If there is one name we can all associate with a beautiful woman, it’s Rob Pattinson. The ginger bombshell has been seen with some of the most famous faces in the world and has maintained a very low profile even when dating. The odd thing is she’s never really done much in the way of public appearances. She rarely shows her face and even when she does, it’s usually behind a very large lens. So who is Rob’s gorgeous new girlfriend and does she deserve a spot on the famous dating site’s main roster? Let’s take a closer look.

Rob Goes On A Date

The 27-year-old former model finally broke her silence in February 2016 when she attended the Baftas film award in London, England. She seemed surprisingly at ease walking the red carpet and posed for some beautiful photos. She made headlines again in March when she attended a children’s fundraiser in Los Angeles, California with her sons, Bodhi and Rocket. Her mother, Shirlie, attended the event with her too. This was the first time the stunning young mother had stepped out since the beginning of the year. Naturally, all eyes were on the two of them as they walked the red carpet together. Their date was rumored to be for Rob’s 32nd birthday, which was later that month.

Rob And Taylor Might Finally Be Getting Along

While Taylor and Rob have always had an icy relationship, it seems as though they’re finally starting to thaw. The A List dating guru spotted the couple together during New York Fashion Week in September 2016 and later that month, they were seen dining at a trendy London restaurant. After decades of hiding their relationship from the public, it seems that Taylor has finally decided to speak up and be honest about her feelings. She even went on a date with her best friend, Kelly Brook, in December 2016.

Are They An Item Or Just Friends?

So is Taylor his new girlfriend? The answer depends on how you define ‘girlfriend’. If you define it as someone you’re dating, then no – they’re just friends. But if you define it as someone you’re with in a romantic way, then yes, they’re an item. They were recently spotted holding hands and looking incredibly cozy together during a dinner date in Los Angeles. They also attended a glamorous Halloween party in London in October 2016 where guests were treated to a performance by legendary English singer and songwriter, Elton John. The following month saw them dining at another fancy restaurant in London. So it seems that Taylor may have finally decided to make her feelings known and accepted Rob’s proposal of marriage in January 2017.

Where Do They Like To Eat?

If you’re curious about where Rob and Taylor like to dine, then you need to check out their Instagram. The restaurant review account @restaurantrob has amassed a huge following of fans who patiently await his and Tay’s next excursion. Their top choices appear to be trendy London eateries including My Old Friend’s Café in Campden Hill, Billington’s and L’Orangerie. They also love to dine at restaurants where the food is creative and different – like Amba in New York City, The Fat Lamb in Los Angeles and The Ivy in London. They haven’t been spotted at many Los Angeles cafés, but they did visit Philippe Starck’s bar, The Abrajo, in the city once the furniture designer closed his restaurant, Gucci Garden.

How Old Is She?

Taylor’s age, like many other beauty phenomena, is a subject of much speculation. When she was 24, she was touted to be one of the most beautiful women alive. Since then, her looks have taken a hit with age. Despite her enviable genes (her mom is legendary model Shannon Cole) and the benefits of good genes and nutrition, she’s now entering the realm of middle age. As she gets closer to her late 30’s, her looks start to seriously decline. She went on the cover of a British Vogue special edition in 2014, but her then-25-year-old appearance seemed almost a decade younger.

If you’d like to know how old Taylor is, then you need to look no further. As she aged her facial features started to lose their glow and she began to look more like a regular person. Luckily for us, she still possesses that timeless beauty that began when she was 24. So while she’s not as stunning as she was in her late teens and early twenties, she’s still very attractive.

Does This Mean A Wedding For Rob And Taylor?

We can’t help but wonder if this sudden interest in marriage is a result of their parent’s successful union. When the pair were younger, they had to be careful about the company they kept. Their parents’ divorce in 1996 was highly public and resulted in Taylor being brought up by her adored mother and grandmother. They were still incredibly protective of her, and it wasn’t until she was 18 that she began to date. In the years that followed, she became more independent. However, even after her grandparents’ death in 2011, she continued to be protective of her mom. She didn’t want to lose her mother too – despite the fact that they’re so different in personality.

While some of their generation have chosen to remain childless, Taylor and Rob have chosen to have two sons, Bodhi, 5, and Rocket, 3. It’s not yet known if they plan to have any more children – something that could potentially spark feuds between the brothers. But if Bodhi and Rocket are any indication, then it seems that Taylor and Rob will continue to have precious little ones to protect and love.