The highly anticipated remake of the classic 1970s series ‘90210’ finally has its premiere and what a premiere it was! While the original ‘90210’ was a groundbreaking show for its time, its unique blend of urban and suburban life in Los Angeles made it rather ahead of its time. Fortunately, this reboot, which stars Ne-Yo and Topher Grace as the city’s elite, Beverly Hills High School, has not suffered from archaic perspectives or a lack of innovation, but rather embraces them. It even takes the concept of an elite high school and turns it on its head, using the tropes of the original to comment on today’s social dynamics in Los Angeles.

The Relevance Of ‘90210’

When the remake of ‘90210’ was announced, the internet went wild guessing what the show would be about. Some guessed that the show would center around social media and online fame, while others thought that it would tackle climate change or gun control. Most of us knew that it would have something to do with high school; the question was really just what kind of high school it would be. Would it be a hales treatment of the elite students of Beverly Hills High, or would it be a more realistic portrayal of students at a typical California high school? Of course, now that it’s out, we can judge for ourselves.

Focus On The ‘Good’ Kids

One of the most refreshing aspects of ‘90210’ is how it does not stereotype or judge its characters by their socio-economic status. The characters live in a fictionalized version of Beverly Hills, but the show does not let this fact trip it up. Instead, it shows a variety of students, mostly from middle class and working class families, attending a variety of schools in Los Angeles. There are no wealthy kids in sight, but this makes the show all the more relatable. The only thing the characters have in common is that they’re all good kids; the only thing separating them is their educational journey, which takes them to different parts of Los Angeles.

A Show About Today, Not Back In The Day

Another positive aspect of the series is that it does not shy away from tackling contemporary issues. From the very first episode, the show brings up the topic of climate change, discussing the issue from a variety of perspectives. While the main characters are mostly focused on their studies, they also take the opportunity to talk about issues that they’re passionate about. For example, Matt, one of the main characters, begins the series by lamenting the fact that he won’t be able to go on a family camping trip this year because of the climate change. The scene, in which he vents his anger at the hypocrisy of the political class, is one of the most powerful in the series. It shows that even the characters that you’d assume would be more insulated from the harsh realities of the day-to-day lives of others are perfectly aware of and sensitive to what’s going on around them. It’s a theme that the show returns to regularly, using the events of recent real-world climate change, such as California’s wildfire season, as a jumping-off point for deeper explorations of the issue. This is a series that doesn’t shy away from speaking its mind and has something to say about nearly every single one of the issues that we’re facing today. It’s refreshing to see a drama series that doesn’t treat the events of recent years as a completely new phenomenon, but as part of an ongoing, ever-changing narrative.

An Opportunity To Learn More About The Suburbs

Finally, one of the most interesting things about the series is how it gives us a peek into a part of Los Angeles that we rarely see represented in media. The show gives us a fascinating look at the suburbs, where most of its episodes take place. While it’s been around for a while now, the ability to see suburban life through a cinematic lens never really left us and, thanks to the wonders of technology, we now have a plethora of tools to explore the topic, from first-person-shooter games, to walk-through maps, to detailed road atlases. The series really takes advantage of these new technologies and, as a result, gives us a fascinating glimpse of a side of Los Angeles that is usually only available to those that can actually live there. The show’s writers even go so far as to name a season episode after one of the most iconic suburban developments: McMansion Hell. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in the suburbs, which many of us have, then ‘90210’ is the show for you. It’s an opportunity to learn more about an area of Los Angeles that is usually seen only through the lens of a city park or a movie set.

There’s a lot to love about ‘90210’ and it’s a show that, as mentioned, we’ll be watching for a long time. Hopefully, we’ll see more series like this. After all, who doesn’t love a peek into the lives of the wealthy and famous? As always, these are just our opinions, but we can’t imagine that many other shows will be able to pull off this blend of urban and suburban life seamlessly. So, until the next time, farewell and Godspeed.