If you’ve been following the news at all, you’ll know that in 2019 Robbie Pattinson, the son of the late screen legend Robbie, had a brush with death. He was thrown from a horse and trapped under its hooves. Thankfully, he survived and is now in a stable condition. From the sounds of it, there were no lasting effects.

But although the horse drama was a harrowing experience, it didn’t take away from what was a fairly classic year for Robbie. He started the year in Paris, where he attended film school. He later moved to London, got a job in costume design, and even managed to fit in a few vacation spots in between. While in Europe, he fell in love with a French woman named Amelie and visited Paris a couple of times to propose. The proposal took place at the Eiffel Tower during the last days of August and was witnessed by hundreds of spectators, who had gathered there to see the tower’s majestic reflection in the waters of the River Seine. After the ceremony, Pattinson, Amelie, and their friends had a traditional champagne toast, which turned into a flashmob-like celebration. Everyone was singing and drinking champagne, and the happy couple took a dip into the fountain.

Here’s a roundup of some of the biggest news stories from a classic year for the teen heartthrob.

Paris, Or The French, To Be Specific

Robbie started the year in Paris, where he attended the École des Beaux-Arts. It’s not uncommon for students to travel for their studies, but what is uncommon is to do so as a student of the arts. The reason behind this is that the Beaux-Arts are traditionally the gatekeepers of the French art world, and their alumni include many legendary artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. It’s no surprise that some of the most scenic walks in Paris are along the banks of the Seine. There are also famous attractions, such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, both of which are a must for any visitor to Paris.

A Bit Of A Royal Audience

While in Paris, Robbie attended the Balade Sur Les Plaines du Cinquantenaire. The title of the conference translates to something like “Ballet on the Plains of the 100th Anniversary”. It was a prestigious event that brought together the cream of Parisian society for an evening of ballet. The event is named after the curator of the event, Bernard Boursicot, who in 1919 founded the Balade Sur Les Plaines. The 100th anniversary of the Balade Sur Les Plaines was celebrated in 2019.

An Injury That Had Health Consequences

In his first month in Paris, Robbie was involved in a horrific accident that almost ended his career. While taking part in a car stunt for a popular TV show, he suffered a broken back. After filming had wrapped, he had to have emergency surgery. The injury put his acting career on hold, and it wasn’t until years later that he was able to fully recover. When he did, he decided to make a clean break from acting and pursue a more creative outlet.

The accident wasn’t the only thing that 2018 had in store for Robbie. In September 2018, he was arrested in London for alleged possession of an illegal drug. The drug in question was ketamine, which is a horse tranquilizer that is often used in conjunction with horse riding. The arrest came as a huge shock to fans, who had know nothing about the incident, and saw it as a major setback. It was also a major blow to his father, who considered his son’s arrest a reflection of his poor judgment. While he was in prison, which he spent over a month in, he lost a significant amount of weight. He was eventually released on bail and forced to surrender his passport. Although he was acquitted of all charges in January 2019, the incident still haunted him. He admitted in an interview that he hadn’t been the same since the arrest and still wrestles with guilt about it to this day. He also took the opportunity to apologize to his fans for being unable to fulfill his promise to return to the big screen. The accident and the subsequent trial brought to light a dark side that many people didn’t know existed. Fans who had turned to social media for support found that the platform had changed the way they interacted with the media. Before the trial, they would often celebrate imaginary victories and relay funny memes, but the trial was different. It was all in real life, and some fans were more than willing to relive the experience through their Twitter timelines. Even before the trial, social media had changed the way fans interacted with celebrity; prior to the invention of Twitter, people would often meet celebrities in person and gain more of an emotional connection to them. Social media allowed the fans to connect with their idols, wherever they may be, and in whatever situation they may find themselves; the opportunity to engage with their favourite stars was closer than ever before.

Love, Lies, And Videotapes

Fans who had been following the news since 2017 knew that the ‘shocking’ year for Robbie would be capped off with a proposal. After graduating from the Beaux-Arts, he moved to London to continue his studies. While there, he got a job in costume design and made frequent visits to Paris, where he fell in love with Amelie and finally had the courage to propose to her. He planned to propose in Paris, as he’d done in the past, during the height of summer. Amelie accepted his proposal, and they were both overcome with emotion. The engagement was filmed and later released to the public. It was then that the world finally got to see just how adorable and romantic the couple are. The film was released in the summer of 2018 and became one of the most popular proposals ever filmed, especially in France, due to the couple’s connection to French culture. It remains one of the most popular searches in France when it comes to wedding proposals. After the film’s premiere, fans went crazy for the couple and began creating proposals of their own. The film also served as a jumping off point for many fans, helping to expose a side of Paris that they’d never known existed. Even those who have lived there their whole lives were completely captivated by the story of these two adorable young people from different walks of life who fell in love and decided to take the plunge. It’s no wonder that so many people are inspired to travel to Paris for their wedding; the city is a mecca for lovers. There’s also the fact that it’s one of the most popular places to propose, which makes it even more attractive.

Pilots, Pianos, And Plastic Straws

It’s not just fans who were inspired by the tale of Robbie and Amelie. The Hollywood actor’s antics even attracted the attention of the legal community. In January 2019, he was acquitted of all charges related to the drugs and passport allegations after a four-day trial in London. The drugs in question were for self-administration, as treatment for his long-term health issues. While he fought for his reputation and fans’ support, he also had to fight for the innocent taxi driver, who he’d hit with his car while under the influence of drugs. The media had a field day with the trial, speculating about what would happen next. Some journalists even went so far as to suggest that he might have to return to rehab. But that didn’t happen, and he even managed to put his life back on track. Later in the year, he completed a documentary about his father, which he funded and co-produced with filmmaker Luke Greenfield. The film, called Simply The Most, will premiere in 2020. After his trial and after a lengthy self-isolation because of the coronavirus pandemic, he’s now back out in the world, looking for a fresh start.