It seems like every woman has a fantasy about being married to a billionaire. Unfortunately, most of them never get the opportunity to marry a rich man because they fail to meet the right person. This is where the fantasy princesses and superheroines come in, hoping to change the destiny of one lucky woman.

The Successful Marriage

Poppy Pattinson is the billionaire’s pet project. Owned by the famed Englishman, Sir John Pattinson, 1st Baronet, the billionaire-owned company harvests, processes, and sells the finest quality poppies around the world. It takes a special woman to be chosen for such a wealthy and successful man.

The company was originally founded in Britain but has since expanded to include locations in mainland Europe and Asia. Its biggest market is the U.S., where it is currently available for delivery.

Poppy Pattinson has become well-known for its selection of ‘fantasy’ women. Many of its bestselling items are inspired by Disney characters or famous novels and films. Some of the more unusual items on its list of products include: Arseniy Budrevich’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes; Elizabeth Taylor as Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars character, Princess Leia; and Christian Dior’s iconic ‘Dior Noir’ perfume.

The Importance Of The Dress

It is important to note here that the company does not manufacture the dresses. Instead, it imports them from abroad and then outfits its staff with them. However, the company does offer a bespoke service where it will create a dress especially for you; a service that is both beautiful and unique.

You may be wondering why it is important to look into the dress, as opposed to simply buying a ready-made version. There may be a number of reasons, the most obvious one being that the tailor made dress is not one-size-fits-all. In cases like these, you are guaranteed to look gorgeous no matter what size you are. It is also important to look into the quality of the dress because, although it is bespoke made, you are paying a premium for the service.

Poppy Pattinson’s dresses are some of the most luxurious items you can buy. They are designed with the finest silks and linens, along with a timeless combination of brilliant materials like these. The designer also pays special attention to the embroidery and beading on each dress, using unique techniques to give the attire a refined look.

Matching Mugs And Pins

If you are happy to spend a decent amount of money on a dress, the company will also outfit you with matching jewellery and mugs. This too is an important part of the fantasy, and it shows how much attention to detail Poppy Pattinson pays to its customers.

The bespoke dress, along with the matching jewellery and mug, will set you back a pretty penny. However, it is a safe bet that you will be happy to spend such money on a garment that is both beautiful and unique.

A Bit Of A Long Process

Poppy Pattinson takes its time to choose a woman who meets its exacting standards. It starts with a general search through its database of beautiful faces. From there, it narrows the search to people who fit its desired demographic. Then, finally, the company will reach out to you, letting you know it has chosen a face that meets its criteria and inviting you to make the next step.

The final step is to meet the person who will become your wife. For many women, this would be considered a dream come true. Sadly, not every woman has what it takes to be Mrs. John Pattinson. For those who do, the journey starts with a phone call and ends with a dream wedding day. For those who love to make things easier, there is also the option to ‘hire’ a surrogate wife who will act as your stand-in for the rest of your life. Just kidding.

Poppy Pattinson’s customer service is beyond reproach, as evidenced by the thousands of glowing testimonials the company boasts online. The quality of the products is unparalleled and the service is as nice as can be. If you are looking for a high-end product that also offers exceptional customer service, you cannot go wrong with a purchase of Poppy Pattinson dresses.