put him in conflict with other lawyers and the system itself. It is clear that he has a profound effect on those around him, even those who don’t share his progressive values. In the words of one commentator, he is a man who “thrives on conflict.”

The Rise Of Harvey Specter

Harvey is the protagonist of Suits and its namesake. The series focuses on his development as a lawyer and character. It started off rather quietly, with Harvey going about his job, trying to make a living and provide for his family. The early episodes followed this rather routine path, focusing on Harvey’s professional life and relationship with Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), who was initially employed as a legal assistant at Harvey’s firm. It was only a matter of time before Harvey’s life began to intersect with that of his clients. This is when things got interesting. Having worked his way up the legal ranks, Harvey became the go-to guy for big name clients who needed help with some legal matter.

A Father-Son Legacy

The legacy that Harvey Specter leaves behind is immense. Even those who aren’t directly involved in the legal world know who he is and what he represents. The fraud case from the season finale of Suits established him as a legal giant and the face of the firm. It also left an indelible mark on his relationship with Daniel, who went on to adopt Harvey’s ‘bully for lawyers’ attitude in order to prove his innocence. It’s evident that this case and its repercussions will have a profound impact on the legal profession. While some may see this as a positive change, it’s important to remember that this is a profession that has long dealt with a glass ceiling. Now, with Harvey’s star on the rise and Daniel looking to follow in his footsteps, it’s clear that the doors of the legal world are going to be thrown wide open. Not only does this provide a new generation of legal practitioners, but it also represents a significant step towards equality.

What’s really going on here, of course, is that we’re watching a television show. Although the series deals with some pretty serious topics and legal cases, it’s still a fun ride. And as much as we may want to take the law seriously, it’s important to remember that the characters are just that – characters – and although they may be motivated by serious issues, it’s all for show. That being said, it remains to be seen whether or not this wave of optimism will be enough to drown out the doubts of professional lawyers who fear a wave of new, inexperienced lawyers will threaten their livelihoods. This is the big question that this series has always hinged upon: will the legal establishment be able to keep up with the lawyers who are simply better at trial than they are?