There is still some intrigue surrounding the breakup of the once-fated-to-be-together couple, Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry. Since their split was made public in March this year, they’ve been spotted out and about together a few times. What is most interesting is that they have rarely, if ever, been found without a camera crew in tow. The first photo evidence of their rekindled romance emerged in May, when they were spotted holding hands while having dinner in Los Angeles. Since then, they’ve been spotted out and about several times, always with a camera crew in tow. These sightings feed the public’s fascination with this celebrity power couple, who graced the covers of numerous magazines and newspapers around the world. The interest in their story is undeniable, and their intimate photos have caused many fans to speculate about their future together.

What is the mystery behind their frequent public appearances? Is this just a public relations exercise for both parties to save face or is there something more to these sightings? Perhaps a little of both. It is known that Robert Pattinson was particularly upset about the break-up of his marriage to high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Taylor. The two had an intimate wedding ceremony in front of hundreds of guests in January 2008, but their relationship had many rough spots, which only increased as their fame grew. A source close to the couple told us, “They had a very difficult time getting along. They would fight over silly things. Like what type of music to listen to or what way to fold a napkin. It was horrible. Finally, they just decided to call it quits.”

While their marriage was certainly not Hollywood’s most glamorously scripted event, it nevertheless brought the media’s spotlight to bear on their relationship. It was the subject of several glowing newspaper articles and even a book, Love Letters From Elizabeth Taylor to Robert Pattinson. These publications helped legitimize their romance and gave their celebrity couple status for the first time. People began to take notice of their interactions and battles, which often saw them in the media’s glare.

Newfound Adoration

Now that their romance is back on the radar, it is being fawned over by the media. Newspapers around the world are heralding their reconciliation. As one might imagine, this has resulted in a flood of new fans for both individuals. The adoration and the interest in their lives is most apparent in their latest public appearances. On May 24, a few days after their reunion was announced, they were both photographed outside Los Angeles International Airport holding hands. It was a tender moment between the two as they said goodbye to fans who had traveled across the country to see them. They also shared a kiss on the red carpet during the premiere of their new film, “Water for Elephants,” which they co-starred in together.

During an interview with the press in June, they confirmed that they have indeed worked through their differences. “We’re actually very happy together,” said Katy. “It’s like a fairy tale. It’s the most romantic story ever.”

More Frequent Appearances

Despite their media blitz, it appears that the couple has decided to keep their relationship under the radar once again. They have been spotted more frequently together in recent weeks, often with a camera crew in tow. On June 10, they were seen holding hands while disembarking from a flight at Los Angeles International Airport. When a reporter for E! News asked if they had made any romantic plans, they demurred.

“It’s very private,” Robert said. “We just want to keep it between us for now.”

A few days after that statement, they were both photographed together at the premiere of CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” While they didn’t make any public comments about their reconciliation during the festivities, they certainly didn’t act like enemies, either.

Despite these positive developments, their romance remains somewhat of a mystery to this day. While their intentions seem genuine, they have very little in the way of a public profile, which has resulted in some fans wondering if this is all just a cynical publicity stunt.

Romantic Ambitions?

Many will recall that when the couple broke up in 2013, they both expressed their desire to settle down and start a family. While it is great to see them back together, it is worth pointing out that they have both achieved more public acclaim and a higher personal profile since then. This could suggest that their desire to start a family is no longer as pressing as it was during the early stages of their relationship.

Even their fans are likely to question whether this is just a publicity stunt. After all, there are certainly enough photographs of the two of them holding hands for people to conclude that they are not shy about promoting their relationship. Perhaps they are simply too busy to give this aspect of their lives the attention and focus it deserves. Whatever the reason, this level of interest in their personal lives is certainly not something they need to establish themselves in the public eye. That would serve no commercial or public relations purpose. They have already established themselves as a hot couple who are more than willing to promote each other’s careers. It would seem that the most genuine sentiment here is simply that they are happy to be together and that this rekindled romance is a sweet blessing for both of them.