Both Robert Pattinson and Donald Trump are icons among their fan bases.

The English rose has been swooning over Trum’s wealth of tweets since the businessman became the 45th President of the USA. And the celebrity biker has been a big fan of Pattinson’s work in indie film, especially since the actor took a dirtbag-y approach to an A-list role in 2013’s&nb

So when Pattinson was asked about Trump during a recent interview, the actor had plenty to say. In fact, he went on to explain to Rolling Stone that he saw similarities between the brash billionaire and himself, especially as it related to fame. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Does Trump’s Hairdo Have To Do With Robert Pattinson’s Career?

As we’ve established, Robert Pattinson is a big fan of Donald Trump. And it’s not hard to see why, as the 45th president has had quite the effect on Hollywood, particularly the celebrity hairdressers who work on A-list movie stars. In fact, the English rose has a couple of wigs in his closet that he swears by. One of which is his Donald Trump do. He wore it on the set of the 2016 biopic Birds of Prey, and he’s been rocking it ever since.

And while we’ve seen plenty of celebrities make a fashion statement by sporting the famous hairdo, it’s not quite as cool to see the man himself sporting a wig. Especially since he’s the only sitting president who doesn’t own a single pair of shoes.

Did You Think About Donning a Hairdo When You Were Cast As Batman?

Another thing that makes Pattinson a fan favorite is the fact that he’s played both romantic leads and anti-heroes and still manages to pull off the cool, calm, collected character. So it wasn’t too much of a stretch for the actor when he was asked to play Batman, the Dark Knight.

Pattinson’s Batman is nothing like the dark and broody figurehead we’re used to seeing on the big screen. Instead, the actor’s take on the iconic character is more of an intellectual gentleman who is calm and collected, which makes him the perfect fit for the role. Batman is a character who likes to think things through before he acts. And that’s the kind of cool, calm, collected gentleman that Pattinson is too.

Did You Ever Think About Dating A Kardashian?

One of the perks of being a celebrity is getting to spend time with high-profile individuals who are far more attractive than your average human. And thanks to social media, we now get to see just how attractive. The Kardashian sisters particularly love to show off their super-fit figures and endless supply of babies. So it wasn’t too much of a surprise when they opened up about their crush on Pattinson.

When asked about whether or not they’d like to date the English rose, the sisters revealed that they had a major crush on him when they were younger. And they weren’t the only ones – social media is filled with fans begging the sisters to give them a shot at dating the star.

But as good girls go, the Kardashians aren’t really into giving guys their number. Or at least, they’re not saying so. In fact, the self-described feminist clan went on to explain that they think it’s unfair that men get the fame and women have to settle for relationships. So much of their relationship status has been publicized that they’ve gotten used to the limelight. And they’ve even embraced it.

Does Trump Have Any Role In The Future Of Your Career?

And speaking of unfair, the Kardashians are currently under a lot of pressure to make a decision about their future. Since the 45th president took office, their careers have taken a hit. Many of their endorsement deals have gone down the drain, and their once-popular fashion line was almost completely destroyed. What’s more is that they had to close down their London and Milan stores.

While it’s still too early to tell how much longer the Trump administration will last, at least the Kardashians know they’ll never be able to live in Milan as great ladies.

Whether or not Trump’s policies have had an effect on your career, it’s clear that he’s affected many people in ways that go beyond politics. And maybe that’s what makes him so appealing to so many. Whether or not you agree with his politics, there’s no denying that he’s done amazing things for our country. And for that, we as a country can be thankful.

When Will You Be Shooting Season 3 Of ‘Twilight’?

One of the most interesting things about the Kardashian crush on Pattinson is that it came with a side of Trump, whose own daughter, Ivanka, is good friends with the English rose’s sister, Eloise. One of Trump’s closest allies in the UK, Rupert Collins, even introduced the pair during a White House ceremony last year. So it wasn’t a total shocker when the Kardashians were mentioned when it came time for the English rose to announce the premiere of season 3 of&nbTwilight. The 35-year-old told Entertainment Tonight that he’s currently in Atlanta working on the upcoming season, which he’ll soon be posting the first teaser pictures for. Although he won’t say how long it will take for fans to see the new episodes, the actor does reveal that they’ll all be set in Australia. And there’s still no word on when season 4 will air.

So what do you think about Robert Pattinson and Donald Trump? Are you a fan of the English rose or the “Apprentice”? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And for more on this story, be sure to check out Rolling Stone’s full interview with Pattinson, where he discusses fame, fashion, and more.