It’s a well-known fact that Hollywood is a place
where gossip is the coin of the realm. But, often times, that
gossip can get a little far-fetched. Take Rob Pattinson and
Barbara Evans for example. Despite
their relatively private lives (Rob has
been dating Kristen Stewart since the
age of 17 and Barbara has been
officially married to George
Byrne for over 30 years), their
personal and professional lives have
always been closely intertwined. In fact,
it was Barbara who first got wind of
Rob’s relationship with Kristen and
stirred up the rumor mill by
posting on her social media accounts
that she suspected Rob had “cheated
on [his] beloved Kristen” with
Selena Gomez. While true in
a general sense, this post certainly
helped to keep the speculation
going. Despite Rob’s initial denial,
the cat was (at least partly) out of
the bag soon after this initial
rumor. The world learned about
their secret relationship when
Kristen’s best friend, Lea Michele,
blasted her on social media for
dating such a “gross man.”

While both Rob and Barbara have
been incredibly patient throughout
this entire ordeal and have
respected their respective partners’
vows of silence, their patience
has finally paid off. In December 2019,
Rob and Barbara gave
the world one of the most discussed
weddings of the year – the
wedding of the century!

After years of speculation, it was
finally confirmed that Rob Evans was
engaged to be married to Barbara
Pattinson. If you’re unfamiliar, the
bronze sculpture that Rob brought
as a wedding present was the result
of a three-year courtship and
features some of Barbara’s unique
and exquisite jewelry. The world
watched in awe as the couple
said their vows and declared their
renewed commitment to each other
in front of their family and
friends. A photo posted soon after
the ceremony revealed a dreamy,
smiling Rob holding a framed copy
of the marriage license, gazing at
his wife-to-be with an expression
that said: “This is it.”

It’s fair to say that 2019 was a banner
year for celebrity weddings. The
couples tied the knot in spectacular
ceremonies that made headlines
across the globe. But, perhaps,
the most memorable wedding of the
year had to be the one between
Barbara and Rob Pattinson. No doubt,
they will go down in history as
one of the most celebrated celebrity
weddings of all time.

No Apologies From The Bride’s Side

While not all of the 2019 weddings were
as dramatic as the one between Barbara and
Rob, many of them had an undercurrent of
intrigue. And it wasn’t just the celebs
wedding each other. The whole wedding
gown trend in the early part of the
year was a clear indicator that something
was up. From Kate Middleton’s
traditional white wedding gown to
Gwyneth Paltrow’s breathtaking
rose-themed ensemble, the bride
nearly always kept one eye on the
ceremony’s altar as she walked down
the aisle. And what a walk it was! As
the wedding singer belted out the
couple’s first dance, the attendees
couldn’t help but stare in awe at
Barbara’s magnificent gown as she
wowed them with a breathtaking

What makes this particular wedding so
attracting is, first of all, the
couple’s devotion to creating
a memorable day that they will
cherish for the rest of their lives.
Barbara has said that the
most difficult part of planning the
wedding was meeting with the
millions of fans who had been
tracking her every move and demanding
to know the details about the
big day. But, she was quick to point
out that it was all worth it in the
end because she and Rob had
created something unique and

Why Keep This Wedding A Secret?

It’s hard to believe that Barbara and
Rob’s wedding was kept a secret for such a
long time. The press were certainly
given plenty to go on, especially
with Barbara’s string of
ex-relationships and Rob’s
affair with Kristen Stewart, but,
for the most part, their
wedding was an open secret. And,
even today, it’s not hard to find
photographs of the happy couple on
social media. It would have been so
easy for someone to stumble upon
the secret wedding and, perhaps, ruin
the celebration. But, for whatever
reason, that never happened. There was
no leak and, to this day, no known
images of the wedding party that were
discovered by strangers.

Keeping this wedding a secret was,
ultimately, a wise choice. Having a wedding
blurrier would have certainly drawn
more attention to the event, but it
would have also made it easier for
vandals to get their hands on a
camera and catch the intimate
moment. But that’s how fan
theories begin, so it’s best to be
vigilant about who you share your
special day with. Especially since
this day is likely to be one of the
most prominent events of Barbara’s
life. As she said in an interview:

“I will remember this day for the
rest of my life. It will be a very,
very happy day for both of us.”

And it’s fair to say that she
deserved this day after all of the
hard work she put in. It took her
three years to plan and, eventually, she
crushed her velvet dress in a cardboard
box after the ceremony. She’s been
keeping it in storage ever since and
will, at some point, treat herself
to a new dress for the occasion. Why not?
Every woman deserves a good
dress once in a while.

What do you think? Will you be watching
the upcoming season of Married
with Children in 2021?