Welcome to What He Wears, the place where we uncover the style choices of guys we admire. Being the style police isn’t our thing, but we felt it was high time we did an overhaul of our site and introduced you to some new style choices that caught our attention. This article is going to tell you about the stylish habits of Hollywood actor Rob Pattinson.

He Looks Dazzling In A White Tee And Jeans

One of the things we love most about Rob Pattinson is how effortlessly he switches from casual to chic. The 28-year-old Scottish actor is probably best-known for his role as the werewolf in the Twilight series, which initially earned him a large female fan base, but he has since then established himself as a leading man capable of drawing in audiences of all genders.

We were fortunate enough to see Rob Pattinson recently at the Glasgow Film Festival and he looked breathtaking in white. He frequently uses white clothing as a base and then adds a small pop of colour in the form of a mustard-coloured scarf or a red rose. His fashion choices usually have a mix of both dark and light hues, but we’re talking about white here, which is the most prominent colour.

The white tee and jeans combination is one of the most popular looks he sports. It is the perfect union of form and functionality, as you can wear it both casually and professionally. What’s more, the look is instantly recognizable and it isn’t difficult to pull off. You don’t need to have a personal stylist to create this look, as any wardrobe full of plain white clothes will suffice.

Classic And Seasonal

One of the things we love about Rob Pattinson is how he sticks to classic yet seasonal fashion. It is no secret that the weather in Scotland is harsh, with cold winters and long, dark evenings spent indoors. We doubt the Scottish star finds it easy to stick to a strict fashion schedule when the temperatures outside are fluctuating so much. Still, he makes the most of every occasion and switches his outfits accordingly. This not only keeps his style fresh, but it prevents him from looking too similar to one another.

In the winter, he mainly wears long sleeves and warm boots. In the summer, he goes for light fabrics and bright colours to keep cool.

What we love about his seasonal approach is how effortlessly it works. You would barely guess that he has a severe style schedule based on how he dresses in the winter and how laidback he seems to be in the summer. It is not easy to look so effortlessly stylish while maintaining such a busy filming schedule, but Rob manages to pull it off thanks to his extensive wardrobe.

What’s more, even when the temperatures are fluctuating, we rarely see him wearing the same outfit twice. This is largely thanks to his unique sense of style and the fact he doesn’t follow the trends, but instead shapes them to suit his own needs. Sometimes this can result in outfits that are completely unique and breathtaking.

Casual But Classy

We also love how effortlessly casual Rob Pattinson can look. It is not only that the star has a keen sense of style, but he also has a knack for making any item of clothing look stylish and effortless. This is most evident in his choice of T-shirts. What’s great is that he doesn’t feel the need to go for the most stylish and expensive T-shirt available. Instead, he chooses those that are simple yet classy. This makes them look and feel great, but it isn’t over-the-top, which is what usually makes us feel good when we’re wearing clothes.

One of the best examples of casual yet classy style we have is the white T-shirt with a collar that he wears with jeans. It is a simple yet effective look that manages to look elegant and not so formal. We doubt there is another star quite like him, combining casual ease with classy style.

Style Influences

It is clear that fashion plays a huge role in Rob Pattinson’s life. The Scottish actor has been influenced by some of the most renowned designers of this generation. It isn’t only that he has worn their clothes; it’s that their style has become an integral part of his daily life. Whether it is the high-end fashion houses or the more independent designers, we can see that he has tried on almost every style imaginable.

We often see him wearing unique and bold fashion choices that would not be out of place in a magazine. This is a man who clearly loves to experiment with style and has an eye for uniqueness. We are certain he would not be wearing the same outfit twice if he did not feel it was right for him. This is one of the things we love most about the stylish individual we get to witness in Hollywood movies.

Varying The Look

Another thing we love about Rob Pattinson is how he constantly varies his look. Sometimes the actor will go for an all-grey outfit, which is both classy and subtle at the same time. Sometimes he will pop in brown shoes, which will give the outfit a casual yet classically stylish feel. We rarely get to see him wearing the same outfit twice, as he usually has a great mix of classy, casual, and elegant styles.

It is not just that he varies the outfit, but he also varies the shoes. For every outfit, he will wear a different pair of shoes to complete the look. This is the way a real style leader dresses: by mixing and matching different outfits and shoes to create a unique style that is as personal as it is versatile.

Dazzling Dresses That Tell A Story

It is clear that Rob Pattinson is no stranger to dresses. The Scottish actor has been flaunting his fashion choices since he first stepped onto the big screen in 2009. What’s great is that his dresses not only tell a story, but they also enhance the movie they are from. This is a man who clearly knows how to throw a glam moment, as all of his outfits are absolutely breathtaking.

It is clear that the Scottish actor is a true enthusiast when it comes to fashion. He often times blogs, where he shares his take on the most stylish outfits and accessories. It is clear that he has a lot to say and a lot to share with his fans. We are certain you will agree that this is a man who clearly knows how to dress.