Who doesn’t love a good fantasy movie? Ever since Disney introduced us to Aladdin and his friends, we have been waiting for the chance to jump into the storybook world of make-believe and have a grand adventure. With the upcoming live-action adaptation of CATS on the way, it’s the perfect time to revisit The Best Recent Movies with Robert Pattinson. This article will highlight 6 fantasy movies that deserve a second look and hopefully a third. So sit back, relax, and let’s get into it.

Beauty and the Beast

There’s no question that Disney’s 1991 masterpiece Beauty and the Beast is one of the best-loved films of all time. With its sweeping score, sumptuous cinematography, and captivating characters, it remains a firm fixture on any pop culture enthusiast’s hit list. The Best Recent Movies with Robert Pattinson spotlights 6 amazing things about this spectacular film. First off, let’s talk about the music! Like many great movies in the Disney canon, Beauty and the Beast features a stunning musical performance by one of Disney’s most renowned ensembles. The soundtrack was so popular that it was reissued in 2014 as part of the studio’s 70th anniversary celebration. Next, let’s discuss the stunning visuals! Director Gary Trousdale achieved a level of technical proficiency that was unprecedented in Disney history. During the making of Beauty and the Beast, Trousdale collaborated with Production Designer Joe Alsino and Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Goldberg to achieve unprecedented detail and vibrancy. Additionally, the animators took great care to ensure that the movie’s characters and scenes had a 3D look. The Best Recent Movies with Robert Pattinson mentions all of these details in a glowing review, so make sure to check it out. Lastly, let’s discuss the acting! All of the performances are memorable, but it’s undeniable that Kevin McNally and Dana Delany’s work as Prince Eric and Anna deserve special attention. Between them, these two stars delivered one of the finest duets in movie history, laying the foundation for what would become their iconic on-screen partnership. If you’ve never seen or heard of Dana Delany before, now would be the perfect opportunity to rectify that oversight. She’s the mother hen of all birds, if you will. And Kevin McNally is the man behind Prince Eric’s charming facade. He perfectly portrays the dashing prince, combining an air of mystery with a hint of danger. While they are probably best known for their Oscar-nominated performance as the titular couple in the 1982 film Poltergeist, they have been acting for longer than most people have been alive. Check out their full filmography if you want to see more depth than most people can offer.

La La Land

While Beauty and the Beast was the king of the winter season, it was arguably the newcomer La La Land that stole the show this year. The Best Recent Movies with Robert Pattinson applauds this coming-of-age tale for celebrating the magic of cinema through song and dance. The 2016 film swept the Awards season, bagging four Academy Awards including Best Picture. Before the movie even came out, people were comparing it to Singularity and Sunset Boulevard in terms of its narrative structure and themes. If you’ve never seen a movie by the legendary Francis Coppola, then now’s the perfect opportunity to remedy that oversight as well. Coppola not only directed, but also produced and wrote the screenplay for this modern masterpiece. It won’t disappoint! While Coppola’s earlier work had a more realistic approach to its characters and settings, more recent movies have embraced the fantastic almost as a matter of course, so much so that we were all but lulled into a dreamlike state throughout the entirety of La La Land. With its multiple Academy Award nominations, it’s clear that Coppola still considers this his magnum opus. Here’s a good opportunity for you to see that too if you haven’t already.

The Mummy

Another movie that didn’t get the attention it deserved was The Mummy. This remake of the 2009 British horror movie starred Tom Cruise and became the highest-grossing movie of both stars’ careers. The movie did receive some critical acclaim, but it wasn’t enough to dissuade audiences from wanting more. This being said, it’s a completely unnecessary update that doesn’t do justice to either the book or the original film. Additionally, the movie heavily relies on CG effects and jumps randomly between time periods, which is both confusing and slightly irritating. If you’ve never seen or heard of the British horror film Matilda, then this is the perfect opportunity to remedy that oversight. Directed by Anne Fletcher, Matilda stars a then-unknown Helena Bonham Carter and marks the acting debut of Fletcher’s daughter Kate. In terms of pure entertainment value, Matilda is still one of the best British horror movies of all time, and now it’s available on DVD.


Speaking of overdue attention, Spectre might just be the film that finally woke the world up to the charms of Daniel Craig’s Mr. Bond. After the underwhelming performance of Craig’s predecessor and friend, Dame Judy Dench, people had almost written off the 007 film series. While Craig’s portrayal of Bond is to be lauded, it certainly isn’t without its criticisms. One of the main complaints is that this iteration of Bond is too charming and likeable, making the film a tad sentimental. Furthermore, Spectre is an extremely conventional Bond movie, featuring a mostly linear narrative full of tropes and clichés. While there’s no denying that Daniel Craig is one of the greatest action heros of our time, as well as one of the most versatile actors working today, it’s probably best not to judge a book by its cover. It will still be interesting to see how Spectre holds up in 20 years when compared to other James Bond films.

The Legend of Tarzan

Speaking of books that deserve a comeback, The Legend of Tarzan is a retelling of the Lord of the Jungle’s early adventures from the perspective of his intelligent ape friend, Tarzan. While the movie didn’t light up the box office, it did earn a loyal following, leading to a trilogy of sequels. With its incredible special effects and elaborate costuming, The Legend of Tarzan is still one of the most beautiful and memorable films of the 20th century. Unfortunately, not many people have heard of or seen this movie. If you’ve never heard of Tarzan or his adventures, then this is the perfect opportunity to remedy that oversight. Like many of the other films discussed so far, The Legend of Tarzan suffers from a lack of originality, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad film. On the contrary, it’s a fantastic movie that deserves to be seen by more people. Even if you’ve never heard of the classic Tarzan, you should still give it a try. Besides, with Johnny Depp as Tarzan and Christoph Waltz as the captor Mr. Vernon, it’s sure to be an entertaining ride.


Speaking of memorable performances, let’s not forget about the feline stars of 2017’s Cats. From the very beginning, it was evident that director Tom Hooper had a different vision in mind when it came to this adaptation of T. S. Eliots classic novel. The Best Recent Movies with Robert Pattinson mentions several of the movie’s highlights, including some great scenes of pure mayhem. It’s an over-the-top portrayal of a semi-feline cast of characters that fully exploits the medium’s capacity for comedy. While these cats may be smaller than the average person, this is the perfect opportunity to witness the size of these creatures in comparison to other films’ protagonists.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Speaking of memorable scenes of pure mayhem, 2017’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story gives us some brilliant action sequences that are more entertaining than most big-budget films. It’s no coincidence that all of this fun comes from a scene-stealing performance by Felicity Jones, who plays the lead role of Jyn Erso. Jones’ portrayal of the resourceful and determined heroine has already garnered her critical acclaim and a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress. While Rogue One definitely has its faults, it’s safe to say that none of them can hold a candle to Jones’ performance. If you’ve never seen or heard of the Star Wars saga, then now’s the perfect opportunity to remedy that oversight and enjoy the story of Rogue One. It may not boast the best special effects, but what it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in entertainment value.