Rob and Kristen Stewart have just completed their first year of marriage, taking a break from their busy schedules to focus on each other and their new blended family. The newlywed couple began their journey as a couple in December 2013, when they tied the knot in an intimate sunset celebration at their Los Angeles home. Since then, they’ve been busy settling into married life together, sharing their love for each other with the world through a combination of sweet Instagram posts, passionate speeches, and passionate make-out sessions. And while their fans are eagerly awaiting the next step in their relationship – and it seems like they have plenty to look forward to with Rob’s new film Violet Evergarden premiering this winter – the couple themselves are already looking ahead to a fresh new year of adventures and projects together.

Rob on Set of Pattinson’s New Film

While we wait for their next step, it’s worth taking a trip back in time to see what role their beautiful wedding played in the couple’s early days together. Back in May 2014, just over a month after their nuptials, Rob arrived on set of the drama Far from Home, starring Jennifer Hudson and Tom Hanks. The film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by David Baldacci, and follows a Secret Service agent (Hudson) who must protect the president (Hanks) from being assassinated as he travels around the country.

The actor couldn’t keep quiet about his newfound marriage and blended family, and the image of the happy couple with their young son, Beckett, was enough to tug at the heartstrings of anyone who saw it. In one of the film’s many emotional scenes, Tom Hanks turns to Hudson and says, ‘I think this is the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended. Thank you for making me part of it.’ For her part, Hudson says, ‘Yes, exactly! This is such a happy day. Thank you for being here.’

Kristen On Set of The Grand Budapest Hotel

It wouldn’t be fair to leave out Stewart’s recent work, as the actress has been extremely busy during this time as well. In addition to her marriage to Rob, Kristen has been keeping busy promoting her upcoming film The Grand Budapest Hotel as well as appearing on stage in a play that’s currently running in London’s West End.

The actress has made several return appearances to Instagram to share snaps of her travels with Rob, including a touching photo taken at the couple’s first wedding anniversary celebration in Paris. In the caption for that shot, Kristen wrote, ‘Happy Anniversary to my husband @robertpattinson and me. We love you and are so proud of you. God bless you both.’

Another photo that caught our eye is one that Kristen posted in March, showing off her brand new wedding ring. The actress looked radiant as she posed in her stunning white dress, and her fans couldn’t help but praise her for choosing such a luxurious dress and for making the most of it on her big day. In the caption for that photo, Kristen revealed, ‘On my wedding day I wanted to feel like a princess. I wanted elegance and luxury. So rather than go for the usual choice – white, off-white or ivory – I chose to go with white pearl. I’m so happy with my choice and feel like a real princess.’

Stewart’s Play On Broadway

On the subject of weddings and royalty, it’s worth nothing that Stewart’s latest play, Victoria & Albert, is currently running on Broadway. The two-act play explores the relationship between Queen Victoria (portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter) and her son, King Albert (portrayed by Michael Pennington), who was born and raised in England but spent most of his life in Canada. The play also stars Emilia Fox as Princess Louise, the Queen’s eldest daughter, and Stanley Tucci as Prince Albert’s close friend and advisor, Lord Mountbatten.

From a celebrity family to a famous marriage, Rob and Kristen’s story has been covered extensively by the press since their engagement in 2013. And although the pair are undoubtedly happy, it’s clear that they also have their fair share of ups and downs when it comes to their relationship. But what do the future hold for this celebrity wedding couple? Will they continue to shine as brightly as they do now, or will their fairytale story end in tragedy? We’d love to know what you think, so please feel free to leave us a comment below!