Most people know who Robert Pattinson is these days. He’s been in the public eye since he was a teen and has been appearing in blockbusters ever since. Most recently, he was seen as Edward Cullen in the blockbuster adaptation of Twilight. While he is mostly known for his acting work, it seems that Pattinson’s private life is just as interesting as his public one. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the actor’s personal life that you may not know about.

He Started Out As A Teen Idol

If you’re unfamiliar, Back to the 80s is a popular show that airs on ITV in the U.K. It focuses on the pop culture of the 1980s, from fashion to music. One of the first guests that they interviewed was Robert Pattinson. At the time, he was a struggling teen idol who had just had his first number one single. The guest opened up about how hard it was to be a successful pop star and how he dealt with it all. “It’s very tiring, especially when you’re 17 and trying to be taken seriously as an adult. Some nights you just have to say to yourself, ‘Is this all there is? And it’s not even about music…?'” he said. “I wish there was more to it, but there really isn’t. If there’s something you want to be able to tell people when they ask you about your music, then you just have to be ready to show them. That’s what they want to see – someone who’s ready to show them something new. And you have to have faith that it will happen.”

He Plays Favorites From The Past In His Songs

One of the reasons why Robert Pattinson’s songs sound so good is because he goes back to songs that he’s been playing since he was a child. His father is a musician who often plays old-school rock and blues songs at home. Sometimes Rob will sneak a peek at his dad’s collection of classic albums and steal a couple of his favorite tracks. Then he’ll go into his room and practice playing those songs over and over again. As a result, Rob’s songs always have a familiar sound that draws the listener in immediately. On top of that, he’ll often include little details from the original songs in his lyrics – like the fact that he often uses a capo on his guitar and plays a couple of his songs with a slide. It’s fair to say that, aside from acting, singing is Rob’s other big passion. He’s even been known to play the piano and compose music. If you’d like to hear some of his songs, check out his Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

He’s The Reason Why Concerts Are Better When They End

If you attended one of the many concerts that Robert Pattinson has done in the past, then you know exactly what we mean. Even though the majority of his shows were fantastic, there was always at least one in which he completely exhausted himself. It wasn’t until he dropped to the floor that you knew he was truly done. Due to health issues, the actor isn’t able to continue doing concerts. However, he does still play festivals and small clubs around Europe every year. It’s not clear if these shows will ever become public or private and it’s unlikely that they’ll ever end. For those of you who want to see Rob but can’t because of where you live, these nights are your best chance to see the actor live. In the meantime, you can always watch videos of his concerts and see if that’s enough for you.

He Has A Dark Side (And A Lighter One)

Like many other public figures, Robert Pattinson is often seen in one light and in another. When the press wants to create an image for the public, they’ll often use one of the actor’s darker outfits or accessories. However, this doesn’t mean that he only appears in dark clothing. Far from it. The actor has a pretty big smile. It’s just that the cameras often seem to be in the same spot as he is (when he’s not wearing a mask of course), so they won’t quite capture it. But if you go on his Instagram feed, you’ll often see a picture of him in a light-colored outfit with a big smile on his face. Despite the fact that he sometimes hides behind a mask, it seems that Rob’s true colors are more on the lighter side. He likes to post pictures of himself in pretty dresses and with his arms around women he finds beautiful. It would appear that the ladies like him just as much as the next guy. In fact, he often posts about how much he loves his fans. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this handsome man really is just a human being. But then again, maybe that’s what makes him so attractive.