Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are an item, and everyone wants to know what is going on with these two. We have an exclusive batch of photos that give you a great glimpse into their gorgeous relationship.

The English actor is currently filming the indie comedy-drama Loved Ones in London, and in the photos he looks completely relaxed and at peace. The movie is about a family that gets together to celebrate a wedding anniversary, but the atmosphere feels more like a wake than a birthday party.

Pattinson’s character Aaron is the head of the family, while Stewart’s Kate is a bride-to-be. She is over the moon about her upcoming wedding to Aaron, but the family dynamic is not easy. Especially since Kate is already having second thoughts about getting married.

The young Hollywood stars have been dating since 2014 and become even more popular since they starred together in the recently ended film The Outlaws. The movie marked their first major collaboration, and it was a critical and commercial success. Despite the mixed reviews, audiences felt that Stewart and Pattinson’s chemistry was undeniable, and they gave the film a rare ‘warm’ reception.

The young lovebirds began their professional collaboration with the TV series Turn Up Charlie, which aired on Sky Atlantic in the UK and Ireland. It was based on the life and work of British comedy actor and filmmaker Chris Spencer. Spencer himself played a fictionalized version of himself and directed several episodes of the series, which followed the ups and downs of his eccentric character’s filmmaking career.

On the set of Turn Up Charlie, Spencer documented their professional and personal relationship in a YouTube series called Chris and Rob. The series follows the ups and downs of the pair’s collaboration, and it has amassed almost four million views.

Watching Movies Together

The young Hollywood stars keep busy schedules, and it is not difficult to keep up with them. Apart from his work in film, which includes the Divergent series and the upcoming sci-fi movie Life, Pattinson is also known for his work in theater, and has an acclaimed stage adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Tempest, which he recently revisited for a limited run in London.

Since the beginning of their professional relationship, the two have managed to spend a lot of time together. Stewart keeps busy with movie roles, and her most recent movie was The Favourite, in which she plays the mistress to director Yorgos Lanthimos.

Pattinson’s acting career took off after the success of Twilight, and he has since starred in numerous big-budget Hollywood films. He is well-established as one of Britain’s most popular and bankable actors. Last year, he made his Broadway debut in the play The Light in the Piazza. It was written by Jez Butterworth and directed by Sam Mendes. The play follows the ups and downs of a group of British soldiers in the Italian Renaissance.

Stewart has managed to establish herself as an A-list actress with an award-winning performance in the 2017 comedy-drama The Nightingale. She plays an American expat who moves to England and becomes an unwitting participant in a fake audition process to secure a place on the British version of Big Brother. The role secured her an impressive array of awards, including the Golden Globe, the BAFTA, and the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Apart from acting, Stewart launched a design business in 2012 and named it after herself. She designs jewelry and purses that are inspired by English medieval embroidery. Her latest collection is named ‘The Midnight Garden’ and draws its inspiration from flowers, herbs, and fruits that bloom at night. It is an apt description of their relationship, as Stewart tends to bloom at night and Pattinson enjoys the sunrise.

Pattinson’s Family Ties

Pattinson comes from an acting dynasty and has worked hard to keep his family’s legacy alive. Besides his work in film, he has appeared in numerous television shows and adverts, including Mummy’s Boys, which also features his brother, Zachary. The show follows the ups and downs of a group of actors as they deal with family obligations, which occasionally get in the way of their careers.

Pattinson himself made his debut on stage at the age of seven with his school’s theater company. His family still helps run the theaters in which he performs, so it is no surprise that he would continue the theatrical tradition.

The star’s mother, Jane, is also a published writer and played a major role in the stage play The Servant. Besides his work in theater, she has penned several novels that are set in the near-future and in the Regency Era. She has also written a stage play, The Collection, which is currently being performed at the Royal National Theatre in London. The Collection follows the story of Lord Laington, who has a secret and wants to share it with the world. It is an interesting contrast to the film adaptation of King Lear, which she also co-wrote and starred in. As noted above, she is also the author of numerous novels and plays, many of which feature Sir John Quincanter, a legendary figure from the English renaissance. Most recently, she collaborated with acclaimed Indian playwright and director Sudhanva Deshpande on a play called The Golden Country, which explores the theme of identity and belonging. The play was performed for the first time in London in December 2018 and is scheduled to be staged in India later this year.

It is clear that Rob Pattinson’s family is extremely supportive of his career and his personal life. They have helped shape the actor’s destiny, and he clearly benefits from this backing. His work is character-driven, and he often gravitates toward roles in which he can showcase his acting talents. Aside from film and theater, that skill was on display in the 2017 adaption of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In the film, he played the title role of Romeo, which he has billed as one of the greatest performances of his career. He next appears in the upcoming sci-fi movie Life, in which he plays the lead role of Brian Wilson.

The Outlaw Tour

Besides being romantic partners, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have collaborated on and off screen for quite some time. Their first major professional collaboration was with photographer Annie Leibovitz on the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary The Kidals. The movie follows a group of British youths on the run from foster care as they live in Brighton. It is the story of a friendship between Rebeccah and Dom as they help each other navigate the difficulties of being young, in-demand, and on the fringe of society. The documentary won numerous awards and was nominated for a BAFTA. It also won the Heartbeat Film Festival Award as the best British Movie of the year. The movie marked a rare UK win at the prestigious Academy Awards. Stewart herself was nominated for an Academy Award for her supporting role in Whiplash, and Pattinson for his role in The Rover.

The two remained close after the filming of The Kidals and continued to work together on various film projects. Stewart is currently filming The Dark Crystal in Vancouver, and she is also set to star in the adaptation of Patrick Susskind’s book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Susskind’s book was a global best-seller and was turned into a box-office hit by director Steve McQueen. It is unclear what role Pattinson will play in this adaptation, but it is safe to assume that he will be featured.

The Inspiration For Kate’s Wardrobe

For the filming of The Outlaws, Spencer documented a huge part of the production in a series of videos that can be found on Chris and Rob’s YouTube channel. According to Spencer, the movie is “sort of like Romeo and Juliet meets The Hangover.” He continues: “It’s about a feud between two families which dates back 200 years and it doesn’t end well. It started with Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan, and then their descendants have this ongoing feud. So much so that at the end of the movie, one of the characters ends up killing the other.”

Spencer also divulged that after Jay Gatsby turned down the role of Tom Buchanan, the screenwriters Nick Carraway and Jordan Chase decided to write the character from scratch. As a result, Carraway’s wardrobe is inspired by the florals and velvets that he wore in the early 20th century. The exact quote from Carraway that Spencer used is: “I wanted to dress like a prince, so my mom got me this yellow suit with black trim. It’s from the early 20th century and it’s made of silk charmeuse. It’s light enough to not feel restraining, but the trim is heavy enough to make movement easy.”