The most photographed man in the world has gone public with his dating life. In an interview with The Sun newspaper, the 28-year-old actor revealed that he is in a relationship with the daughter of billionaire Sir James Goldsmith. The British-born actress was born into a famous family. She is the great-grandchild of British royalty, the Duchess of York, and is the niece of Prince Charles. A self-proclaimed feminist, she grew up in a world of privilege but learned how to navigate the working world like any other woman.

He Started As A Friend

The first indication we have of Rob’s interest in BFFs (best friends forever) comes from the Sun. In an exclusive excerpt, the British newspaper reveals that the actor had long been friends with Jimmy Prichard, the son of newspaper tycoon Robert Prichard. The two bonded over their disdain for celebrity. They both considered themselves rebels without a cause and used to “sniggetize” on social media. They also had a mutual respect for women’s rights and protested together against domestic violence.

When Rob, who was then 23, met FKA Twigs at a private party in London, things quickly progressed. He popped the question two years later at the end of August 2018. The couple first announced their engagement in a joint statement published by Pink Magazine on October 24, 2018. Just a few weeks later, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Twigs revealed that she plans to marry the actor. “I’m so happy to say that I’m now engaged to be married to an amazing man,” she said. “He is everything I could want in a husband.”

The Wedding Plans

While Twigs and Rob were dating, they reportedly began hatching a plan to wed. The actress and the musician were both raised in luxury and saw firsthand how marriage could facilitate more luxurious lifestyles. When the pair decided to marry, they went all out with their invitations and wedding cake. The ceremony and reception took place at St. George’s Church in Surrey on June 25, 2019. The church was originally built in the 1920s and was originally intended to be a temporary structure. The newlyweds spent their reception roaming the grounds of the Middleton estate, which is the home of the Goldsmith family.

The couple gave their guests a chance to remember the ‘80s decade with music from the decade and a live performance by the Dirty Boots Orchestra, who backed up the bride and groom on their special day. A member of the public had the opportunity to speak with the newlyweds following the ceremony. “We are so happy to marry each other,” Twigs said in response to the question about whether she had any wedding advice. “We wanted everything to be personal and private. We knew that so many people would love to be a part of our day, and we wanted to give them the option to share in our happiness.”

Why The Family Jugular?

For their wedding day, Twigs and Rob opted for an intimate ceremony just family and a few friends. They kept the guest list to a minimum to retain the feeling of privacy. The couple also wanted to give the impression that they were starting their new life together without fanfare or publicity. They asked that their wedding video be kept under wraps until their friends could attend the ceremony and share the moment with them. Even then, they didn’t want the video to go viral or be tweeted about endlessly. They also didn’t want to have paparazzi following them around every corner. Twigs’ parents, Christine and David, were reportedly livid at the idea of their only grandchild being wed without permission, but Twigs and Rob wanted to give the feeling that they were starting their family without the burden of celebrity.

Now that they’re married, the couple will be making tabloid headlines with their ever-expanding family. In an interview with the Evening Standard, Twigs revealed that she is pregnant with her first child. She also said that she and her husband plan to adopt a child in the coming years.

Forbes currently lists Twigs and Rob’s joint estimated worth at around $15 million. When it comes to their family, the couple’s individual worth is around $12 million. Their collective net worth is around $27 million.

Born Into Wealth And Celebrity

Twigs was born Christine Ann Cole into a family of wealth and privilege. Her father is David Cole, who founded the fashion accessories company, BOW (British Owned Worldwide). Her mother, Christine, is the granddaughter of shipping magnate Sir Thomas Lipton and his Irish-American wife, Alice. She grew up in West London and attended Lady Margaret School, where she met her future husband. She then went on to Oxford University, where she read history, graduating with a first-class degree in 2015.

Since her birth, Twigs has become accustomed to a life of luxury. At the age of four, she was given her very first designer handbag. When she turned ten, she was given her first vintage car, a 1935 Mercedes-Benz. At the age of 11, she received a racing bike as a present, which she named “Rosie.” She also has a collection of designer toys and games, as well as a gold Rolex watch, which is worth around $30,000.

While she’s enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle up until now, Twigs has shown that she’s not afraid to speak out against social injustice. In 2016, the actress co-founded the social media accounts @WomensAidSocial and @girlsaid, which allow users to share their stories of inequality and abuse. In recent years, her work has focused on issues such as climate change and gun violence, which she has addressed at several public events including the United Nations Climate Summit in 2018. She also took part in a celebrity march for women’s rights in London in 2019.

In addition to her activism, Twigs is also passionate about fashion. She has a strong sense of personal style and often posts about fashion and style on social media. When she turned 16, she was given an iPad as a present, which she used to create online stores and sell clothes online. She also has a capsule wardrobe, consisting of just 20 items of clothing that she buys to ensure that she’s always ready for a date or a night out. This was inspired by the minimalist style of British menswear designer John Galliano.

How Does Wealthy Parenting Compute?

Being a parent is one of the most important roles in a person’s life. It can make or break a human being’s sense of self-worth. In today’s world, it can also have a significant impact on a child’s financial standing. If you’re the parent of a young child, then you know that diapers are a major expense. When the kid grows up and starts attending school, the bills start coming in too. Plus, having a child means you’ll be on the hook for child care for at least the first few years of their life.

With such a heavy financial burden resting on them, it’s not surprising that Twigs and Rob want to spread the wealth as much as possible. They’ve done this through a combination of expensive gifts and financial contributions. Twigs gave her new parents a cash gift of £62,500 (around $75,500) on their wedding day. She also gifted them with a pair of solid gold jewellery (probably worth around £5,000), a diamond necklace (worth around £50,000), and a gold bracelet (worth around £5,000). Further donations came from Rob’s family, who gifted the newlyweds with a £5,000 wedding gift and a house in Richmond. The actor’s father, Edward, also gave them £12,500 (around $15,500) in cash for their wedding dinner. In all, the wedding day costed them £68,500 ($85,500).

This level of generosity might make you wonder how the couple plans to pay for their children’s’ education. After all, children of wealthy parents usually go to expensive schools where their fees are covered by their families. In England, the most popular choice for daycare centers is private. The cost for a child there is around £18,000 ($23,500) per year. It’s likely that Twigs and Rob will need to pay for their children’s education themselves. This is another area where they’ll be relying on their parents’ wealth. But they’re determined to give their kids a better life than they could have afforded.

In today’s society, children are expected to grow up to be just like their parents. And in some ways, they are. These kids have seen money and success go hand in hand. They’ve grown up in a world where affluence is celebrated and expected. Being born to wealth doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.