So you’ve spotted Rob Pattinson and you think he is absolutely gorgeous, don’t you? Well, it’s no wonder the pretty boy from Bruce Springsteen film, Springsteen on Broadway, has made so many beautiful women swoon. It seems he has plenty of admirers all over the world, which is fortunate for us guys, because if you’re looking for a wife for life, then it’s probably best to check out the single blessed men of this planet.

But what do you think of Rob Pattinson’s impersonation of painter and sculptor, Salvador Dali? Let’s take a look.

Overall Impression

While I generally try to avoid celebrity impersonations, I have to say that Rob Pattinson does a spectacular job portraying artistic genius, Salvador Dali. If you’ve seen the movie Salvador, you know exactly what sort of persona this is. It’s funny how even though the character is supposed to be an exact replica of Dali, they still manage to capture his quirky sense of humor and offbeat personality. The funny thing is, I don’t feel like I’ve actually seen this movie, yet I feel like I know everything about it. It’s only been about 10 days since I’ve seen it, perhaps because the media has hammered the movie so much, but I still haven’t gotten over it. I think I’ll probably watch it at least a couple more times.

Phenomenal Poses

If you’re really a fan of Salvador Dali, you’ll know exactly what to expect when watching this movie. The guy is a genius and he’s constantly coming up with new ideas to paint or sculpt, which is why his work is so unique. Watching Rob portray him is almost like reliving the life of this incredible artist. Every single pose that Salvador Dali does in this movie is completely unique and it’s easy to see why. While some of them may look quite easy, they all require a special sort of artistry that only comes with experience. It’s clear that Rob has been doing his homework and has had a lot of practice performing as this very unique individual.

Creative Vision

If Salvador Dali is an artist whose work you admire, then you’ll appreciate the vision Rob has brought to life in this movie. It’s funny how many people can’t see past the surface of things and don’t understand the true genius of art. For example, if you tell someone that Rob is playing the role of Salvador Dali, they’ll probably think of the movie’s main character, Edward Norton, rather than the actual painter. This sort of attitude is common when it comes to celebrities these days and it makes me wonder, can they ever truly be appreciated for their artistry? It would be great if people saw past the outside appearance of celebrities and really understood what they were capable of. Just like with most any other art form, it takes someone with talent and vision to be able to pull this sort of impersonation off. Without these two elements, creating the illusion that you’re looking at someone else is nearly impossible.

The Artistry

While I can’t say that I’m an expert in this area, I have to admit that I’ve had a pretty good amount of experience with impersonating various personalities and it’s always something that I consider carefully before I decide to do it. As previously mentioned, there’s a clear resemblance between the characters that Rob plays and the real-life people that they’re impersonating. One of the primary reasons that I agreed to do this was because I wanted to see how closely Rob could come up with an almost perfect impersonation of someone. While there are certainly some minor differences between the two (mostly in regards to height and weight), they’re quite noticeable once you really pay attention to them. In regards to this particular project, I have to say that being an impersonator is a very different ballgame from just acting. With acting, you have a pre-written script and you’re mostly following it as best you can. With impersonating, you have very little written down and you have to figure everything out as you go. It requires a very different kind of artistry and it also requires a lot of practice. As an impersonator, it is your job to make the person that you’re impersonating live in your head and be completely real. There’s also a whole other level of artistry that goes into it and it is something that you have to learn and develop yourself.

Overall, It’s An Amazing Impersonation

If you’re a fan of Salvador Dali, then this movie is for you. It’s an amazing representation of one of the greatest painters that ever lived and it’s something that I’m certainly proud to be a part of. While some people may accuse me of being too effusive, I’d like to think that I’ve done justice to one of the greatest creators of all time. This sort of thing truly does require a lot of talent and it’s great to see that Rob has managed to pull off this illusion convincingly. It’s funny how many people don’t understand what makes Salvador Dali such an incredible artist and how many people have that movie wrong. While some people might argue that it’s an insult to the real thing to impersonate him, I think that it’s actually a compliment. It means that the person who saw this movie thought that Rob was truly talented and had the creative vision that comes with making something out of nothing. In a way, it’s a compliment to the real thing to say that you thought that he was the best at what he does and you admire his unique style and vision. While it’s great to give credit where it’s due, it’s even more satisfying to see that you’ve managed to perfectly represent one of the greatest minds of all time. It takes talent and it takes practice, but in the end, it’s all worth it. Thanks for watching.