Rob Pattinson is a designer who learned how to code and design websites, how to work with various platforms, and so much more. Here’s what he learned at Central Saint Martins.

Coding And Building Websites

Before taking on Rob Pattinson’s CSM course, he had only a basic knowledge of coding. Now, he can build a WordPress website from scratch in under an hour and add various plugins to it for free. He can also fix any broken links and customize the look of a site with his new-found design skills.

As for building websites, he learned how to use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which crops photos and places them on a plain white background. Previously, he had to work with plain HTML and CSS, the standard code for creating a website. Now he knows how to build a site from scratch using a handful of plugins and how to use the visual editor to make minor adjustments to the layout of a site.

Designing For Various Platforms

Being a designer means he can create assets for others to use. He designed a print template for a company that makes personalized boxes for gifts. He worked with them to make a unique gift box with their name on it, incorporating all of his design skills. This was just one of the projects he worked on while at CSM.

His versatility as a designer is what makes him so good. He’s not tied to just one platform or toolset. So, if a designer wants to become an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist, they can learn how to use Google Adwords, which he did at CSM. After completing the course, he started a company called SEO Factory, which provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to businesses in London.

Working with different platforms means he’s not tied to just one tool or application. This also means he learns how to use a variety of tools, which is essential for any digital marketer. So, even if you’re a designer who wants to specialize in print, you might end up designing a blog or website for users to view and access information. The sky’s the limit.

Outsourcing Versus In-house

One of the biggest changes Rob learned at CSM was how to outsource. Being a designer who needs to create unique graphics and layouts for each project, he knew that he couldn’t do everything himself. So, he taught himself to look for designers and developers who can get the job done fast and at a good price.

It’s important to note here that he didn’t just outsource work. He also learned to be more selective with the work he chooses to create himself. Being tied to an outsourced developer doesn’t mean he has to accept what they give him because he doesn’t have the time or expertise to do it himself. This is where learning to be picky comes in.

He realized he didn’t have the skills or time to make a WordPress template for a business, so he chose to outsource it. Then, he learned to be more selective with the WordPress templates he makes because he doesn’t want to end up with a bloated theme that he’ll end up having to trash. This is a common problem for beginners who choose to DIY (do it yourself) because they can’t find a decent theme to work with. So, they end up having to customize a bloated theme or create their own.

Business And Marketing

Being a designer who works for others means he still has to deal with contracts and deadlines. But, it also gives him an opportunity to become more involved in the business side of things. This includes researching customers and improving conversion rates. So, even if you’re just designing a lovely wedding website for a friend, you might end up learning something about marketing and conversion rates, which you can apply to your own work.

WordPress And Marketing

One of the projects Rob worked on while at CSM was a WordPress design for a beauty blogger. During the project, he had to take a crash course in WordPress and become familiar with all of its features. This included adding different elements to the site, changing the layout and design, and using different plugins and tools to optimize the site for SEO.

Because he already had a general knowledge of HTML, CSS, and WordPress, he knew that he could do most of the work himself. But, he also knew that he needed help with the SEO part because he doesn’t have the time or expertise to learn how to do it himself. This is why he chose to outsource the job to a developer who has experience in SEO.

Even if you’re the best designer in the world and know exactly what you want, customizing a WordPress theme or designing a blog or website from scratch can still seem overwhelming. This is where outsourcing comes in handy. You can find freelance designers and developers who can take care of all the heavy lifting and give you a polished product that you can use for your own projects.