Most of us were very happy when Tom Pattinson finally confirmed that he’s dating Daisy Ridley. While many saw it as a happy coincidence, there were some who were less than thrilled at the news. Does she really belong with such a famous family member, or is it just a convenient match? Let’s take a look at how much time Tom spends on the set and who he hangs out with when he isn’t working.

Filming Locations

The director of the upcoming film Toy Story 4 revealed that the movie is actually being shot in London and not in California. The crew only needs to travel to the United Kingdom for a couple of days before they can start shooting again. Even though it was reported that the movie will be mostly filmed in London, it looks like Disney still opted to film some scenes in California. This is because it is much easier to film in that state. Theoretically, all they need is a green screen and some basic sets. Unfortunately, with the pandemic and people working from home, the cast and crew of Toy Story 4 won’t be able to enjoy their time together in public until the movie is released in December.

Spending Time With Family

Another revelation that came from the director of the upcoming film Toy Story 4 is that the movie will be dedicated to the memory of Phil Collins. The sixteenth studio album “Selling England” which was released in 1999, was inspired by a story that the director once heard about English aristocracy trying to sell off or trade their lands during the early 1900s. The song “In The Wilderness” which is featured in the movie’s trailer, will be performed by British band Bear vs. Shark, who will release a special album called “Selling England” to commemorate the event.

Who He’s Dating

The twenty-first century has seen many famous relationships fade away. While some may blame the digital age for distancing people, we should not forget that Hollywood has long been known for breaking up stars, only to see them reignite their flames years later. Does Tom really deserve all the bad press regarding his personal life? We should not forget that he is currently one of the most in-demand actors of our time and has worked with some of the most renowned directors in Hollywood. It is not like he is just a famous person’s last name, he is often referred to as “the next great British actor”. It would be quite the understatement to say that he has had a pretty memorable career. Many of his fans certainly think so, as evidenced by his impressive social media following.

How Much Time Does He Spend With Friends?

Tom has a pretty busy schedule, as you would expect from someone who is constantly working. Friendships seem to be a rare commodity in his life, with the exception of fellow British actor Damian Lewis, who he works with a lot. It seems that after working for more than six decades, he now has more freedom to spend time with friends and family. He has previously dated some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, so it is safe to assume that he has also made plenty of lasting friendships during his time in the spotlight. It is clear that he takes his work seriously but he also makes time for those he cares about. We should not forget that he has been nominated for seven Academy Awards and has won three. Not bad for a man who started acting in the 1950s!