Fashion icon, actress, and businesswoman Peta Robert Pattinson is known for being the estranged wife of film producer Tim Burton. Despite being married to one of Hollywood’s most famous men, she has never stopped surprising the world with her unique style. In this article, we will explore how she became one of Hollywood’s most fashionable women and what her future holds.

Early Life And Career

Peta Robert Pattinson was born on September 27, 1969 in London, England to Katharine (née Croft) and Timothy “Tim” Pattinson, the head of a family that owned a chain of vegetarian restaurants throughout the United Kingdom. Her father was an accomplished photographer who became a good friend of renowned fashion designer Christian Dior. Her mother was an interior designer who focused on integrating nature into home interiors. They were both strong feminists who supported Peta in all of her endeavors. Growing up, she was always surrounded by beauty and fashion. She attended Lady Caroline Lamb’s School for Girls in London and then went on to the Mountfitchet School in Devon. She excelled in art, design, and fashion and was named Most Beautiful Girl in her year. After graduating from Mountfitchet, she briefly attended Durham University to study art history. However, she dropped out after a year to pursue a career in modeling. She signed with a modeling agency in London and then moved to New York City to further her career.

Modeling Career

Peta began her career in 1988, and in the following years became one of the world’s most beautiful and celebrated models. She was represented by the agency WESTON WITKIN and appeared in advertisements for Versace, Dior, and Miu Miu. In addition to fashion models, the agency represented athletes and performers, including Kirsten Dunst, Helena Bonham Carter, and Kate Hoskins. She also appeared in the music video for Duran Duran’s pop anthem “Boom Boom Pow” and in the music videos for Blur’s “Song 2” and The Beatles’ “Real Love”. Later, she would go on to model for Diesel, Escada, and MaxMara, among others.

Marriage To Tim Burton

Although she had appeared in advertisements and been seen in music videos, it wasn’t until she was selected to be the mate of celebrated film director and actor Tim Burton that she made a worldwide impact. The couple famously starred in the 1992 movie The Nutcracker and the 1994 remake of Edward Scissorhands. They became the toast of the fashion world and were constantly hailed as the perfect example of “it” girl power. Tim Burton himself described her as “the most extraordinary woman in the world. When I look at her, I feel that I’ve seen the face of God.” Their relationship was famously complicated, stemming from their different acting styles, to say the least. He was much more of the traditional breadwinner, acting as producer, director, and editor for films like Batman and Beetlejuice. She, on the other hand, shied away from the limelight, appearing in B-rated and C-rated films as varied as the couple’s children. The two have been married twice, first to British filmmaker Luke Hemmings and then to musician Damon Albarn. They had been together since high school and eventually married in 2016. They have a son, Hunter, and twin daughters, Vivienne and Irresistible.

Fashion Icon

The Nutcracker marked the beginning of Tim Burton’s association with the fashion world as well. The designer produced a special collection of clothing using the film’s characters and the couple’s love of ballet as inspiration. It was an immediate success and the designer began to see himself as more than just a furniture maker. Most notably, he created the iconic, skeletal tuxedo that was worn by the Joker in the 1994 film Batman. The designer went on to create more Halloween-themed outfits for the cinematic icon, including a grey hoodie and matching pants. He also designed a range of merchandise, including toys, stationery, and mugs.

Peta, meanwhile, became an icon of the fashion world for her distinct and powerful look. She stood out for her natural beauty, as she was an untrained model who refused to wear makeup. She wore simple but extraordinary dresses with bold accessories, such as diamond-encrusted animal bone nose rings, on-brand leather wristlets, and fur stoles. The designer Stella McCartney described her as “this incredibly beautiful girl who doesn’t give a damn about how she looks.” She became a muse to top designers, appearing in their dresses and on their catwalk shows. Several designers claimed that her outfits were the inspirations for their collections, including Louis Vuitton, who credited her with “changing the way women dress.”


Despite being one of fashion’s most in-demand and memorable faces, Peta has never been content to solely sit back and enjoy her celebrity. She has always been committed to using her position to help others. She lent her name to a charitable foundation that helps families of actors and musicians whose lives are significantly affected by cancer. She has also appeared in a television commercial for the children’s clothing brand Primark and is an ambassador for the One in Three Campaign, an organization that raises awareness of child sexual abuse.

Style Icon

In 2012, Peta became the face of Burberry’s “I Wear What I Feel” campaign. The fashion house used her as their global face for wearable fashion marketing, releasing a special capsule collection in her honor. The designer Marc Jacobs credited her with “bringing personality and joy to our clothes.”

Style Adviser

Peta was named creative director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear and women’s wear lines in 2017. In the same year, she was named senior vice president of strategic marketing at LVMH, the luxury conglomerate behind Louis Vuitton, Dior, and others. In this position, she will be in charge of all advertising and communications for the group, as well as working with other brands and businesses to grow and prosper.

The Future

Despite her success, Peta has always been quite private about her personal life. She rarely gives interviews and does not often appear at events or on the red carpet. She has remained committed to using her voice for good and recently published a children’s book, I Am Unique, about self-love and self-acceptance. “This is a deeply personal story about the power of accepting yourself and loving your uniqueness,” she wrote. “It’s a book about being true to yourself and living your best life.”

In addition to speaking at events and writing books, Peta promotes self-love and acceptance through her social media accounts, where she shares images of herself in beautiful, high-profile gowns and poses with some of fashion’s most famous faces, including Marc Jacobs, who she worked with at Louis Vuitton.

It is clear that the British beauty has not forgotten her roots and continues to be committed to using her position to support the fashion industry and its community of designers and creators. As demand for sustainable, ethical fashion continues to grow, it is likely that she will remain committed to promoting these values and using her celebrity and social influence to make a difference.