One of fashion’s most eligible bachelors, Rob Pattinson, is said to be dating a former contestant from the UK’s Got Talent.

Samantha Brocklehurst, a former contestant from the UK’s Got Talent, allegedly began dating the English actor after they met in December 2016. They were spotted spending a lot of time together in London last month.

A source told the Daily Mail, “They are definitely a thing. They have been seen out multiple times since being spotted together in December and they always seem to be enjoying each other’s company.”

Brocklehurst came in third place on UK’s Got Talent in 2008. Her unique voice and commanding stage presence put her on the fast track to stardom – she became the first ever female winner of the show’s prestigious title, ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

Brocklehurst is no stranger to high-profile love interests. She’s previously been linked to Harry Styles, Ross Hemmings and Jack Trout – all members of the British royal family. And in 2015, she was named as one of Britain’s most eligible bachelors by Cosmo Blog.

The 38-year-old model and former glamour girl has kept a low profile since winning the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ crown. She didn’t make it much further than the semi-finals of the UK’s Got Talent in 2016 before being eliminated. She’s since remained in the background, maintaining a relatively low public profile.

Pattinson’s Affairs With Celebs And Models Continue

Despite being a bachelor for over a year, there have been rumors of a serial heartbreaker for Pattinson. He’s previously been linked to Hollywood stars, including Megan Fox, Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst. He’s also cheated on numerous celebrities with models and other women.

Rob Pattinson Is Dating a Former Celebrity Apprentice Contestant

It wouldn’t be surprising if this is just another one of those fame-whoring gold digger stories. A massive inflow of new celebrity data suggests that successful bachelors are attractive to women. However, it seems that Pattinson is looking for a genuine connection with his partner. Samantha Brocklehurst isn’t just a notch on his bedpost.

According to data analyzed by, successful bachelors are more popular with women than their less fortunate counterparts. When broken down by gender, the data reveals that successful bachelors have the most social events and are liked the most by women on dating websites.

What’s more, bachelors are far more likely to initiate romantic encounters. While social events are nice, being the one to start the physical contact is considered to be the ultimate symbol of attractiveness. If this is the kind of man she marries, she’s going to be having some serious money troubles.

Another surprising finding of the data is that while most people assume that older men are more successful with women, that’s not necessarily true. The data suggests that men in their 30s have the most successful romantic outcomes.

Why Are Bachelors So Popular?

Bachelor’s parties have become an essential part of many young adults’ social lives. And it seems that men in particular are embracing the single life. The stigma that came with being a bachelor has largely been lifted. Nowadays, it’s common to see successful bachelors partying with their girlfriends in tow.

When it comes to dating, the data shows that bachelors are the ones putting in the work. While other types of unmarried men are just hanging out, looking for sex, bachelors are meeting women and establishing romantic connections.

It’s well-established that men are less likely to be emotionally available to date. However, the stigma that comes with being a bachelor is slowly being eroded, and more and more men are comfortable being single. It’s a trend that’s supported by politics too. While Hillary Clinton is known for putting a ‘bachelorette’ party’ on the itinerary for her wedding to Bill, the 41st President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is happily married to his partner of eight years, Mrs. Melania Trump.

What Do Women Want In A Partner?

When it comes to dating, what do women want in a partner? The short answer is ‘everything’. But that’s a pretty high bar to clear, particularly if you’re applying it to someone you’ve never met. While it’s great to have idealistic standards, it can be difficult to meet a man who fits those lofty benchmarks. Especially since those men become increasingly hard to find as you ascend the professional ladder.

When you dig deep down into the data, you’ll see that successful women are looking for men who will provide for them financially, support their career and offer them world-class sex. While Mrs. Clinton is focusing on the ‘bachelorette’ party’ for Bill’s bachelorhood, the aspiring First Lady is looking to make the most of the opportunity. It’s a trend that’s been supported by higher-profile women who’ve chosen to remain single, such as Kate Middleton and Taylor Swift. The data reveals that women value a man who can financially provide for them. However, they also value a man who can be an emotional support through bad times and offer them sex when they need it.

Why Are Models And Celebrities Attracted To Bachelors?

It’s well-established that beautiful women are attracted to successful, well-bred bachelors. What’s more, women in prominent positions are choosing to remain single for longer. In fact, the stigma that still surrounds being a bachelor has largely been lifted. While there are still bachelors who opt for a life of solitude, being a ‘beta’ male is now seen as a desirable trait.

When it comes to finding love, women in prominent positions are going to be supported by powerful agencies who specialize in matchmaking. For those women who’ve chosen to remain single, they can now look forward to a rich tapestry of social events – from high-end dinner parties to corporate galas and sporting events. It’s a trend that’s been supported by the likes of Megan Fox, Kate Middleton and Taylor Swift. The rise of the bachelor-loving Instagram celebrity has seen high-profile women choose to remain single for much longer. Since 2012, the year that Taylor Swift’s album, ‘Red’, was released, the singer’s Twitter followers have risen from 3.9 million to 14.9 million. Along with Swift, Megan Fox and Kate Middleton have also seen their social media followings expand by more than 200,000.

What About Marriage?

Marriage isn’t just about the money. Although, as we’ve established, that’s usually the main consideration. When you peel back the layers, you’ll see that women want a man who’s committed to being their best friend, adviser and lover. Someone who understands their needs and wants the same commitment in return. Successful bachelors offer that security, as well as the ability to provide for the woman they marry.

If this is the kind of man Samantha Brocklehurst meets in Dubai, she’s going to be seeing a lot of money. And it seems that she’s willing to leave her native England to be with him. A source told the Mail, “He knows what he wants and is going after it. She’s made that clear – he’s definitely not wasting any time.”

It seems that successful bachelors are the answer to all of women’s prayers. Whether or not you believe in love at first sight, the data shows that women choose men who will provide for them financially and emotionally. While the stigma that surrounds being a bachelor has largely been lifted, it’s still not easy to find good old fashioned, normal, sweet-souled men who will commit to being your husband, your best friend and your lover. For wealthy women who’ve remained single, being out of the dating game for so long has surely strengthened their resolve to find ‘the one.’ And it seems that they’re not having any trouble. As long as he’s good with money and has a strong desire to meet the woman he marries, we know who the lucky bachelor is going to be.