The most popular movie actor of our time, Robert Pattinson, turns 32 today! To honor this important milestone, we decided to take a look back at his life as a child. What were his hobbies as a kid? Which movie did he like to watch the most as a child? Where did he go to school? In today’s post, we will answer all these questions and more!

Robert’s Hobbies As A Kid

Like most kids, Robert was a very active youth. He played sports, went on adventures, and loved to draw. However, because he was an adult before we knew what sports were, we will touch on the activities that he participated in as a kid.

When it comes to sports, it’s evident that Robert had a passion for music. He played the guitar, and performed in bands both in school and as a hobby. He also participated in drama classes where he learned how to act. This experience not only helped him get ready for his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight, but also helped him develop his acting chops.

The Movie That He Loved To Watch As A Child

It’s no secret that Robert loved Harry Potter. In fact, it was his favorite series when he was a kid. He has a tattoo of Hagrid’s name on his arm because, as he explained, he wanted to be like the famous magic expert as a kid. Nowadays, he also owns one of Hermione’s cats, and has a collection of owl figurines that he gives out as favors to his friends.

It seems that Robert also had a soft spot for Toy Story. In fact, he named his second child, Roxy, after the movie’s main character because he feels that she’s a kindred spirit. He also named his band, The Dodgems, after Toy Story’s spick-and-span band. The fact that he named his son after a Disney movie shows how deeply the actor’s admiration for the company runs. This is also a reflection of the impact that the movies of the company had on his life as a child.


As we mentioned above, young Robert participated in drama classes where he learned how to act. This is important because a lot of the scenes in Twilight were either comical or emotional, and he needed to learn how to act in both cases. This is also why he went to drama school; to prepare him for the part of Edward Cullen. While in school, he also worked on his public speaking skills. Today, he doesn’t do any of those things because he got the roles he needed without having to prepare himself for a profession. However, he still speaks passionately about the subject of drama, and still participates in community theater productions when he has free time.


One of the most interesting aspects of young Robert’s life is the amount of attention that he received from famous parents. His father, David, is an acclaimed photographer who has shot the covers of many prestigious magazines, while his mother, Deborah, is a successful businesswoman who owned a PR firm before she had David. It’s evident that the young actor’s family is incredibly affluent, which might explain why he got the roles that he did in Twilight even though he wasn’t well-known at the time. He also wasn’t well-known for having acted in any major films prior to Twilight, but since then he has starred in some pretty high profile projects.

Robert may get a lot of attention from the public, but he also gets a lot of attention from his family. The fact that he has three siblings who are also famous makes it all the more interesting. His middle sister, Rosie, is a popular model who graced the covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair, and his other siblings, Sophie and Thomas, are also famous for their own work. Even though they all have acting experience, they mostly stayed out of the limelight because they didn’t want to hurt their sibling’s career. They were protective of Robert, and didn’t want to put him in the spotlight. But now that he’s famous, they want to make their presence felt. They might even have a future in the acting world, too!

Where Did He Go On Holiday As A Kid?

When it comes to traveling, we know that Robert has been fortunate enough to travel the world. He’s starred in films set in London, Paris, and Hong Kong, so we know that he’s been to those places. But what else has he seen? It’s likely that he hasn’t been to every country, but he’s been to enough of them that we know he’s seen a lot. In 2017, he even spent six months living in a castle in Ireland with his wife, FKA twigs, because he was filming Weatherville, a movie they both had roles in. They also have a son together, Abel, and a daughter, Rosebud. So, while we don’t know where Robert has yet to travel, we know that he’s seen a lot of the world, which has undoubtedly enhanced his status as an adult.

Who Is His Best Friend?

It’s evident from his work that Robert has many friends, but few true best friends. That’s probably because he spends a lot of time on the set of his films working, and sometimes that means spending time alone. When he’s not working, he’s usually hanging out with his family or his friends. However, he has one true best friend that he has known since childhood. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Robert mentioned that he and his friend went through a lot together, and that their friendship was tested by the ups and downs of their childhoods. Even though they’re adults now, they still remain best friends.

Is He Married?

Yes, Robert is married. But that doesn’t mean that his life is perfect. As we mentioned above, he has a lot of friends, but few true best friends. That might be because he spends a lot of time on the set of his films working, and sometimes that means spending time alone. When he’s not working, he’s usually hanging out with his family or his friends. But, since he has some downtime, he sometimes visits a barber for a haircut, and another for a facial.

In 2016, Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs got hitched. It was an intimate ceremony that was followed by a dinner party for about 25 people. Since then, they’ve kept a low profile, but we’ll likely see more of them traveling the world together as a married couple.

As we mentioned above, because of his affluence, it’s not hard to imagine that Robert has many interests and hobbies. When it comes to his work, it’s clear that he has a passion for acting, and he probably learned a great deal about that passion from his parents. He started out as a bit of a wild child, but he got the roles that he needed, and he’s now one of the most famous movie stars of our time. It’s been an interesting journey, to say the least.