There are so many reasons why we love Robert Pattinson. He’s incredibly handsome, funny, and most importantly, he’s perfect for our hearts. The British actor has captured the attention of millions with his perfectly sculpted cheeks, beautiful blue eyes, and chiseled jawline. We can’t resist the allure of the perfect man. But did you know that behind the fame and fortune, there is a real human being? We caught up with the English actor to ask him about the many reasons why he’s the perfect man for our liking.

The Perfection Of Portrait Photography

When it comes to artistry, his is unparalleled. He consistently captures the likenesses of his subjects with photographic precision, no matter if it’s a celebrity, a royal subject, or even a historical figure. Take a look at some of his greatest work below.

Starting with his 2012 album cover for XxX, Pattinson adopted a much different approach than usual, taking on someone else’s attire in his own way. The album’s artwork was based on the work of artist Hockney, who painted the cover of Pattinson’s 1997 debut, Don Giovanni. Much like Hockney, Pattinson infused a unique sense of color into the scene, playing with the tones of the blues and reds to create a masterpiece.

The Perfection Of Fashion

The British actor is well-known for his impeccable taste in fashion, especially when it comes to high-end brands. While many Hollywood stars are content to splash out on mass-produced designer brands, Pattinson actively seeks out the most exclusive labels in the world, investing in both his clothing collection and accessories, like his watch collection, which features timepieces from famous brands like Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. He also regularly features Louis Vuitton labels on his social media accounts.

Pattinson has been named as one of the best dressed men in the world, which makes complete sense, because the perfection of fashion is something he embodies.

Most Stylish Man

Apart from being gorgeous and fashionable, it turns out that Pattinson is also one of the most stylish men we know. When it comes to accessories, he regularly opts for the most luxurious goods, like diamond- studded earrings or a watch from Piaget. He’s also known to regularly accessorize his outfits with the most unique headwear, like his iconic black velvet skullcap or his white polka dots. We all know what kind of style icon he is today, thanks in part to his ability to combine fashion and artistry.

The Perfection Of Fitness

The British actor is constantly in pursuit of looking the perfect specimen. He’s worked hard to achieve his fit and trim figure, taking on a more athletic lifestyle, and even incorporating his love for running into his workout regimes. He credits his fitness regime to his childhood passion for ballet and his time spent on the set of the movie, Black Swan. While many people think of ballet as a graceful art form, it can also be incredibly demanding. Ballet certainly wasn’t easy for Swan, and it’s shown in the film that her routine left her with permanent injuries. But that didn’t stop her from going back for more. Much like his love for running, Pattinson credits his workout regime to his time off between movies, when he wasn’t relaxing, he was working out.

The Best Attitude

Pattinson’s success in Hollywood can be attributed to his ability to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide. While many A-listers are wary of not being able to walk the red carpet alone, Pattinson makes his rounds with a smile, greeting fans and new acquaintances alike with a winning smile and kind word. Even his harshest critics couldn’t help but be charmed by his sunny personality.

The English actor is also one of the most humble and grateful men we know. When we asked him about his iconic smile, he said: “I’m so grateful to have a job because I love acting, and I love being able to pay my bills and feed my cats. It’s just nice to wake up every day and have your feet hit the floor. It’s not something I take for granted.” He added: “People say I have a smile that could sell ice cream. I actually think it’s a sense of humor that could sell ice cream. If you can make people laugh, they’ll love you.”

The Perfection Of Charisma

We all love a good comedic actor, don’t we? It would be a shame to not mention one of the best comedy duos in movie history, Jack Black and Robert Pattinson. The British actor is certainly no stranger to comedy, having made a name for himself in both TV and movie roles, but it wasn’t until Black dropped out of sight for a few years that fans feared the worst. Thankfully, we were all wrong. The actor has never been better, effortlessly blending comedy and drama to create unique comedic personas.

Black and Pattinson have built a reputation for themselves with their unique takes on comedy and dramatic roles. They’re certainly not your conventional comedy actors, with Black embracing his goth side and Pattinson playing the straight man, serving as the straight man to Black’s comedic antics. Their chemistry is undeniable, with Black even going so far as to say that he and Pattinson are “mesmerized” by each other’s performances.

The Ultimate Romantic

Yes, it’s true. There is a type of person who, when presented with the perfect man, will always exclaim “I love Bob Pattinson!” There is a reason why he is “the perfect man” for so many of us: He embodies all the features that make a man perfect for a woman’s heart. He is chiseled, he is cultured, he is stylish, he is fit, and he is romantic. He is everything a woman could want and more.

On behalf of all the other “I love Bob Pattinson” women out there, let’s just say we are very happy to hear you!