Since their on-again, off-again, mostly on-again romance surfaced in the media last year, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been bombarded with interview questions about their private life. The media scrutiny has been intense, but their dedicated followers have plenty of juicy tidbits to keep them excited about their favorite stars’ relationship. Here’s a round-up of what we know so far.

A Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are no longer taboo, and thanks to cell phones and good ol’ email, the world is a small place. It’s allowed for the two romantic leads to keep in touch with each other even though they’re not in the same city. The on-again, off-again nature of their romance made it especially convenient for them to continue their relationship this way. They’ve been spotted holding hands and acting affectionate towards each other during various events and interviews. A photo of them cuddling up was even published in a magazine last November.

A Self-Realizing Relationship

The media attention has helped bring attention to the often-overlooked fact that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a truly unique couple. They’ve managed to keep their relationship fresh and interesting by constantly reinventing the way they do things. It started with them moving in together when Stewart was filming the sequel to last year’s hugely successful film, On the Road. For Robert Pattinson, this was a chance to realize his lifelong dream of being involved in a serious relationship with a woman he loved. It was a new experience for both of them, and they made the most of it by acting out several roles together. They dubbed themselves “The Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Variety/Theater Unit,” and the name probably doesn’t lie. Whether they’re playing pranks on each other or simply acting out scenes from their favorite films, it’s always been a creative and innovative partnership.

Creative Collaborations

There are several examples of the creative collaborations that have come out of their on-again, off-again relationship. One of the first big attractions was the release of their collection of short film collaborations, Where Will You Spend Your Winter Vacation? The collection was put together from footage they shot for friends and family over the course of a year. The effort brought them more attention than any of their solo projects, leading to lucrative movie option deals and sponsorship opportunities. The shorts in the collection feature cameos from established directors, including Taika Waititi, whose Two Seasons was voted #2 on IMDb’s 2020 Top 10 Films list. The film follows two strangers thrown together by circumstance, with Waititi’s input clearly visible in the final cut. He directed one of the videos, while another was co-directed by Stewart’s father, David. Their creative collaborations have continued since the collection, with Robert Pattinson appearing in several shorts alongside established directors and stars. One of the latest shorts, for example, stars Emily Blunt and Felicity Jones and was directed by Richard Linklater. In another, directed by J.J. Abrams, he plays a version of himself who teams up with Meryl Streep to stop a cult from massacring a family.

A Modern Rom-Com

It’s no secret that rom-coms were in poor taste during the height of the pandemic, but that didn’t stop audiences from flocking to see them. The two leads of TwosomeZeros were able to leverage their newfound fame to revive the genre with a contemporary spin. The movie follows a wealthy New York City socialite (Stewart) and a young Broadway actress (Pattinson) who team up to solve her latest romantic dilemma. Critics lauded the film for its refreshing take on an old-school genre and for its star-studded cast. The film was recently selected to be screened at the upcoming Sydney Film Festival. The romantic comedy is filled with all of the modern twists and turns that the pandemic didn’t kill off. It’s no wonder why audiences were drawn to it.

A Family-Friendly Holiday

It’s fair to say that if the pandemic didn’t get in the way, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s next project together might not have been possible. The stars were set to reunite for a Christmas musical, The House of Gucci, but the production was shut down once the pandemic began. It wasn’t totally shut down – the show’s creative director, Michael Pugliese, kept the lights on and the doors open – but the actors had to keep separate and the dancers had to keep apart. This wouldn’t have been such a problem if it weren’t for the fact that the leads have a young child together. A month after the tragedy of Covid-19 struck, the child’s family and friends marked the anniversary of his birth by performing a private concert for the family and a select group of friends. It was a beautiful way to celebrate life, and it allowed for Pattinson and Stewart to continue working together while maintaining some semblance of a social distance. Their collaboration has continued since, albeit from a distance, and they’ve remained committed to the family unit. Their upcoming project, Birds of Prey, is said to be a comic-book adaptation that will appeal to both of their respective fan bases. It also marks the return of Cathy Yan to the big screen, following her impressive debut with 2019’s breakout hit, Shadow.

A Growing PDA Brigade

There are many reasons why the public’s interest in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship spiked last year. The media attention surrounding their off-again, on-again romance provided continuous publicity that made fans interested in whatever news related to them. Coupled with the production of their movie, Where Will You Spend Your Winter Vacation?, the interest in the Robsten couple was at an all-time high. Since then, they’ve continually added to their PDA (Public Display of Affection) brigade.

After making their relationship public last year, the pair have been photographed holding hands and sharing loving glances at events like the 2021 Golden Globes and the 20th Century Fox fan gathering, Fan Appreciation Day. Stewart has also been seen showering Pattinson with kisses and affectionate touches during interviews and public appearances. Several celebrities have even taken to Twitter to show their support for the on-again, off-again couple, with Alyssa Milch noting that Stewart has always been there for the paparazzi during their relationship. The trend has clearly continued this year, with several high-profile events in LA, Vancouver, and Paris marking notable examples.