In case you didn’t already know, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are the heart-throbs of the Twilight movie franchise. Since the former’s debut in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster novel, he’s been appearing on the big screen in increasingly bigger and more romantic roles. Most recently, he starred in the sci-fi action flick Equilibrium, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the actor’s upcoming 26th birthday than by taking a trip down memory lane and looking back at his best on-screen moments from the Twilight franchise.

From Edgy To Romantic

Let’s start with a bang by revisiting Edgy Robert, the rock-star type whose soulful eyes would steal the hearts of many a twi-hard female fan. In the first Twilight movie, he plays Scott, the rebellious son of a wealthy family who moves to Forks to live with his uncle (Chris Cooper). When he discovers that the clan’s matriarch (Olivia Hussey) is hiding their true nature from the public, he teams up with some locals to spark a rebellion against the Collins family.

Initially, Edgy Scott is a brash and self-confident character who doesn’t give a damn about social convention. In reality, though, he’s a bit of a romantic who hangs out with his friends and listens to singer-songwriters. As the rebellion unfolds and chaos ensues, Edgy Scott transforms into a more mature and responsible individual who realizes the error of his ways. By the end of the film, he’s joined forces with the locals to combat the Collins family and save the day (twice!). Though the first Twilight movie was critically panned and underperformed at the box office, it’s probably the most faithful adaptation of the beloved book and one of the best films of the genre. Since then, Pattinson has kept busy appearing in other blockbusters like Haywire and Water for Elephants and in smaller films like the upcoming Highlife.

Pattinson’s Acting Abilities Put To The Test

The second installment in the Twilight saga, New Moon, didn’t quite live up to its predecessor’s hype. Despite positive reviews and huge audiences in some other parts of the world, New Moon was a box office bomb in most countries. Critics and fans alike described the film as flat and lacking the spark that made the first movie such a success.

With that said, it’s clear that Pattinson pulled off a remarkable shift in character. In the second Twilight movie, he plays James, a sensitive and caring individual who grows increasingly nervous and anxious around Bella (Kristen Stewart). When he discovers that the young woman he’s falling for is also struggling with her identity and has to hide who she really is, he takes it upon himself to protect her. Their blossoming romance is the heart of the story, and even when the pair have to endure tragedy and persecution, they remain devoted to each other.

One of the main criticisms of New Moon was that it lacked the intensity of the first Twilight movie. As a result, many viewers found it tedious to sit through to the end. To this day, the New Moon generation is known as ‘T2’, short for ‘the Second Tribe’ and a reference to the film’s weaker performance at the box office. Though both films are well-regarded today, it’s clear that New Moon was a misstep for the franchise.

Pattinson As An Archetype Of Romanticism

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is often referred to as the ‘romantic comedy’ of the bunch. The funny thing is that it wasn’t really meant to be comedic. The makers of the movie were aiming for something more along the lines of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. For this reason, it was originally titled Romeo and Juliet. If you’ve never read the play, then perhaps this is the movie you’ve been waiting for. Like Romeo and Juliet, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is a tragically tragic love story between a star-crossed couple. In the story, Bella (Stewart) is forced to choose between her love for Jacob (Pattinson) and her loyalty to her family and friends. She ultimately chooses Jacob, who is cruelly betrayed by his friend Roman (Lautner).

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is often hailed as one of the best films of the series and one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time. The fact that it’s a tragedy just makes it that little bit more interesting. The combination of comedy and pathos is what ultimately gave the movie its poignant and romantic feel. Though it disappointed fans who were looking for an explosive conclusion to the saga, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 has since developed a large and loyal following. Interestingly, just like Edgy Scott and James in the first two Twilight movies, here too, you’ll find that Robert Pattinson is transforming into the type of character that the fans want to see more of. In both cases, the transformation is so complete that it’s clear that the actor is playing a distinct character in each film. We’ll have more to say about this a little later. For now, it’s time to look back at the set pics.

The Inspiration For This Blog Post

If you’ve been reading this blog for long then you’ll know that we like to look back at the influence of pop culture on society and how it affects everyday life. One of the most interesting aspects of the Twilight saga is how it inspired a generation of young women to become more active and empowered. It’s been said that Twilight changed the face of girlish literature forever. One of the most prominent examples of this is the hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy. The song achieved international success and remains one of the biggest songs of all time, with over 300 million views on YouTube alone.

What if I told you that one of the most popular and well-known songs of all time was inspired by a movie that you’ve probably never heard of? Would you listen to what I have to say next?

The Siblings Are Back Together Again

The most recent film in the Twilight series, New Moon, reunites the siblings Pattinson and Lautner for the first time in over a decade. The last time we saw them on screen together was in the original Twilight movie, where they played antagonists Scott and Lydia. Since then, the siblings have developed a brother-sister relationship that’s captured the hearts of many fans. Sadly, a large chunk of the population was unable to see this bond play out on screen because it was previously denied to them. In New Moon, however, we finally get to witness the affection that these two famous siblings share for each other.

This is very evident as the pair are constantly seen cuddled up on set, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. When asked about the significance of this scene by a press agent, Michael Urie, the director of New Moon, responded, “We’ve always known how much Rob and Taylor care for each other, but seeing it again in this environment where there’s so much love around is so special. I think it’s their coming-of-age story that we’re really celebrating.”

A Beacon Of Morality

In addition to being a tale of romance and heartache, the Twilight saga also has something to say about morality and social responsibility. The movie adaptations have consistently featured complex and often conflicting characters, often resulting in them choosing good and evil paths of their own free will. One of the most interesting aspects of the series is how it presents issues that are still relevant today. It tackles topics like alcoholism, parental control and sexual identity, forcing us to ask questions about morality and the meaning of loyalty.

Let’s take a quick look back at some of the main characters and how they’ve evolved over the course of the story. Many fans have pointed out that Kristen Stewart has transformed into one of the most prominent moral heroes of our time. The girl who once starred in the campy comedy Panic Room now acts as the voice of reason in a sea of chaos. In the first Twilight movie, she played an innocent young woman who had no idea what sex was or that there was such a thing as ‘dating’. Though she’s never fully embraced her status as a role model, Stewart has certainly embraced the responsibility that comes with it. She’s frequently referred to as a ‘goddess’ and someone who can change the world. While she’s certainly grown into her role (and our hearts!), Kristen Stewart remains a beacon of morality and a testament to the power of good over evil. Let’s take a look at some of the main characters and how they’ve evolved over the years: