It’s no secret that gin is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages globally. Thanks to its reputation as a vibrant mixer, there are countless opportunities for bartenders, mixologists and home enthusiasts to experiment with gin and create their own innovative cocktails.

There are hundreds of varieties of gin, all of which are produced using different botanicals. Some gins are clearly better suited to certain cocktails than others. For example, Juniper Berry gin is great for making martini and gin fizzes, but it’s often underwhelming in a gin and tonic. This is mainly due to the neutral flavor of juniper berries.

There are dozens of other gins produced using various fruit and spice infusions. These are known as ‘small-batch’ gins and can be extremely expensive to produce. Aside from their cost, these infusions can also be difficult to source, especially if you are looking for specific ingredients. That is why you should always try to find the quintessential gin, which is uninfluenced by artificial ingredients or flavorings.

One of the most popular and quintessential gins is Richard Pattinson’s Finest Blend. If you Google ‘richard pattinson,’ you’ll find a lot of information about the brand, including a list of all the varieties of gin they produce. Below, we’ll discuss the reasons why this particular gin deserves a spot on your list.

The History Of Richard Pattinson

The history of Richard Pattinson dates back to 1778, when the family-owned business was founded in London. It was originally a grain and spice trading firm, which started selling gin at the same time. Back then, people believed that gin was “designed to make men merry and to keep them in good health,” as the company asserts on their website.

In 1879, Richard Pattinson’s grandfather, also named Richard, started producing a gin using a new botanical he’d learned about – absinthe. Absinthe is a green liquor that is traditionally made with juniper berries. It is often associated with the French poet Arthur Rimbaud, who is often quoted as saying, “Absinthe makes you a poet!” Sadly, the great ‘grandfather’ Richard passed away in 1890, and his grandson took over the firm. It was at this point that the company started focusing on quality over quantity, which is evident in their slogan: “It takes 10 years to make a good gin.”

In 1924, Richard Pattinson added a new twist to their product lineup and started producing vodka. They called it ‘Super Vodka’ and it was available in various delicious flavors, like strawberry, raspberry and kiwi. It was a big hit, and the brand continues to grow their vodka line today, adding more options like peach and blackcurrant. The majority of their production is also exported to Japan and other Asian countries, like China and Malaysia.

The Taste Of Finest Blend

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this gin, let’s take a quick taste test to see if you can identify the four main ingredients. (Hint: Click on the image below to enlarge it.)

The first thing you’ll notice about Richard Pattinson Finest Blend is the nutty flavor of the brown sugar. Next, the taste of the cucumber is slightly sour and a little fresh, while the juniper berry and the aniseed give it a slight pine taste. Finally, a hint of lemon balm can be detected in the background.

This is a pure and simple gin with very limited flavorings. It is a combination of mostly fresh produce, which gives it a zingy flavor. However, the absence of any artificial or refined sugar means that it does not have that overly sweet taste that is often associated with cheap gins.

The Perfect Serve

The key to perfect martinis, negronis and other cocktails is fresh ingredients. This is why you should always look for artisanal gins that you can find at your local market or gin distillery. (Incidentally, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should try Plymouth Gin, which is an English gin produced using traditional methods. It’s a great drink all around the world — but especially in the UK. If you Google ‘plymouth gin,’ you’ll find a lot of information about the history of the company and the various flavors they produce. It’s guaranteed to give your drinks that extra flavor!

If you want to avoid artificial flavors, you can always make your own at home, using fresh ingredients. All you need is a vegetable peeler, a few citrus fruits, some herbs and spices. It won’t take you long to make a jugful of fresh lemon juice – and you’ll appreciate the convenience when making drinks for your friends.

Keep On Mixing

If you are a bartender or a home enthusiast who enjoys experimenting with cocktails, you can always find hundreds of different recipes online. Try making some of your favorite drinks with gin and see how it changes the taste. If you are looking for inspiration, you can always Google ‘gin recipes’ and find endless inspiration. Some of the more popular and innovative cocktails you’ll find are:

  • Kiwi And Banana Cream Pie (Makes 1 drink)
  • Blackberry And Apple Martini (Makes 1 drink)
  • Chilled Corn And Summer Squash Soup (Makes 1 drink)
  • Bourbon-Swirled Coffee (Makes 1 drink)
  • Raspberry And Pear Daiquiri (Makes 1 drink)

There are so many different varieties of gin out there. We hope we were able to convince you to try a new spirit and that this article will help you find the perfect recipe for your next drink. If you liked this article, you might also like these related articles:

Craft Cocktails Are On the Rise

Cocktails have always been around, but they rarely received the same attention as other types of alcoholic drinks. That is why, historically, cocktails haven’t been as popular as other alcoholic beverages. However, that is starting to change. People are realizing the importance of mixers and fresh ingredients in making delicious and vibrant cocktails. This has led to a rise in craft cocktails, as people are experimenting with new and innovative recipes to create unique tastes.

Some of the more prominent craft cocktail brands are Absinthe, Bluejacket, Death Wish Coffee, Dragonmead, Four Roses and Wild Card. If you live in the UK, you can find a lot of information about craft cocktails and the various ingredients and methods used to make them. If you Google ‘craft cocktails uk,’ you’ll find a lot of information about the subject, including a list of all the varieties of gin they produce.

These are all quality products that are well-made and relatively inexpensive. If you like experimenting with new recipes and searching for the best value, you can’t go wrong.