Robert Pattinson has been a Hollywood star for over a decade now, but before his rise to fame, he was a musician.

The British actor first began playing guitar and writing songs when he was 12-years-old, and by the time he was 15, he was performing at local pubs and clubs. Pattinson later formed a band called Bad Girls with some school friends, and although the group only ever performed a handful of shows, it was a great experience for him.

He may not be playing music professionally anymore, but Pattinson still enjoys playing an instrument when he has the chance. He has been known to pick up a guitar during interviews and on set, and he even wrote a song for the Twilight Saga soundtrack.

It’s clear that music has been a major influence in Pattinson’s life. He even said in an interview that he finds music “more exciting than acting” and that it has helped him to express himself.

In addition to playing music, Pattinson is also a huge fan of it. He has a wide range of musical tastes and enjoys everything from rock to folk. He even once said that he could listen to music all day long.

Pattinson may have made it big in the movies, but music will always be a part of his life. He loves to play it, listen to it, and explore different genres. It’s no wonder why he is such a fan favorite!