Pete Davidson is probably best known for his role on Saturday Night Live, where he portrayed SNL’s “Weekend Update” anchor, a character he described as a ‘’senior citizen child star trying to act cool’”. Since then, he’s continued to rack up appearances on popular comedy shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Barry, but he’s also branched out into film, with starring roles in the comedies Shoplifters and Life of the Party. Although he’s always been very open about his love of comedy and admiration for some of the other comedians he’s worked with, the 35-year-old New York native has never fully revealed who he is as a person, which has undoubtedly made him even more interesting.

Dressing Well for a Larger Portion

The most obvious way in which Davidson has distinguished himself as a person is through the way he dresses. Like many of the other comedians he’s worked with, Davidson is often seen wearing shirts with unusual prints or patterns on them, which serve to further blur the boundaries between the sexes and ages. In fact, he’s often sported a plain white T-shirt with jeans or dressed entirely in black (most notably for the premiere of his Comedy Central show, as seen in the video below). Even those who aren’t his biggest fans seem to have noticed that he consistently wears the same basic look, which has led many to ask whether or not he has any singular style or fashion philosophy.

Dressing For Comfort Rather Than Fashion

One of the reasons why Davidson wears the same simple and functional clothing style is that he finds it extremely comfortable, which is apparent every time he slips on a fresh T-shirt or changes his shirt. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the 34-year-old actor has discussed how much he loves wearing comfortable clothing and how well it makes him feel, but it’s worth considering that his simple and functional style can also make him look a little less like a fashion plate and more like your average Joe.

A Love for Craft And Tailoring

Another thing that sets Davidson apart from the rest of the contemporary comedians is the fact that he actually enjoys doing his hair and makeup, often taking the time to get the most out of each product and apply it appropriately. As Davidson has noted, the hairdresser and makeup artist who work with him regularly tell him that he has the most difficult job because he has such specific ideas about how he wants everyone to look onscreen (in fact, the same hairdresser and makeup artist have worked with him since he was 17 years old).

The fact that he takes the time to consider his hairstyle and makeup before every performance is also indicative of how much he cares about the way he looks, something that is apparent in many of his interviews and social media posts. This attention to detail is something that he brings to every part of his life, whether it’s designing a shirt or choosing a restaurant for dinner – he truly does seem to enjoy taking the time to make sure that everything is perfect, which is probably why he’s enjoyed such success and been able to remain so in-demand almost 30 years after his first appearance on SNL.

A Real Fan Of Vintage

Some of Davidson’s most notable shirts come from the vintage department, with many of his fans collecting and wearing vintage Christmas t-shirts, which he’s always been very fond of. The same goes for his mother’s vintage Christmas sweaters and leggings, which he’s sported on several occasions as well. When it comes to collecting vintage clothing, Davidson’s style is very specific; he only collects and wears historical Christmas clothing from the 50s and 60s, as seen in the video below. In fact, he’s so dedicated to vintage fashion that he spent last Christmas holiday in Paris, France, trying on and buying vintage pieces of clothing.

A Keen Observance Of Comedy Shirts

It’s always fun to look back at comedians’ shirts over the years, seeing which styles have stood the test of time and which ones have been mere fads. There are definitely some staples that have been worn by countless comedians over the years, such as the turtleneck and shaggy sweater, but there are also some that are much more unique, such as the flower print and the fish print, respectively. It’s always interesting to see the different themes, styles, and colors that have appeared on comedy shirts over the years – if you ever want to see a complete history of comedy shirts, then check out this post by Cracked Editor in Chief John Oliver, which includes detailed research on the subject.

A Passion For Fashion And Style Blogging

One of the ways in which Davidson has kept himself relevant in today’s world of comedy is through his fashion blog, titled Petedomelica; the fashion content can be found on his Instagram page, where he often shares his thoughts on style and fashion, as well as his extensive collection of vintage and contemporary clothing. It should come as no surprise that one of the most popular and in-demand comedians in the world would be so engaged in fashion – after all, he has the ability to take whatever he wants and make it stylish.

An Appreciation Of Fine Furnishings

Another way in which Davidson has distinguished himself from other comedians is through his appreciation for fine furnishings. In fact, he’s often been seen in interviews wearing fur coats, which he buys from a designer named Luci Morrison, as seen in the video below. Not only does this show his appreciation for high-end fashion, but it also provides him with a unique opportunity to purchase animal-based clothing.

A Real Love Of Baseball

Another way in which Davidson has stayed current is through his appreciation for baseball. Like many people his age, he grew up watching and playing baseball, which was clearly influential in the way he approached and interacted with other people – particularly in his use of humor. He often makes it a point to mention this influence in interviews, discussing how much he enjoys watching games and how much he enjoys playing baseball with his friends – particularly during the offseason, when he gets the opportunity to be more active than usual.

An Interest In Fashion And Style Influencers

Aside from his personal passion for vintage fashion and style blogging, Davidson has also been known to be a fan of fashion and style influencers. He’s even appeared in a few of their videos, including this one, in which he reveals which items from the influencers’ closets he likes and why.

If you’re a fan of fashion and style influencers, then it should come as no surprise that a Hollywood star and comedian would be interested in appearing in their videos – they have the ability to provide a glimpse into the fashion and style world, which is both fascinating and intriguing, all at the same time.

The style and fashion world is a big one, and it’s always interesting to see how trends develop and what items become popular as a result of popular culture and what items are just left in the dust, forgotten about as time goes on.