Pattinson Stewart is a luxury goods brand founded in 1917 which is steeped in British tradition. The brand is known for their engraved leather goods and beautiful watch pieces which are crafted with the utmost care. They use the finest materials including the most precious metals to create their pieces which are designed to be worn for many years to come. Let’s take a closer look at the latest news and pictures relating to Pattinson Stewart.

Pattenison Stewart Launches New Fragrance

Pattinson Stewart has launched a new fragrance which is based on the most beloved scents of the English countryside. The range is inspired by the iconic roses that grow in abundance throughout the United Kingdom and each bottle comes with a matching gift set which also includes a rose plant. The fragrance has been designed to evoke the magic of an English garden and the joy of sharing a drink with a friend. The new fragrance will be available to buy in Saks Fifth Avenue and other leading fragrance stores from April 2020.

Pattinson Stewart To Release Limited Edition Products

Pattinson Stewart has revealed that they will be releasing a number of limited edition products to celebrate the brand’s centenary in 2020. These products will be available to buy in select boutiques worldwide including New York, Hong Kong, and London from March to May 2020. Among the limited edition pieces to be released are an oversized brooch, an engraved diary, a watch box set, and a travel kit filled with travel documents and amenities.

Pattinson Stewart In Talks To Open A New Store In London

Pattinson Stewart currently has a store in Paris which will celebrate its grand opening later this year. They are now in talks to open a store in London which will also be their biggest store to date. The luxury goods brand has always been represented in the UK capital by their Paris store but now they are looking to bring the experience of a London boutique to their customers. The new store will be located on Brompton Road and will open in early 2021. It will feature an in-house created collection of limited edition pieces including engraved gold pocket watches, etched leather-bound diaries, and sculptural sculpture.

Pattinson Stewart Welcomes Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen As New Associates

The luxury goods brand Pattinson Stewart has announced that it has appointed Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen as new associates. The fashion power couple are known for their glamorous looks which have made them ideal brand ambassadors for a variety of luxury goods companies. The newly appointed Olsens will work from New York City and will be tasked with representing the brand internationally. On behalf of Pattinson Stewart, the brand’s founders, chairman, and CEO Keith Bitting said, We are excited to have the Olsens join our team. They are both immensely talented individuals and we are certain that they will bring their unique charm and fashion expertise to our brand as we continue to break new grounds and inspire new trends globally.

Pattinson Stewart Teams Up With Harvey Nichols

Pattinson Stewart has teamed up with Harvey Nichols to promote their spring/summer collection which will be available to buy globally this year. The luxury goods brand collaborated with one of the UK’s most prestigious department stores to create a capsule collection which will be stocked in every Harvey Nichols store. Every piece in the collection has a story behind it and features a unique design element crafted by the masters of British gold and enamelware. As well as featuring in-house designed goods, the collection will include an etched gold bangle, a rose-engraved necklace, and brooch. The designer Harvey Nichols said, The gold and enamelware used by our designers is of such unparalleled quality that when partnered with exceptional jewellery designers such as Pattinson Stewart it simply elevates the product and makes it stand out even more.

Pattinson Stewart Expands Into Ready-To-Wear

Pattinson Stewart has taken their signature engraved leather goods and transformed them into ready-to-wear pieces which are ideal for evening wear. The luxury goods brand has designed a collection of footwear and handbags which are both completely covered in gold and enamel and feature an inimitable graphic art deco style. As well as expanding into ready-to-wear, Pattinson Stewart has also launched an e-commerce platform and mobile app to make the buying process as easy as possible for their customers. The new ready-to-wear collection will be available to buy in select stores from April 2020 and online from May 2020.

Keith And Gail Bitting

The co-founders of the luxury goods brand Keith and Gail Bitting have founded and co-own numerous companies throughout their career including Jaeger-LeCoultre, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’s jewelry collection, and Blue Train Ltd. Let’s take a look at their fascinating personal lives.

Gail is the daughter of British newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell and is renowned for her charity work. In 1968, she set up the Gail Rycroft Foundation which provides grants for educational projects and social welfare. Gail currently sits on the foundation’s board of directors. She is also patron of the arts, a trustee of the National Gallery in London, and a former chair of the Courtauld Institute of Art. Additionally, she was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2018 New Year’s Honours list.

Keith is the son of the late Harold Bitting, founder of Bitting Group which is a worldwide group of companies owning a variety of retail sectors including car accessories store Bitsy’s, interior design company Hickhem, and the successful children’s clothing brand Pinguin. In 1960, after graduating from Cambridge University, Keith co-founded a business which he turned into a public-listed company eventually acquiring over 100 stores in the UK. In 1968, he went on to found the Next group of companies which he eventually turned into a private equity firm. Next UK has interests in many businesses including the children’s clothing brand Pinguin and Italian fashion house Prada. Next also has investments in hotels and restaurant groups.

The Princess Elizabeth Receives A Royal Welcome From The Bittings

It was in April 2019 that Pattinson Stewart announced that Queen Elizabeth II had accepted the invitation to become a patron of the brand. The announcement was made at a special ceremony at the company’s London headquarters attended by a number of senior-level executives and dignitaries from the British royal family. It was an extraordinary day which marked the beginning of a whole new era for the luxury goods brand. It is a privilege to have been asked to represent the British monarchy and I look forward to working with the Bittings as the company embarks on a new era.