Charlie Pattinson is a 21-year-old porn star from England who just signed a deal with Pornhub to become their official solo model. He’s known for his big dick videos, which have over 10 million views on Pornhub, and he’s also the founder of gay porn website Scared Straight. (You can also watch him get fucked by a stranger in a public restroom in the video below.) 

So how’d this sweet English kid end up in the adult film industry? In his own words, Charlie explained that he first got interested in performing when he was 13 and began exploring his sexuality. His parents were never really okay with him being homosexual, so he kept his sexual interests a secret. (It’s always great when a kid has to hide their kinks from their parents.)

After high school, Charlie headed to university, where he studied business marketing. While in Australia, he met and fell in love with an Aussie named Kellan, who encouraged him to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Charlie got his big break when he was cast in a lead role, alongside Logan Mega, in the gay porn film Blackmailed. He then did several straight-to-gay crossover movies for various studios, including Boys Will Be Boys and The Prestige. He’s also done some solo videos for his fans, as well as those of other porn stars. And, since he’s been with Pornhub, Charlie’s released an amazing array of sex tapes, including some BDSM-themed videos that are so hot, the CEO of Pornhub had to issue a public apology for not removing them earlier.

The Evolution of Sexuality

Since the dawn of time, men and women have been looking for ways to express their sexuality. While women have long been vocal about the way they feel, men have traditionally been more reserved. (No wonder so many men have been shamed for their sexuality and gender roles in the past.) However, this is slowly changing, with more men than ever realizing that they, too, can be sexually adventurous and feel beautiful in the process.

One of the primary ways men have been able to explore their sexuality is through porn. And what’s interesting about Charlie is that he’s not your usual porn star. He likes to think of himself as more of an “evolutionary porn star,” who shoots scenes that showcase a wide spectrum of sensual desires. (That’s also what drew me to his videos in the first place.)

In one of his early videos for the site Scared Straight, he reveals that he initially got into the porn business to help pay for his university tuition. He was inspired by his friend Logan, a fellow student who later became a porn star. Logan introduced Charlie to the industry and, over the years, Logan and Charlie have both become close friends and business partners. (Logan has also become one of Charlie’s romantic partners.)

When asked about his unusual career path, Charlie had this to say,

“I’ve always been interested in alternative lifestyles and the taboo subjects that society finds challenging. Being a part of the adult film community is an incredible experience and opens up a whole new world of creative expression. I love being able to explore my sexuality in a safe and private way, as well as make money doing something I enjoy. It’s all about finding the right path for you.”

And this is precisely the message that Charlie is trying to spread. He wants to show the world that there’s more than one way to find bliss and that, sometimes, the unexpected path is exactly what you need to find it.

Why You Should Watch Charlie Pattinson

You’ve probably heard of Charlie Pattinson and his work, if you’re into gay porn or have an interest in the industry. (He has over a hundred thousand Twitter followers and over 60,000 Instagram followers.) But you might not know much about him. Let’s fix that.

Here are five reasons why you should check out Charlie.

Reason #1: Big Dicks And Pussy-eating Volcanoes

To start with, let’s talk about his dick. It’s an incredible thing, bouncing around in those scenes where he fucks other men. This guy clearly fancies himself as the queen bee of sex and doesn’t mind demonstrating his impressive weapon. It’s great in the scenes where he gets gang-banged or just shows off his cock in front of a camera. The list of large cock videos that Charlie has made is quite the eye-opener. (Check out his Instagram for more on this front.)

Reason #2: A True Renaissance Man

Let’s talk about the guy’s mind for a moment. He’s not your usual porn star, but he’s no amateur, either. This is a young man who has obviously done a lot of thinking about his career and how to make the most of it. His interests are wide-ranging but deeply insightful. For example, in addition to being a porn star, Charlie is also a graphic designer and a photographer. (He studied photography at university.)

He’s aware of trends and has the unique ability to look at something (like a big dick or a beautiful woman) objectively and come up with a way to showcase it in a way that will appeal to a modern audience. It’s often said that, in the gay porn industry, no one sticks out more than Charlie. He has a very distinctive look – dark hair and a pale complexion – and he’s very open about his sexuality. This has made him a bit of a target for stalkers and hackers, which is why he doesn’t do much social media. (Besides, he doesn’t like comparing himself to others. He always says that he’s his own unique individual and doesn’t give much thought to how he measures up against others.)

Reason #3: A Promising Future

When I first heard about this kid and seen some of his videos, I thought to myself, “This kid has a bright future. Too bad he’s not allowed to show it off.” Even though he’s only 21 years old and still in school, Charlie has a lot of promise. He could go far in this industry. (And I don’t just mean in terms of quantity. He also has a quality all of his own.)

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to Charlie that makes him memorable. He’s not your average porn star. In addition to being a good-looking young man, he also seems to have a good head on his shoulders. And, at least so far, he’s shown himself to be a pretty level-headed individual. You can’t help but be a little bit wary of what could happen in the future, but you can’t deny that Charlie Pattinson has what it takes to make it big in the industry. (I’m sure he’d agree.)

Reason #4: An Adventurous Spirit

If there’s one thing that’s become apparent in Charlie’s adult film career, it’s that he’s not your typical porn star. He’s always up for trying something new. Even though he mostly sticks to the usual gay porn topics, he doesn’t mind exploring new grounds or diversifying his interests. (There are more than a few lesbian fans of his, too.) (This is one of the reasons I love his work. There’s always something new to discover.)

For example, in addition to Blacksmailed, which is a gay drama about a group of friends whose lives are turned upside down when one of them becomes a professional escort, Charlie took a role in an Orgy-themed episode of the HBO series Insecure. (He plays Alex, a rich tech billionaire who sponsors a group of friends’ sex-themed party.)

He doesn’t mince words when it comes to describing the lifestyle of a professional escort, either. In a recent interview with Out magazine, he said,

“It’s very glamorous, but it’s still a job. When they tell you to do X, you do X. There are no questions asked. The money is good and the work is interesting, but it can be exhausting. When I first started, I didn’t understand why people would do it. But after a while, the glamor starts to wear off and you see the grimy underbelly of the industry.”

Reason #5: A Creator

Speaking of exhausting, let’s talk about Charlie’s work ethic. This is a guy who clearly loves what he does and is willing to put in the time and energy to make the most of it. There aren’t many porn stars who would go the extra mile for their fans, but Charlie has dedicated himself to creating content that will stand the test of time. (And, so far, he’s proven himself highly qualified to do so.)