While some of us are still basking in the glow of the wedding bells, Hollywood’s most fashionable newlyweds have decided to call it a day after just two months of marriage. Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have decided to call time on their union as they announced on Monday that they are to separate. The couple, who tied the knot in a spectacular ceremony at London’s famed Westminster Abbey back in April, have decided to go their separate ways despite passionate public displays of love throughout their short-lived marriage. In a joint statement, the duo explained that while they had “learned a lot” from their relationship, they had also “discovered more about ourselves and our individual paths. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from each other to see what else is out there.”

Since their surprise engagement to the media in March last year, the couple have been headline writers’ and magazine covers’ most desired couple. From breaking off a marriage proposal on live television to tying the knot at one of the most iconic wedding venues in the world, their every move was chronicled by paparazzi and fans around the world. The newlyweds’ whirlwind romance was propelled by Pattinson’s status as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand leading men and Stewart’s exceptional beauty. The decision to call it quits came as a shock to followers who saw the couple as the ultimate power couple.

Forbes Magazine cruelly nicknamed them the “Kardashian-Wests” (a mash-up of the couple’s surnames) after they became the parents of a bouncing baby girl, Stormi Jane, in June. The child’s arrival served as a reprieve from Stewart’s career as a film actress as she stepped back from her busy schedule to take on motherhood. The couple’s joint statement suggested that they were both keen to put their careers on hold to focus on their relationship, which they referred to as a “passion project.” While they did not elaborate on the reasons for their split, both Rob and Kristen have previously stated that their union was not meant to be everlasting and that they had discussed the possibility of divorcing before tying the knot. While few people were willing to speak out against the on-screen power couple during their marriage, their decision to part ways comes as a relief to many who grew weary of their hectic schedules and publicity stunts. Despite their public displays of affection, there were whispers that the couple were rarely, if ever, happy in their marriage. “They both need attention, and they know that they can get it by being together. The attention feels good but it doesn’t necessarily feel good for them,” a source told The Sun in June.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the announcement of their separation was made just a day before tabloid newspapers publish the first issue of the summer season. Despite their best efforts to keep their relationship under wraps, the celebrity couple couldn’t avoid the prying eyes of the press and were heavily photographed together throughout the summer. The Sun newspaper published the couple’s engagement photos in its Sunday edition back in March 2018, and fans have been patiently waiting for the bride’s dress ever since. As the pressure to keep the wedding news under wraps built, Stewart and Rob turned to social media to share their excitement about their big day. The couple uploaded countless romantic Instagram photos from their wedding day and even threw a little peek-a-boo party for their followers on the social media platform. The party was attended by a host of A-list celebs including Emma, Will and Kate, while the couple’s bridal party were seen posing for a blissed-out photo session on the lawn of Windsor Castle. Following their wedding day, the newlyweds took to social media to share a series of sizzling hot photos from their luxurious honeymoon in Venice, Italy. Stewart is an active user of the social media platform and has over 740,000 followers, and it’s likely that many of these followers are disappointed that their “dream couple” have decided to part ways.

Why Did Rob & Kristen Break Up?

While some fans may be relieved that their favorite power couple has taken a break from each other, there are a number of reasons why Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart might have decided to call it a day. First off, the media circus that is their relationship makes life difficult for the parents of young baby Stormi who must keep their daughter safe from paparazzi and the press. It is not uncommon for celebrities’ children to suffer as a result of their parents’ careers, and it’s a cause that has been thrust into the public eye following the birth of Stormi. The pressure to keep the little girl’s identity secret was immense, and it led to several run-ins with the law as well as safety concerns for Stormi and her parents. In the joint statement, the couple cited these legal and safety worries as reasons for their separation, and it appears that they wish to continue to raise Stormi as a single parent. “The thought of being away from her for even a moment is terrifying. I love being her dad and being able to protect her from harm. For now, she needs me at home where I can look after her.” The statement went on to suggest that Stewart will continue to focus on her role as a mother, as well as her duties as the new Duchess of Cambridge, and that she expects Pattinson to do the same. “It’s important that she knows how much her parents love her and how much they want to be there for her, and I hope that she knows that if she needs us, we’re both available.”

Another source claims that Stewart wants to be a full-time mother and that she fears that becoming a celebrity in her own right will distract from her parental responsibilities. “She wants to be the best possible mum she can be, and she doesn’t think that being able to be there for her daughter 24/7 will happen if she is always working. So she and Rob are taking a break and trying to figure out what is best for Stormi,” the source added.

While Stewart’s mother, Diana, has always been vocal about her disappointment at the way her daughter’s life has panned out, Kate Middleton has been highly supportive of her sibling-in-law and former roommate. The Duchess of Cambridge even spoke at length about her niece and said that she was “thrilled” that Stormi will get to grow up in a world where women are empowered. “I’m so happy for her and Rob. I’ve always been in awe of him and proud to be related to such an incredible man. Watching the couple’s wedding was such a joy. They are both incredible individuals who deserve to be happy.”

While it’s easy to understand why Stewart and Pattinson would want to take a break from each other, the decision to call it quits comes as a real shock to their legions of fans who watched in awe as the very public couple’s romance blossomed. Despite their best efforts to keep their romance under wraps, the couple couldn’t avoid the prying eyes of the press who hovered over every aspect of their glamorous lives and relentlessly photographed every milestone of their two-month engagement. The sheer volume of press coverage alone suggests that Stewart and Pattinson’s romance saw by far the most attention and publicity of any celebrity union in recent memory. While few people were willing to speak out against the on-screen power couple during their marriage, their decision to part ways comes as a relief to many who grew weary of their hectic schedules and public displays of affection.

What Is The Future Of The “Kardashian-West” Story?

While we’re likely to see the story of the “Kardashian-West” take many twists and turns over the next few months, one thing is for sure – their story will never be the same again. Since their high-profile union, fans have sought them out, hoping to catch a glimpse of their glamorous lives or hear of any juicy details about their courtship and the days leading up to their wedding day. While this may be difficult as their schedules are now packed with baby Stormi’s needs as well as engagements with prominent members of the public, it certainly won’t be easy to avoid the media spotlight entirely.

The couple have hinted at their breakup numerous times over the past two months, and while much of this was done to protect their daughter from the media, their public displays of affection have also been a significant factor. One of the reasons behind the split is safety concerns as well as legal worries stemming from Stormi’s birth. This is undoubtedly a difficult time for the little girl whose very existence threatens to ruin her parents’ highly paid jobs in the public eye. The pressure to keep Stormi’s identity secret has been immense, and it has led to several run-ins with the law as well as safety concerns for little Stormi and her parents.