Do you have a crush on a member of the opposite sex? Do you think they are beautiful and find them fascinating? Well, you’re in luck. We have the best collection of beautiful celebs that you can look at, listen to, and fall in love with!

The question is, how do I look at the same sex as I am attracted to? How can I appreciate the beauty of a man when all I see when I look in the mirror is my own reflection?

This was exactly the challenge that designer Rob Pattinson set out to solve. The British fashion designer wanted to produce a line of men’s clothes that would allow him to look at the same sex as he is attracted to. To achieve this, he had to develop a whole new set of eye-catching designs that would bring his male customers (and potential partners) to their feet!

We’re not just talking about your average everyday male here. We’re talking about famous movie stars, game changers, and sport’s heroes that we deem to be attractive. So, let’s take a look at the stunning designs that have made Rob Pattinson’s name in the fashion world and why you should check him out if you’re into modern menswear.

Game Changer

When it comes to game changers, we’re not talking about your average Joe. We’re talking about men and women that left an enormous impact on society through their work and innovations. People that changed the way we see and interact with the world. A woman who is often credited with bringing haute couture to the masses is none other than the founder of Christian Dior, Madame Christian Dior.

In 1960, Dior established the brand and brought French fashion to the masses. Since then, she has continued to champion the less-is-more approach to dressing and offers a minimalistic take on luxury fashion that appeals to our modern sensibilities. Her work is defined by its unique take on French fashion and it is safe to say that her designs changed the way we look at fashion forever. Today, Christian Dior is one of the most influential and recognizable fashion houses in the world.

Not Your Traditional Gentleman

Many of us were raised with the concept of traditionalism, particularly in western culture. If you’re from the US, you’ll know exactly what we mean. You have your traditional suits and ties for men and your floral print dresses and heels for women. We weren’t exactly raised to think outside of these boxes and, although that notion might not be true for all of us, it certainly holds true for the majority. As a result, many of us have limited views of what constitutes a ‘perfect’ man or woman. We’re not used to seeing people defy our expectations of them. That’s exactly what Rob Pattinson did. He designed a line of men’s clothes that defied our expectations of what a ‘traditional’ male fashion should look like. We loved his daring and uniqueness and promptly stocked up on his garments!

Attention To Detail

When it comes to men’s fashion, most of us are used to seeing overly embellished or frilly designs. Like the Mad Hatter’s tea sets or the onesies with the tiny elephants on them. These are all perfectly acceptable items, but we aren’t exactly used to seeing something so detailed and exquisite. Take a closer look and you’ll see that there is a lot more going on under the surface. These are the types of details that we as women are more than happy to appreciate when they’re aimed at us. It’s when the attention turns to something else that we realize how much effort has gone into making this something extraordinary!

Take Kiyoshi Kawasu, for example, designer of the exquisite kimono outfits detailed above. Kawasu’s designs are known for their beautiful hand-painted detail on silk and his kimono outfits are considered some of the most stunning pieces of men’s clothing in existence. Many of us will never be able to look at a kimono (or any Japanese design for that matter) the same way again.

A Bit Of A Dreamer

Fashion is all about trends and the latest styles. It’s meant to be a way of expressing yourself and being able to relate to the people around you. As a result, not many of us look at fashion as a source of inspiration. It’s pretty much the antithesis of everything we want to see in our lives. That is, until we see something that we love and want to incorporate it into our own wardrobe. The thing is, we don’t always see things the same way that others do. We interpret the outfits and accessories that we love in a way that makes us feel like they’re calling out to us. They speak to who we are deep down inside and want to be able to share that with the world.

That, dear reader, is how you look at the same sex as you are attracted to. You interpret their outfits and accessories in a way that speaks to you and your own insecurities. Is this person being too soppy? Is this person showing too much skin? Is this person being too loud or too quiet? What are your thoughts on the subject? We’d love to here your comments below! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more awesome content!