Most actors only get one chance at a leading role. So when Robert Pattinson finally got his chance with the darkly handsome and brooding Shakespeare enthusiast, it was a no-brainer that the cameras would be there to capture it. Since then, the photos have kept on coming. Whether it’s been hitting the big screen or gracing the pages of Vanity Fair, the world has seen plenty of photos of our favorite star. Now, it’s time to look back on these classic photos and see just how good they really are.

The Making Of These Phenomenal Photos

To put it mildly, the camera didn’t hurt. From the very beginning, Robert Pattinson and Emma Stone had a clear vision of the photos they wanted and of the kind of photos that would best capture them. As fans of Shakespeare know, he was not one to be trifled with, especially not by a woman. So it’s not any wonder that both Pattinson and Stone went for something dark, with a touch of foreboding even, in their desired photos. They also knew that something classic and handsome would be a perfect fit for Pattinson as he starred in the most memorable villain of the 21st century, in The Batman.

It was this kind of foreshadowing that helped make these photos so special. Not only did it serve as a visual narrative of the character, but it also foreshadowed a more adult theme that would continue in later photos – one that still hasn’t been topped.

The Evolution Of These Classic Photos

Nowadays, we see classic photos for the way they were meant to be seen – on social media platforms such as Instagram, where the emphasis is on the aesthetics of the image rather than the content. However, there is also an entire online community, which honors the classic photos of yesteryear and celebrates their artistic qualities. It’s this group that keeps the flame of these classic photos alive. Without them, we’d be hard-pressed to find truly great photos of Robert Pattinson.

While Twitter is a largely useless toy in the era of smart phones, TikTok is an entirely different beast. It’s a social media platform that evolved alongside smartphones, which allows users to share bite-sized videos and photos. These are designed to be engaging and entertaining, and as a result, are often the reason users spend time on the platform. It was on TikTok where we first saw the “Oldman” meme based on the photo, and it was on TikTok where we got to see more of Robert Pattinson’s unique sense of humor.

The photos of Robert Pattinson that you see today aren’t just the product of a fortunate series of events, but also the product of many years of hard work and experimentation. While the photoshoots themselves might not have been that hard, the process of getting these amazing shots certainly was. It’s this process that helped the photographers of that time learn a lot about light and how to use it to render images with depth and texture. These days, getting these kinds of shots would probably be a lot easier, but back then, it was definitely not. It wasn’t easy getting these photos at all, and it wasn’t easy getting them exactly the way Robert Pattinson and Emma Stone wanted them to be. Even now, looking back at these photos brings a smile to our face.