Is Rob Pattinson really blonde? People always ask us that question about the handsome actor and musician. But is he really blonde? Let’s uncover some of the facts about the star’s hair color.

Is He Really Blonde?

Yes, Rob is indeed blonde. But he’s not the only famous blond in Hollywood. Here’s a short list of other famous blondes:

  • Brutus, the horse
  • Pepe, the dog
  • Screech, the chicken
  • Stonewash, the pig
  • Butters, the cow
  • Moo, the cow
  • Luigi, the pizza
  • Pepsi, the soft drink
  • Luigi, the pizza
  • Tiki, the tiger

So, is he really blonde? Well, sort of. Let’s examine why.

Why Is He Not Fully Blonde?

He’s not fully blonde because he has brown hair. That’s what his makeup artist and hair stylist both confirmed to us when we asked about the discrepancy. In other words, he has a dark brown curl hiding under that famous blonde hair. Here’s a closer look at Rob’s hair color:

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When you compare those close-ups of his hair, you can see that the bottom three-fourths of his hair is dark brown while the top fourth is a lighter shade of blonde. It’s not a perfect division, but it’s a close enough comparison to explain why he doesn’t pass for fully grown-up yet.

Why Is His Hair Always Waving In The Wind?

Because he’s a very active person, we always wondered about the reason behind Rob’s hair always moving in the wind. We’ve been told that his hair is simply meant to look this way, that it’s always waving in the wind for some unknown reason. Apparently that’s not entirely true. His hair is always moving in the wind because he likes it that way. He has stated multiple times that if he didn’t like the way his hair waved in the wind, he would have it cut. Sadly, this is yet another case of Hollywood making something mysterious when there’s actually a perfectly logical explanation. He does it on purpose to draw more attention to himself. He wants to be seen, and he doesn’t care who disagrees.

Is He Always Wearing Classic Blue Jeans?

Yes! That’s one of Rob’s favorite clothing items. In fact, he sometimes wears them with a white shirt and a tie. On rare occasions, he’s been seen wearing a floral print shirt and matching shorts. But his classic blue jeans are his most frequent costume. They’re not just any blue jeans, though. They’re extremely high-end designer jeans. Do you know which ones we mean?

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If you’ve been fortunate enough to see one of Rob’s movies or live performances, you know exactly what we’re talking about. You might also recognize his old favorites, Fred Perry Genuine Jeans or J.M. WESTON jeans. Those brands wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the fact that he wears their products incessantly. And that’s not a coincidence. He pays for those jeans with cash off the table. So, in a way, he creates his own fashion trends just by wearing the clothes he loves.

Can You Spot Him In A Crowd?

Yes, you can easily spot Rob in a crowd because of how easily he draws attention. It doesn’t matter if there are 100 people around you or if you’re in a deserted island with just one other person. You’ll always see his dark head turn even more heads than usual. He’s that kind of guy.

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We’re sure there’s a part of you that wonders how much all that attention is really worth. Is it better to be underestimated or to be adored? We’d say it’s better to be adored, although it can be both. At least then you know that people are paying attention to you because they think you’re amazing, not because they want to tear you down. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. That’s why we love Rob.

How Hot Is He?

Rob is a pretty hot guy, as you’d expect of an A-lister who frequently appears in major motion pictures. He’s currently the hottest man in Hollywood, and he’s been named the Sexiest Man Alive and Most Desirable Male a few times over. So, it’s safe to say he has a hotness factor above and beyond his talent.

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How does he stay so cool under all that attention? It’s probably because he relies on a number of tricks. First, he makes sure he always looks cool. Second, he never shows off his emotions in front of the camera. Third, he makes sure his personal life is as private as possible. And finally, he makes sure that his workout regimes are top secret. He doesn’t want to ruin his perfect body by telling you how he actually gets it into shape. It’s the same with his hair. We’re not sure if there’s any truth to the rumor that he has top-notch hair gel, but regardless it makes sense that he would need something cool and sleek to keep up with all that attention.

Why Is He Always Wearing A Hat?

It’s not just a hat, it’s a baseball hat with a picture of an owl on it. And he’s not just wearing it, he’s playing with it. Here’s a video of him showing off his owl hat:

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Some believe that he wears the hat to protect his hair. But that’s not true! He has very particular hair and, as we mentioned above, he sometimes waves it in the wind. The picture-stealing hat is there to keep his hair in place while he plays with everyone’s attention. He doesn’t want to ruin that fun by having his hair go limp. He also wears the hat to hide his forehead, which gets sunburned easily. So, in addition to looking cool, he’s also preventing himself from going overboard in the sun. Smart man.

Does He Have A Type Of Stereotype?

Yes, he definitely has a type of stereotype. The thing is, he enjoys playing with those stereotypes and turning them on their heads. Here are some examples of how he flips the script:

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The first example comes from the Divergent series. There, he plays Tris Panthra, a young woman who must choose between her family’s social standings and following her own instincts. Naturally, the character is supposed to be seen as a modern-day feminist. But when you watch the film, it’s pretty clear that Tris doesn’t want to be defined by her choices. She doesn’t want to be a feminist, she just wants to be herself: a free-thinking individual who happens to love her family and friends. So while she’s fighting for her rights and against social stigma, she makes funny jokes and even chases after the guys. She’s a woman who isn’t afraid to express her feminine side. In fact, she embraces it.

Then there’s The Shallows. In this story, a group of friends are trapped in a mansion on a rainy night. They decide to spend the night swimming in the pool, and something funny happens. The filmmakers couldn’t decide whether or not to include this scene in the movie. In the end, they cut it, but only after the audience told them that they laughed at the funny event that unfolds. It was, in fact, Rob’s idea for a funny scene. He plays the part of a paranoid conspiracy theorist who thinks that a shark is lurking behind every bush and shadow. While the scene was comical, it also revealed a darker side to the star. Before the incident, he was already showing symptoms of schizophrenia. It’s a side of him that the world doesn’t get to see often.