It’s been nearly seven months since Robert Pattinson stepped out on a romantic London date and declared his undying love for his forever-love, Kristen Stewart. Seven long months since the couple’s whirlwind romance made international headlines and propelled them to the top of the celebrity dating game. Since then, the duo have kept busy sharing their passion for each other through passionate kisses, private dates, and even joint interviews. But while the world has been patiently waiting for more from the “Beauty and the Beast” couple, they’ve kept relatively quiet on the topic of marriage. Are they even considering tying the knot? And if so, will their fans be invited to the wedding?

Is Marriage on the Cards?

When news spread of Robert’s proposal to Kristen, many fans of the “Sons of Anarchy” actress/fashionista were over the moon. It was a well-deserved celebration, as the couple’s love story is one that transcended Hollywood and touched a chord with millions of fans worldwide. But since then, the couple have been relatively mum on the subject of marriage. They’ve remained busy with their hectic schedules and attended various social events together, but they’ve never made a public appearance that could be considered a formal proposal. Though they’ve been seen at various award ceremonies and attended the Met Gala together, there’s been no indication that they’re taking their relationship any further. Is marriage in their future?

The Quiet Diplomacy of the Beautiful Creatures

While we were ecstatic that Robert finally proposed to Kristen, it was somewhat disheartening that the moment was so private. It would have been such a triumph to see the couple share their love with the world, as we could all bask in the glory of their engagement and witness the happiness that comes with the dreamy fair isle. But in this day and age, privacy has its perks. It keeps the romance alive, and we can only hope that the couple continue to keep their personal life as private as possible and continue to surprise us with magical moments like this.

Unfortunately, privacy comes with its complications when it comes to the paparazzi. It’s no secret that they’ll stop at nothing to get a glimpse of a famous face, and with the advent of social media, they’ll never stop stalking their prey. The problem is that if the couple want to remain private, they have to avoid paparazzi-approved events and venues. The couple are known to keep a low profile, and it seems that they’re trying to keep busy and not think about the future. Are they committed to this strategy?

A Wedding in May?

While we’d like to believe that the couple are taking their time and not rushing into anything, the fact that they’ve been so guarded on the topic of marriage makes us think that they may in fact be planning a wedding. Rumors of an engagement party started early in the year, and as the months passed, so did the invitations. With each ceremony and social event the couple attend, the veil is getting lifted a little more. And with every outing, we’re reminded of how much they love each other. There’s no denying that it’s been an eventful year for romance, and between attending award ceremonies and hosting popular Instagram live videos, it seems that the lovebirds have not been left alone for a minute. A wedding in May? Maybe.

While it would be wonderful to see the “Beauty and the Beast” actor propose in front of a crowd of adoring fans, we’re not sure that sharing the moment with the masses is the best idea. Especially since there are still cameras lurking around every corner, ready to capture the perfect romantic moment and plaster it all over the internet. If the couple decide to pop the question, we’d like to believe that they have our blessing and that we’ll be able to share in their joy. But until then, we’ll happily settle for the memories that they choose to keep for themselves.