Recently, we have all been awed by the work of artist Robert Pattinson. His unique combination of soft features and boyish charm have made him a social media phenomenon. He has over a million followers on Instagram, where he frequently shares his travels, dinners, fashion choices, and scenic drone photographs. These days, it seems like everyone wants to be a part of the Pattinson phenomenon. Several outlets have even dubbed this year the “Royal Wedding Summer” due to all of the celebrity weddings that have taken place this year.

He’s Always In The Right Place At The Right Time

It’s not just that he’s famous – although, granted, he is perhaps the best-known of the royal wedding generation. He’s also consistently shown to be in the right places at the right time. Over the past few years, he has been credited with helping to change the course of pop culture. Whether he’s inspired the “tween” trend or helped to usher in the “summer of love,” it’s hard to overstate the impact he’s had.

He Has A History Of Inspiring Young Men

Pattinson is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” series. However, his impact goes beyond his Hollywood stardom. One could make a pretty compelling case that he’s the most successful male solo artist of this generation. According to Wikipedia, over 20 million copies of his album “Born To Be Wild,” have been sold globally. In 2018 alone, his albums “Beloved” and “Crosses” both surpassed the 1 million album mark.

This is certainly a remarkable feat for a singer who began his musical career in the early 2000s. It speaks to the continuing appeal of Pattinson’s music and his ability to inspire young men. In a music video for “Wild,” the singer can be seen holding his guitar close to his heart as he performs the song. It’s a touching display of emotion from a man who has always been open about his love for music and his influences. Over the past few years, Pattinson has spoken about the importance of being a role model for young men. At various points in his career, he’s stated that he wants to be a “man of the world” and an “older brother” to his fans. While it’s great that he’s found success as an elder statesman, it will be interesting to see how he continues to impact the pop culture scene as he ages.

He Has A Sense Of Elegance

Along with his charm and good looks, Pattinson is often credited with having a sense of elegance. Perhaps it’s because of his upper-class upbringing or his time spent with Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge is often cited as a strong influence on the singer. Whatever it is, Pattinson has carried this sense of style into his personal life and his music. One of his defining characteristics is his love of well-dressed men. In an interview with GQ, he said that he sometimes wears men’s suits to work because he feels like a “salesman in a suit.”

If you’re unfamiliar, a “salesman in a suit” is an older style of man who wears a suit and tie to work. It’s not entirely clear why wearing a suit and tie is considered “salesman-like,” but it’s a fairly common visual representation of an older businessman. In recent years, “salesman” has become a bit of a meme in its own right. There’s even an entire blog post dedicated to cataloging all of the different ways in which men can be a “salesman.” Whether or not you agree with the meme, it’s clear that Pattinson embraces the look. He often wears suits to work and even sometimes dresses up in full regalia on dates, as he did for his bachelor party. There’s no question that when it comes to fashion, Robert Pattinson is a force to be reckoned with.

He Has A Warm Personality

Another way in which Pattinson stands out is his personality. He’s not afraid to be himself, which is one of the things that makes him so likable. In the Twilight series, Edward is considered to be a bit of a recluse. However, Pattinson has shown that he can be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to both charming men and women. This is perhaps best displayed in the many interviews that he’s completed over the past few years. In the many interviews that he’s done, one can see that he is comfortable expressing himself and speaking his mind. It’s not often that you’ll see a handsome face with such candid eyes.

He Has An Enthusiastic Following

Pattinson’s Instagram following is truly remarkable. Not only does he have over a million followers, but he regularly posts several times a day. As a result, there are always new people to follow him on Instagram. More importantly, it seems like he regularly draws a following of young men. The number of men and women who have followed him simply to see all of the pretty ladies in his life is quite high. In addition to his social media accounts, the singer has also maintained a fairly active presence on Twitter. Over the past few years, he’s frequently tweeted about the “Twilight” series and other projects that he’s worked on. It seems that every few months, he’ll also drop some sort of hint about a new album or song that he has working on. In recent months, he’s made several appearances at music festivals, which has led to several demos and singles being released. These days, it seems like everyone wants to be a part of the Pattinson phenomenon. Just kidding. That’s not true. The only one who wants to be a part of the Pattinson phenomenon is Robert Pattinson.