Fans of the “One Direction” singer R. Pattinson have long been waiting for his hair to make a change. And with the release of his upcoming album, his fans can finally rejoice. Because not only does his new hairdo look amazing, but it also seems to have been a long time in the making. So let’s dive into how fans are reacting to his new ‘do and find out what it means for future hairstyle trends.

Long Hair Is Back

It seems that R. Pattinson’s long, lanky locks are here to stay. At least, for now. In the past, the ‘One Direction’ singer has rocked a variety of hairstyles, from choppy hair to a more classic shag. But for as long as we’ve known him, his hair has remained relatively the same. Not so this time around. As spotted by Entertainment Tonight, R. Pattinson sported a sweet new ‘do for the band’s ‘One Night Only’ tour in Australia. And although this was just a one-time-only look, it seems that the ‘Ones’ have really given him the inspiration to make a permanent change.

A Shaggy Look

The new hairdo that R. Pattinson is sporting isn’t just any old haircut. It’s more of a shag. Specifically, a 50’s shag. As the name would suggest, a 50’s shag is a haircut that was popular during the early half of the 20th century, when men were turning their backs on their long hair and embracing a more practical approach to grooming. It was first introduced to the public back in 1910 and was mostly used as a ‘do for men who were bored of their natural hair and didn’t want to mess with any of the available short haircuts. Men of a certain age group are often the ones who sport this kind of haircut, since they grew out of the baby boomers and are now looking for something different. We shouldn’t be confused though – this isn’t a full-on beard. It’s more of a ‘mad scientist’ mustache, which looks way better on R. Pattinson.

A Bit Of A ‘Don’t Care’ Hairdo

The shaggy look isn’t the only thing that R. Pattinson is sporting this year. He also has a more classic, apathetic haircut that he’s been wearing a lot. It’s a bit of a ‘don’t care’ haircut, which can be worn with or without bangs. The look is most famously associated with Kurt Cobain. However, just because Kurt wore it doesn’t mean that all his fans have to. It’s a fairly stylish haircut that you can sport as well. Just make sure that you don’t wear it with any other hairstyle, as that’s when it starts to look a bit ‘90s. For the most part, we would recommend that you wear the Kurt Cobain ‘do with a simple, clean shave.

Rocking The Pigeon Plumage

Besides the obvious shag and apathetic haircuts, R. Pattinson’s fans have also taken note of his plumage. Specifically, the cap he is wearing. The singer is known for his love of all things pigeon, and it seems that his fans have taken notice too. On his Instagram page, he has been posting some pretty amazing shots of him posing with various birds of prey. Whether it’s a falcon or a sparrow, the ‘Ones’ singer looks incredible. And for those of you who want to try this look, you can use these amazing falcon hoodie sweatshirts as inspiration.

The ‘Ones’ Are The Inspiration

It seems that R. Pattinson’s fans have been inspired by his new haircut and plumage to take inspiration from his music and fashion and bring change to their own lives. In the past, the ‘Ones’ singer has been criticized for being a fashion icon who doesn’t always pay attention to his music. But this year, it’s clear that he’s not just paying attention to his music. He’s been focusing on the things that he loves most in life and using that as a platform to inspire his fans. This new wave of change and fashion is something to look out for. And for now, we can say that R. Pattinson seems to be doing more than just changing his haircut and throwing on a new cap. We can also say that he’s finally found a way to express himself through his fashion and accessories, which is something that many of his fans have eagerly been waiting for. So let’s give him some love for FINALLY finding a way to be himself.