One of the biggest breaking news stories in recent memory is undoubtedly the scandal engulfing actor, and now musician, Robert Pattinson. The 27-year-old British actor, who has played the lead in a number of Hollywood blockbusters, including the Twilight saga, suffered an embarrassing fall from grace when it was revealed that he had been dating singer, Ariana Grande, for several months. The couple were secretly photographed kissing on-stage during a concert in New York City, a month before the World Cup finals. After the scandal broke, it was revealed that he had filmed a number of videos, including some rather explicit material, which he had subsequently deleted. This eventually led to a temporary halt being put on his film career. In order to rebuild his reputation, Pattinson has taken a vow of celibacy, and dedicated himself to music and his pet snakes. While many people might consider this to be a rather bleak future, for fans of Pattinson, it presents an extraordinary opportunity to watch him in action as he explores the depths of his desires.

The Making Of ‘Whip My Hair’

The video for ‘Whip My Hair’, a song by Robert Pattinson from his album, ‘Just Like Heaven’, was filmed back in January 2017 in London. The songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist describes the video as a “visual diary of [his] month of January”. The video opens with Pattinson lying in bed with a woman, presumably his lover. He is wearing only a hoodie and boxer shorts, adding to the already rather salacious ambience of the scene. They make passionate love through the month, with Pattinson frequently appearing to be on the verge of climax. In between the love scenes, the camera lingers on the singer’s bare chest, which is covered in intricate tattoos. As the month draws to a close, the couple sit outside in the pouring rain, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. The video serves as both a love letter to and a celebration of Ariana, with Pattinson thanking her for spending “the most amazing month” with him. The video’s depiction of the couple in a happy, committed relationship is likely to prove enormously popular, particularly amongst his female fanbase, many of whom will undoubtedly be inspired to emulate the singer’s ‘70s, mod style.

Pornhub’s Top Rated Videos (April 2020)

Taking a look at the top rated videos on Pornhub, between 1 April and 8 April, we can see that some fans evidently feel that a little harmless fun might be just what the doctor ordered. Over the course of the month, viewers have been flocking to the world’s foremost porn search engine to see some extremely risqué material. Whether it’s a couple making out or an unsuspecting woman taking a dildo up her ass, there’s plenty of taboo themes and situations for audiences to enjoy.

In fact, Pornhub viewers have been so keen to sample the delights of taboo content, that the site’s Top Rated Videos ranking has been overtaken by ‘60s era porn clips. As in, the top five videos are all from the ‘60s. This is interesting, as it suggests that viewers really are looking for the vintage stuff. Perhaps more remarkably, the most viewed content on the site in the last month has been down-graded by the community, falling to number five and then six on the list. It seems that audiences have become more discerning, with less tolerance for low-quality, run-of-the-mill clips and more interested in the genuine, old-school gems.

Robert Pattinson’s Top-Rated Instagram Videos (April 2020)

We can also take a look at Robert Pattinson’s top-rated Instagram videos, which is slightly more telling. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter has over one million followers on the photo-sharing website, and over 300K on Instagram. It would therefore seem that he has successfully integrated himself into the digital society he has vowed to shun. Although he has never been one to shirk from social media, it is interesting to note that his Instagram videos have taken a more traditional route, and are less likely to feature Ariana Grande and more likely to feature women from his past, with the occasional appearance from a pet snake. This could suggest that his initial foray into the limelight as a movie star came with a certain degree of risk, and that he is now seeking to play it safe.