Whether you’ve seen it on TikTok or Instagram, you’ve probably heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. The craze started with a game and entertainment app called TikTok where users compete to see who can get the most ‘likes’ on a video of them throwing a bucket of ice water over their head.

The idea behind the challenge is to ask a famous person to pour ice water over your head. The person gets the bucket, reaches into it, and throws the water over your head. The objective is to keep your head covered for as long as you can. If you’re lucky enough to survive the ice bucket challenge, you then get to ask another famous person for a ‘high-five’ (handshake).

Now, more than two months into the pandemic, the challenge is having a positive impact on social distancing and encouraging people to stay at home. It’s allowed individuals to bond, compete, and get creative. While the app itself hasn’t really evolved much since it first launched, TikTok as a whole is a proving to be more useful than ever before during this time of crisis.

How to Make a Video for the Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’re passionate about the challenge, you can start by watching some of the earlier videos to get inspiration. It’s important to keep in mind that the viral trend can vary from day to day so you need to be always changing to stay fresh. You also need to make sure that you have all the trademarks and copyrights cleared before you start shooting.

Get Inspired

TikTok is a community-driven app where anyone can post anything. This means that you don’t necessarily need to have a significant following to have your work posted there. Although there are some truly spectacular content creators on TikTok, chances are you’re not one of them. The good news is that you have the power to change this.

Posting content regularly can help you build an audience, and eventually, you’ll be able to harness this following for your own benefit. It’s never easy getting discovered as a content creator, but with hustle and determination, you can certainly change this. Once you have a large audience, it’s time to consider investing in professional editing equipment and learning how to use software like Final Cut Pro or Avid MC. These are not programs that you’ll ever have to worry about paying for. You can literally learn how to use them in the same way that you would use Microsoft Office or Photoshop.

Post Regularly

As we’ve established, regular posting can help build your audience. However, it’s not enough to simply post regularly. You also need to make sure that you put out high-quality content. Most importantly, you must use a quality camera. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It’s easy to post a quick video using your phone, but if you truly want to make it work for you, take a closer look at the little details. The lighting, the editing, and the camera all need to be on point. A sharp contrast in lighting can help draw the eye to the subject of the video. Lighting that is too strong or too weak can potentially ruin the overall impact of your video. These are all details that you can pay attention to and work on perfecting. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile! We would be lying if we said that throwing a bucket of cold water over your head is a fun activity, and we want you to have fun. However, the secret to creating a memorable video is in the details. So, remember to smile and take a deep breath before you start shooting your video. This will help you relax and ensure that you get the perfect shot every time.

Choose The Right Location

Your location can make or break your video. You want to make sure that you’re in a place where you feel comfortable and confident enough to do your challenge. If it’s not somewhere that feels right, it probably isn’t. There are certain places that you can do the challenge that will give you a distinct advantage. For example, there is a museum close to the Great British Museum in London that has a lot of artwork from the 1800s. One of our editors actually did the challenge there and had a blast. Art museums often have the advantage of providing a degree of separation from people. This means that people watching your video won’t feel so connected to you while also being able to follow the rules of the game. It’s always good to have a bit of mystery involved when you’re challenging someone to do something. Especially since it’s you versus them in the end and it can make it more interesting. Another place that you can try is a botanical garden. If you’re ever in London, you really need to make a stop at Kew Gardens. These places are often filled with life and color, which makes for an incredibly unique and vibrant backdrop. As someone who worked for a botanical garden, I can tell you that the colors are incredible and the atmosphere is always electric.

Who To Challenge

Depending on how much time you have and how successful you are in getting people to join your challenge, you can choose which celebrities to challenge. One of the best things about the challenge is that the celebrities involved usually have a lot of fun participating. So, if you want to see some real enjoyment on their faces, challenge them! There are, however, certain rules that you need to follow. Make sure that you choose people who actually want to participate. If you challenge a famous person who is already in fear of their life, you may not get the genuine enjoyment out of the challenge that you’re looking for. You also need to make sure that they have enough time to participate. Some people have very demanding schedules and might not have the time to spare for a silly video challenge. This is why it’s important to choose people who are still relatively unknown. You can also ask viewers to vote for which celebrities they want to see participate in a poll before you start your video. This can help ensure that you choose someone who is fairly popular. Voting can also help get the word out about your challenge and let people know that you’re serious about getting this done. As we’ve established, regular posting can help build your audience. So, by putting out a poll, you can start to see results much sooner than you might think. Get creative! You can put out a poll about any topic you want, as long as you make sure that you abide by legalities and that you have all the necessary permissions. You never know how much good voting can do. Take inspiration from successful creators on TikTok and see how they’ve used the platform to grow their audience and subsequently their careers. You may not have the content that they have, but you certainly have the ability to build something special and unique. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and come up with some ideas of your own. The more original and creative you can be, the better. With more people connected to the internet than ever before, along with the ability to create amazing content simply through smartphones, the sky is the limit. Not only does this provide you with endless opportunities, but it also means that anyone can potentially participate in these challenges. This is a great opportunity to connect with people who have shared your passion, and allow them to help you shape your career.