The last couple of weeks have seen a lot of coverage on the web about Zac Efron and R-Pattinson, the on-screen couple who starred in the Divergent film series and are currently working on their own action-adventure movie. Ever since their relationship was revealed to the public back in April, it’s been on everyone’s lips and they’ve been making the news almost every day as they’ve been spotted at press events, on movie sets, and even at a pop-up shop in London.

Since Zac and R-Patt had their on-screen kiss in the Divergent series finale, they’ve been inseparable, often appearing together at events and even sharing dinner dates. This week, their presence at the CinemaCon convention in Los Angeles was no different as they were seen posing for photos and appearing onstage to chat with fans. And it seems like this closeness hasn’t gone unnoticed; Zac has been receiving lots of love on social media with many fans expressing their delight at what has happened.

This newfound fame has undoubtedly been a life-changing experience for Zac as he told reporters at the CinemaCon event, “I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can be myself and not have to worry about what people think about me… This is just the best feeling.”

While it seems like Zac has enjoyed his newlywed status, it’s certainly not been all plain sailing as he admitted to Variety that being a newlywed has made him “want to spend time with [his] wife more” and that “it would be great to have kids one day.” But with R-Pattinson due to give birth any day now, it’s doubtful that their union will last much longer.

Everything Changed After the Kiss

On April 22nd, E! Online published an article titled, “Zac Efron and R Pattinson: Everything Changed After the Kiss,” in which the pair’s on-screen chemistry was put into words for the first time.

The writer of the article, Courtney Enright, began by explaining how the kiss between Zac and R-Patt at the end of Divergent Series was “one of the most exciting movie finales in recent memory.” She continued, “Though the last few episodes of the Divergent series were emotional rollercoasters, the ending certainly didn’t disappoint. The two leads’ starry-eyed, teen romance was both sweet and endearing.”

However, Enright revealed that after the film ended, things took a very different turn and the on-screen chemistry that had been created proved to be much more than just “sweet and endearing.” The writer explained that after the kiss, “Zac and R-Patt began hanging out on the set and off the set, as friends.” She continued, “They would even share dinner dates and spend holidays together. When asked about their blossoming relationship by E!, R-Pattinson responded, ‘It just happened really quickly. I was really close to him and we just clicked.’”

While these actions may seem innocent enough, they’re signs of a budding romance that Hollywood’s elite haven’t been so happy to see. The media conglomerate Vogue called the pairing “the most talked-about couple since Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult” while The Huffington Post UK christened it “The New Hollywood Couple.” And it seems like the praise isn’t misplaced; both stars have been nominated for several awards, proving that their on-screen chemistry is more than just a one-time occurrence.

A Real Breakthrough

Zac Efron has been in the spotlight ever since his breakout role in High School Musical, and it seems like this newfound fame has proven to be a real opportunity for the actor. Aside from his starring role in the Divergent series, he has also had parts in the Twilight Saga and Central Intelligence, among others. Variety reports that his next role will be in a major studio comedy titled, Land of Mines, alongside Nick Nolte and Richard Simmons.

And it’s not just in acting where he’s accomplished. Efron is also well known for his work in fashion; he reportedly has a hand in creating some of Hollywood’s most fashionable ensembles. The Wall Street Journal stated that Efron is “most famous for being a menswear designer.” The publication continued by adding, “He has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Dior and Chanel.”

More Than Meets The Eye

As exciting as this newfound celebrity has been, it’s certainly not all good news. While many stars have risen to fame overnight and had no idea what was coming, Efron is not one of them. According to TMZ, he is currently facing a kidney transplant and is waiting to find out if his donor’s organ will be accepted. The actor is also reportedly concerned about how his busy schedule might impact his recovery; he revealed to Variety that “there are a lot of responsibilities that come with being a husband and a father.”

However, it seems like this spotlight has improved his life quite a bit; he told reporters at the CinemaCon event, “I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can be myself and not have to worry about what people think about me. Being able to be here tonight and able to share this with the people that I love, it means the world.”

Whether or not Efron’s kidney transplant is a success, this just might be the luckiest day of his life. With so much fanfare surrounding his new found fame, it will surely be interesting to see where this leads.