Zac Effron and R! Pattinson are probably best known for playing opposite each other on the set of the Baz Luhrmann movie, Mullets (ML). If you’re not familiar, Mullets is about a gang of fun-seeking fishermen who travel to Tijuana for a vacation that turns into a war between California and Mexico. It was one of the most memorable films of 2019.

After Mullets, fans might expect to see Effron and Pattinson team up as leading men in the upcoming Godfather trilogy. While that is probably true, they aren’t the only famous faces connected to the third installment in the series.

Here are some of the other actors set to appear in Godfather III:

Michael Landon Chew

Michael Landon Chew is best known for playing the part of CJ Henderson in Little Shop Of Horrors (LSOH). Chew also appeared in the comedy Office TBI, and played Dr. Martin Shulman in Mullets. He’ll be playing Salino in Godfather III. Chew is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School Of The Arts. He lives in Los Angeles.

Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell is currently the narrator of the Hacksaw Ridge movies. His long career includes The Road Warrior, Three Stooges, and Pale Rider. He’s best known for portraying Gen. John Pershing in the film Mystic River. Russell has since played John F. Kennedy in JFK and Ronald Reagan in The Reagan Chronicles. He’s even had a recurring role on The Handmaid’s Tale. In all, the 76-year-old Russell has appeared in more than 250 movies and TV shows. He currently lives in Nashville.

Russell’s involvement with Godfather III is a bit more complicated. Not only will he be playing two characters, but he’ll also be acting opposite his two children, Bill and Coleen. The family will be reuniting for the third film in the series. While this might be interesting to fans of the prolific actor, it’s certainly not an easy combination to achieve. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in January 2021.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is one of the best known and most prolific actors of our time. His long acting career includes Mullets, The Dark Knight, Men In Black, and Phenomenon. Freeman played John Glenn in the historical drama Aliens. He also voiced the title character in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. He’s appeared in more than 150 movies and TV shows, which isn’t bad for a man his age. In fact, Freeman is currently the world’s second-oldest actor (after Charlie Chaplin). It’s no wonder he’s been nominated for multiple awards (including a Nobel Peace Prize). At the moment, Freeman lives in Los Angeles, where he owns a restaurant. His wife, Luciana, passed away in 2018. He continues to act and direct, and is currently working on a documentary about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.

Like many other actors, Robert Downey Jr. got his big break in the 1980s when he played the title role in The Transformers. Since then, he’s starred in a number of high-profile films, such as Back To The Future and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. He won an Academy Award in 2015 for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Spotlight. Downey has been married to actress Kate Downey since 1988, and they have four children together. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Downey got involved with Godfather III after his children suggested it to him. He initially turned it down because of his busy schedule, but after his children talked him into it, he had to say no. Even more exciting for fans is that Downey will be playing opposite his two children, whose acting careers he helped launch. The younger Downey will be appearing in Godfather III for the first time. It’s a great opportunity for both father and son, especially since this is only their third movie together. While Downey is looking forward to working with his kids, it will be a challenge to direct them. The eldest Downey has done more than 200 film and TV shows, while his younger brother, Kiefer, has appeared in more than 60 films. The two have frequently collaborated on screen, such as in the 1999 movie Outcast.

The Downeys are California natives, and they moved to Nashville to pursue their music careers. In addition to being busy actors, they are real-life musicians who’ve done extensive touring and played at major music festivals. As a duo, they’ve even released a Christmas album, A Very Metal Christmas! The family still lives in Nashville, where they occasionally perform together.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is one of the most famous and prolific actors of our time. He’s won multiple awards, including a Grammy and an Academy Award. He’s played lead roles in dozens of high-profile movies, including Les Misérables and The Great Wall. He’s also directed movies and choreographed fights for other actors.

The 80-year-old Chan got his big break in the 1960s when he was 26 years old. Since then, he’s starred in a number of successful movies, ranging from comedies to action flicks. His most recent film, Triple 9, co-stars Jamie Dornan and Kate Bosworth. The movie is set for release in 2021. In addition to acting, Chan is a talented musician who plays the piano and guitar. He also composes music for films. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Geraldine, and their two dogs. Their son, Chase, is also an actor, and played the young John Lennon in Chan’s biopic, Happy Birthday.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto is best known for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight Rises. His other credits include Dallas, Saving Private Ryan, and Joker. Leto won an Academy Award in 2019 for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Joker. He’s been married to actress Barbara Kroon since 2013. They have a son named Atticus. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Leto got involved with Godfather III after his children suggested it to him. One of them had just seen Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (TM), and asked his father to consider playing the role of Harvey Dent. Like many other famous actors, Leto turned down the opportunity because of his busy schedule. Afterward, his children told him about Godfather III, and he had to say no. Later, they pitched the idea to him again, this time in connection with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. Leto eventually said yes, and will be playing the role of Dr. King in the upcoming historical drama. Leto said he decided to do the movie because he feels that it’s important to give back to the community that brought him so much success. In addition to working on Godfather III, Leto has had supporting roles in several other movies, including Star Wars (2019), Black Widow (2019), and The Miracle Worker (2018).