Sex work can be a really beautiful thing when it’s between two consenting adults. It can be raw, it can be rough, and it can be incredibly stimulating for both parties involved. However, when you’re talking about minors or people who aren’t interested in the lifestyle, it’s not as pretty. This is why many sex workers choose to avoid working with children and people with disorders. It’s difficult to put into words how much damage the internet has wrought, and its effect on the porn industry, but everything leads back to child pornography.

In this video, Charlie Pattinson, a straight guy living in Tokyo, Japan, sheds some light on the issue. He talks about his time working in the porn industry and how it changed his perspective of sexuality and adult life in general. He also offers advice on how to approach sex workers with dignity and respect.

Why Did You Choose This Career?

This question comes up a lot when people meet Charlie for the first time and discover his past career. He usually responds by saying that he regrets nothing related to his time in the industry, and that he wouldn’t change a thing. He believes that his work brought him some of the most satisfying and intense experiences of his life, and that it helped him grow as a person. He also talks about the difficulties that he faced as a minority within the industry and how he handled it, which is something that a lot of people can relate to.

As a child, Charlie loved watching his parents have sex. He would lay in bed while his mom did the cooking and his dad did the cleaning. One day, when he was about 11 years old, he decided that he wanted to be just like them. When his mom asked him what he was doing, he told her that he wanted to be a chef. Her response was, “You’re going to be a sperm donor one day, so you might as well learn to cook.”

Charlie didn’t understand what she meant at first, but he decided that she was probably right. He didn’t want to be responsible for creating life, so he decided that he would learn as much as he could before his mission in life was over. He was a very bright child, and he loved trying out new things. As a teen, he discovered that he had a big appetite for spicy food, so he started using hot sauce to spice up his dishes. It was during this time that he realized being a chef wasn’t for him; it was a means to an end. He wanted to put his talent to use and make some money. He remembered an old saying his dad used to say: “Don’t expect to make a living feeding people, you’re probably going to end up as a waiter.” So he got a job as a waiter and saved up enough money to move to Tokyo, where he currently resides. He considers himself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in such a stimulating environment.

What Was Your Job Description?

People working in the adult entertainment industry can vary from taking photos to helping with logistics or running errands to providing food or drink. Whatever it may be, the job often requires a lot of physical labor. In this case, Charlie was in charge of getting food and drink for the performers while they were shooting their scenes, so he had to keep a tab on what was served and ensure that it was well-balanced and health-friendly. It wasn’t that kind of job, but it helped him develop skills that he could use later in life.

While he was waiting tables, Charlie worked his way up through the ranks. After a while, he decided that he liked being in charge of the food and the drink, so he kept on applying for those types of jobs. Eventually, he was offered a position as the assistant manager at a restaurant. It wasn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it gave him the opportunity to make a lot of money, so he took it.

How Long Did It Take To Learn To Respect The Industry?

Even though he enjoyed working in the adult entertainment industry, Charlie still considered it to be a job. He always had a sense of responsibility; he didn’t want to disrespect the women involved by treating them like objects or paying them less than he was supposed to. As a manager, he was in charge of hiring and firing and ensuring that everyone was paid on time and that the performers were giving their all. It was a job that required a lot of integrity, so he had to learn to respect it and the women within it.

In order to do that, he had to take some time to observe and learn from those around him. He noticed that there were some women who would come into the industry with the right attitude; they would treat it as a job, with the occasional sex worker, but mostly as a job. There would be times when he would get upset with those women; they would come into work hungover or drunk, and there were always scenes where they were really mean to those around them. He started to see it as a reflection of how he was treating those in his personal life, and he decided that he would try to be the opposite; he would respect the women within the industry instead of using them. It took him a while to learn to see the good in others instead of the bad; he wanted to believe that everyone was nice, but that was just not the case. People can be really fucked up in this world, but that’s why he had to be smarter and watchful.

What Was The Transition From Server To Sex Worker Like For You?

Charlie started out as a server, then worked his way up to the position of sex worker. It was an easy transition for him, as he had already developed a good work ethic growing up. When he was at work, he was focused and determined to do his job well, so it wasn’t that difficult to shift gears. Besides, being a waiter had equipped him nicely for his time as a sex worker, as it involved a lot of serving, too. He liked being in control and giving orders; it made him feel powerful.

After a while, he started getting called on set to provide additional services for the women. The first time, he was a little unsure of what to expect, but he walked in and the director told him to take his pants off. He did as he was told and the director began talking about the scene that they were going to shoot. The next thing he knew, he was on his back with a woman straddling him while she had a cucumber in her mouth. Without missing a beat, he said, “I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly, can you show me again how you want me to?” The woman smiled and took the cucumber out of her mouth, placing it on his stomach. “Oh, now you’re going to make me puke,” he said. “Give it here.” She tossed it into his mouth, saying, “Swallow it or I’ll pull it back out and put it in your ass.” He did as he was told because he knew that her threats were empty. Still, he was a little worried about what had just happened. He was used to having authority figures give him orders, but this was different; this was a stranger telling him what to do, which made it more frightening. He had never felt that way before; he liked being in control and knowing exactly what was going on. This was another new experience for him, and it wasn’t easy to put into words.

As time went on, he became more comfortable with the idea of being submissive, which can be a really hard concept for a straight male to grasp. In the beginning, he found it hard to believe that a woman could want to be dominated by a man, especially since he was used to commanding others, but he eventually came to terms with it. He likes that women can see him as a strong figure sometimes and a weak one others; it makes them respect him more as a person.

How Has Your Life Changed Since You Started Working In The Adult Entertainment Industry?

When Charlie started out as a server, he would go to work, do his job, and go home. Now, it’s not that simple; his schedule is much busier now. He still works long hours, but he spends more time between the hours of work. When he first got into the industry, he worked hard so that he could save money to move out of his parent’s house and into an apartment of his own. Since then, he has bought a car and saved up enough money to fix it up and sell it. He also started a business, which provides him with a steady income stream and allows him to be financially responsible.