Since the beginning of June, the world has been abuzz with news about the couple Robert Pattinson and Emilie (formerly known as Emily) Brown. First came the engagement rumours, and then the announcement that the couple were expecting a baby. However, now that the babymoon is over, what will happen to the famous ‘Pattinson family’?’

Here, we take a look back at the most memorable moments from the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Emilie. We also analyse what is next for Brown and Pattinson.

A Rumour-Free Zone

The news that the ‘BFFs’ were set to tie the knot did not contain a single detail about the nature of their relationship. There was no indication about whether the ‘affair’ that rocked London in 2016 was repeated on more than one occasion. On one hand, this suggests that the news was a real ‘shock’ and ‘bombshell’ that caught the public by surprise. On the other hand, it could mean that the media were simply trying to find as much ‘sensational’ content as they could for their readers.

Regardless of the reason, the rumour-free zone that followed can be attributed to the discretion of the celebrity press.

Robert Pattinson & Emily Brown: Babymoon

In the weeks and days that followed, the couple’s ‘silence’ was used as a marketing tool. Rumours about their engagement circulated in the media, with several prominent publications putting the story on their front and side pages. For their part, the couple maintained an extremely low profile, declining to comment and keeping details about their private life under lock and key.

However, on the morning of 19 June, the couple put a stop to the speculation. Driving off to work together, they were spotted in London, waving to the crowds and looking very much like a ‘real life’ version of the ‘Honeymooners’.

The following day, the couple confirmed the rumours, announcing their engagement and their plan to wed in the autumn. The engagement was met with an ecstatic reaction from their fans, with some going as far as to propose or propose to the couple themselves. For his part, Robert Pattinson seems keen to avoid any more ‘romantic’ stories for as long as possible, joking that he has a girlfriend and is not looking to make a permanent addition to his family.

Pattinson & Emily Brown: The Birth-Free Zone

Since the start of June, the world’s media have been struggling to get any kind of ‘exclusive’ on the birth of the couple’s son. On the one hand, this makes sense: the boy is the couple’s first child, and parents usually want to keep their newborn son’s first moments of life to themselves. On the other hand, this is a challenge for the media, who have to find creative ways to work around the couple’s tight-lipped approach. The only real break the press have gotten so far was when Pattinson posted a picture of the baby on his Instagram account; however, for the most part, the little one has remained hidden from public view.

An ‘Under The Weather’ Appearance

In the run-up to the premiere of his latest film, Pattinson went to great lengths to avoid the media. The actor was quiet about the project, which is set in London, telling journalists that he needed a break from the media. However, this approach backfired spectacularly. The day before the film’s premiere, Pattinson broke his silence, giving a brief interview and showing up at the premiere looking radiant. The following day, he was interviewed yet again, and the pattern continued. Each time he was interviewed, the actor appeared to be in higher spirits than before, which is probably why the media kept talking to him.

Despite his best efforts, the good vibes apparently did not last. In the weeks that followed, the actor spiraled down again, with some reporting that he was feeling “under the weather”. This was later attributed to the stress and strain of filming and promoting the movie, Unexpected.

‘Eco’ Fashion

This year has seen a number of fashion-related developments that have been influenced by, or have impacted, the environment. As well as being a key source of energy, water is also essential for the growing of food. One recent example of this trend is ‘eco’ fashion, which seeks to reduce its environmental impact by using materials that regenerate rather than deplete. This includes using recycled fabrics and materials in the manufacture of clothing as well as choosing energy-efficient and sustainable forms of transport.

In line with this philosophy, Robert Pattinson has favoured ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’ fashion choices throughout his adult life. This is most notably seen in the way he dresses. While most men choose to wear blue jeans and a plain T-shirt to work, Pattinson often opts for more unusual clothing choices such as floral print shirts and tie-waist dresses.

Is This It For Robert Pattinson?

With each new decade, it is becoming increasingly clear that the fashion industry is changing. Not only has social media created an entirely new landscape from which to draw inspiration, but even big brands have started to realise the impact they each have on the environment.

The combination of these two factors has led to a sea change in style, with clothing becoming less of a status symbol than it used to be and more of a practical choice. This is undoubtedly good news for the environment. However, it can be bad news for the fashion industry, which is why it is essential to keep an eye on the status of the celebrity client. Will Robert Pattinson remain a one-hit wonder, or will he go on to become as influential as his on-screen persona makes him out to be? Only time will tell.