Tommy, a 17-year-old from Michigan, was inspired to create a series of drawings after watching videos of musician and singer Justin Bieber. The drawings accurately depict what Bieber’s facial expressions look like when he’s performing songs. Tommy took his inspiration from the musician’s eyes: they are the same blue as in the artwork.

“I saw the comparison in the eyes when he performed and it just clicked,” Tommy said in a phone interview. “I wanted to try and draw what he actually looks like.”

Bieber’s team had no objections to Tommy’s project, even suggesting he submit the art for consideration in a music competition. But the artist said he does not plan on entering the art world. He already has a job lined up: delivering pizzas for Giorno’s Pizza.

The Most Influential Artist In History

Whether or not you know his work, you’ve most likely seen Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings. The Renaissance genius’ 15th-century paintings are still used as a teaching tool to this day. Although da Vinci would be the first to admit that much of his work was influenced by other artists, he is widely considered the pioneer of modern anatomy. His meticulous work helped to establish the Western world’s perspective on the human body.

In addition to his anatomical drawings, da Vinci’s other major achievements include sculpting, painting, and designing military hardware. In short, he did it all. The king of France even awarded him with a pension. (Incidentally, da Vinci died from syphilis.)

Pianists Have Anal Sex

Anal sex is a common theme in some of da Vinci’s painting. In the early 1400s, the Renaissance genius collaborated with artist Andrea del Verrocchio on a series of paintings portraying famous musicians. One of the subjects is a seated man with a dog’s head. Hints of an erection are noticeable beneath his pants, which are unbuttoned. That’s Leonardo da Vinci we’re talking about here. (And yes, the dog’s head belongs to Verrocchio.)

Other than the occasional drawing or painting, da Vinci rarely spoke about his personal life. But we know he was married twice and had a son with his first wife. Unfortunately, their son did not live to adulthood. Another of da Vinci’s wives committed adultery with a musician, which eventually led to their divorce.

The Importance Of Art

Art allows us to look inside ourselves and see things from a different perspective. It can help us identify with the artist’s experience. In other words, it can make us feel less alone in this world. When people are sad or depressed, drawing can help them express their feelings and feelings of hopelessness. It provides them with some form of escapism. This is why art is so important.

In times like these, when the world is turned upside down, we need artists to help us come back to our senses and see things as they really are. If you’re an artist, you can help people find a way to feel inspired again and stop feeling so down. For instance, you can use art to pinpoint exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through. This in turn can help you create something that brings a smile to your face. So maybe you’ll decide to make a drawing for a sad friend or family member. The world is a much more beautiful place when we see it through art, and we’re all inspired by the greats who came before us.